Dear Diary (Packing)

February 13, 2009

Edward, Nessie and I spent the day with Charlie and Sue. Sue cooked a huge dinner for everyone. We had insisted on coming over after dinner, and insisted… and insisted. They didn’t seem to want to take “no” for an answer though. Once there, we had to play it off like we had forgotten she was cooking and said we already ate. That was odd. Something I’m getting somewhat used to though.

After dinner I helped Sue clean the table and dishes. She accidentally bumped into me and her eyes widened. I half smiled at her before she blurted out, “Wow Bella, your body feels rock hard. Have you been working out?”


I told her I had been frequenting the local gym and that it was something Edward and I do together. Edward chimed in and said something jokingly about how he’s my personal trainer. Luckily she didn’t question any further.

When we got home, I started packing for Isle Esme. Edward and I are leaving tomorrow afternoon (Valentines Day) to begin our second honeymoon. Not everyone can say they have had a honeymoon as a mortal, and an immortal.

I am more in love with Edward than ever before, and I never thought it was possible to be more in love, but somehow it deepens between each sunrise and sunset.

This honeymoon is going to be surreal, kinda like everything in my life has been, I guess. We don’t have to hide from anyone, Edward doesn’t have to be careful and we get to enjoy the beautiful Isle Esme all over again. One thing I haven’t tried yet since being turned is swimming. I am more than excited to see how it feels. Watching Edward swim last time we were on the island made me a little envious. He was so carefree, so engrossed in the water and the dolphins.

I’m going to go finish packing with Edward now. Alice brought over a bunch of things for me to wear while I’m there. Most of it is extremely tiny and see–through, but I’m a little more confident with my new self. I don’t mind.

I will write again soon.

-Bella Cullen

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