Dear Diary (Charlie & Sue)

May 11, 2009

“I haven’t seen a prospective talent so promising since we found Jane and Alec. Can you imagine the possibilities when she is one of us?”


Jacob hasn’t left Nessie’s side in days, except to go home to change his clothes and check in with Billy and the pack periodically. He was lost without her. We were all lost without her.

Each one of us has taken turns blaming ourselves for everything that has happened. But now, I know it was bound to happen no matter what. The Volturi were desperate for our attention. Desperate for us to become part of their coven.

Edward, Nessie and I have been spending most of our time in the cabin, keeping an extra close eye on Renesmee–with the help of Jacob, of course. I was somewhat perplexed when I heard Nessie say that she likes Aro. She even went into her room and came out with the priceless, ostentatious necklace he gave me as a wedding present, dangling through her tiny fingers.

At one point, she placed her delicate-looking hand on my cheek and showed me Aro’s gleeful face. Conceivable . . . considering how insidious Aro is. Rosalie, who was also visiting, snorted at the mention of Aro’s name, then snatched the necklace from Renesmee’s hand and threw it–with a great deal of force and disgust–out the front door of the cabin. Rosalie isn’t fond of Aro, either.

I don’t know which direction everything would have gone if it weren’t for Charlie. This would be the second time he’s saved us from the Volturi since being turned. Impressive. I don’t know what is more impressive, though: Charlie saving us from the Volturi, or Charlie wanting to continue some sort of a relationship with Sue Clearwater.

The pack decided to avoid telling Sue about Charlie, about what he’s become. They saw how her face lit up when she would see him, and how captivated she was by him. They didn’t want to hurt her. They didn’t want to scare her. We all fabricated a story about Charlie becoming sick, and said he had to stay with Dr. Cullen until he was better. She wanted to visit Charlie, of course, so the pack told her that what Charlie had was extremely contagious to humans. Charlie missed Sue a great deal, though.

To everyone’s surprise, he called her.

At first she went off into a worried babble, asking one question after another. I could hear Sue through the receiver, but even if I didn’t have inhuman hearing, I would have still been able to tell that she was interrogating Charlie by his quick responses. “Yes. Mhm. I’m fine. Don’t worry. Healthy as a horse.”

When Charlie told Sue he wanted to see her, just before hanging up, I froze momentarily, not knowing what to think of it. It’s strange how I had no problem constantly putting myself in danger with Edward when I was human, yet the thought of Charlie seeing a human terrifies me.

Maybe it’s because I know that Sue and Charlie couldn’t become what Edward and I have.

Maybe it’s because I know that someone could end up getting hurt–not only physically, but mentally, too.

Maybe because Sue is family to the werewolves, which would undoubtedly be wrong on so many levels.

Then again, who am I to say what’s right and what’s wrong? After all, I turned in my human life to become a vampire so I could be with Edward forever.

Charlie went hunting before he met with Sue, as a precaution. He asked that she meet him at the Cullen home. Jacob stayed back at the cabin with Nessie, while Edward and I stayed with Charlie, along with the rest of the family. We needed everyone there, to make sure Sue remained safe. We trusted Charlie, of course, especially after he managed to control himself on the plane ride to Volterra, but you have to always play it safe with our kind.

This is a different case. Charlie had feeling for Sue before he became a vampire. We didn’t know what to expect.

I could see the sun just setting behind the trees; it looked like flames spreading through the forest. It was one of those rare sunny days in Forks, but I didn’t mind having to stay inside all day. I was in good company. The company was about to grow, though, and I wasn’t sure how I felt when I heard the soft knock on the door. I knew it was Sue, and I was secretly wishing I would have been blessed with the ability to disappear.

Edward slid his hand around my waist and I grabbed it then squeezed it a little too hard. He managed to put my fears to rest, like he always does, when he rested his perfectly smooth lips on on my ear and whispered, “Don’t worry, Bella. She’s excited to see him . . . she’s expecting something much worse, actually. She’s worried he’s going to tell her that he never wants to see her again. She’s simply confused.” He concluded with a gentle kiss on my earlobe then pulled back to look at me, flashing that breathtaking, crooked grin of his.

I had completely lost myself in Edward, so the second knock startled me. I was much calmer now, though. I was partially in a trance-like state from Edward, and partially curious as to who was going to open the door and let Sue in. Everyone just stood there, looking at Charlie, almost as though they were waiting for his approval. I went and opened the door myself.

Sue was standing there, with a somewhat muddled expression. I could see a half smile trying to break through as she stepped inside the front door. Her eyes scanned the room expeditiously and froze once she saw Charlie. She gasped, then dropped her jaw. Without hesitation, Charlie smiled at her, then gracefully began to walk towards her, Emmett and Jasper close behind him . . . .


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