Dear Diary (Plans)

February 10, 2009

The sun came out today. It doesn’t show its face too often here in Forks, and when it does, we become hermits. It’s okay though; when you have a family like mine you don’t mind being stuck inside all day with them.

We took Nessie to the meadow for a while today. Jacob came, of course. His jokes about vampires and glitter never seemed to end. Jake tends to forget that when he morphs back into human form that he’s naked – so Edward and myself have a few jokes up our sleeves to fire back at him. Besides, Edward thinks I’m ‘beautiful’ when I sparkle. He no longer sees it as ‘the skin of a killer,’ thankfully. Edward’s love for me is unconditional, as is my love for him.

Edward and I are planning to go to Isle Esme for a couple of days. I crave being there. So many life changing things happened at Isle Esme. My memories are all too vague, and I want to go back to try and relive the experience, but in the right way.

Edward and I are having a real honeymoon.

Vampire and vampire. He can’t hurt me now, so he wont have to spend his entire time stressed and unable to enjoy himself. Plus, it’s hardly fair that I don’t exactly remember my honeymoon. I remember parts of it, mostly just the pain at the end though, when Nessie started to grow rapidly inside of me.

We’re not going to Isle Esme until Saturday afternoon. I will update you on the whole thing once I return. I’m going to sign off now and go lay in Edward’s arms on the roof of our home and look up at the glittery sparkles in the sky, the stars.

Will write again soon.

-Bella Cullen

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