Interview With ‘Twilight’ Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg & Rachelle Lefevre!

July 18, 2009 has released their interview with ‘Twilight Saga’ Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg! While on the New Moon set in May – they got to ask her a bunch of in-depth questions regarding her part in the saga:

Q: Can you talk about how challenging it is, not just to write a follow-up so quickly to the first movie, but also know that you’ve got the prequel that has to be ready to go whether it’s the summer or this fall, like are you working 24 hours a day? Like do you…?

I’m working seven days a week for sure because I also write for ‘Dexter’ on Showtime.

Q: Oh, wow.

And that’s a very much a full-time job as well so when I was writing ‘New Moon’ pretty much after ‘Twilight’ wrapped so I was writing ‘Dexter’ as well, so from May of last year through to November I was doing five days a week on ‘Dexter’ and two days a week on ‘New Moon.’ My husband was thrilled, but he was a good sport and brought me snacks and things like that. And then after that I think I finished a first draft right around the time ‘Twilight’ opened.

Q: November, okay.

Maybe the second draft by then, so somewhere around November and then it was very shortly thereafter I was supposed to jump immediately to ‘Eclipse’ and as you can imagine I was pretty burnt, so I kind of dragged my feet a little bit but then finally got my juices going again and began ‘Eclipse’ right on the heels of all of it. And that’s well underway as well.

Q: So are you finished with ‘Eclipse’ or are you on a first draft or…?

Well, I’ve finished a first draft and we’re into the next re-write.  David Slade just came on-board and so now we’ll begin working with him and just prepping in May I think. But yeah, it’s been a non-stop and part of it is hard for me. Energy levels is difficult but in other ways it’s a good thing to stay in the world and stay in the ‘Twilight’ consciousness, you know? It’s a little bit like TV in that way. It becomes like you’re long term franchise because you have ‘Twilight’ as your pilot and the next couple episodes, you know, there’s one and two and so it’s not something that I’m unfamiliar with. I think it maybe…that kind of [inaudible] for a television writer than it is for someone who’s used to doing, you know, one script over the course of 2 years or something like that.

Read the rest of Melissa’s Interview HERE!

Now for the lovely Rachelle Lefevre!

While on the New Moon Movie set, HitFix also spoke with Rachelle Lefevre, who plays Victoria:

“Lefevre took some time to chat with HitFix and   a  few other journalists on the set of “New Moon” in May and revealed a number of intriguing facts about the upcoming film.

*Don’t expect that “gliding” effect to return in   “New Moon.” The vampires speed is much more realistic this time around.

*Lefevre has been over 40 feet in the air for her  three plus weeks of stunt work.

* Scenes only described in passing in the book between Victoria and the Wolf Pack are depicted completely in the movie adding more action to the mix.

* She’s been told to return to shoot “Eclipse” in August.

* Stewart participated in a very dangerous tidal wave stunt in a water pool that had her spinning.

Read the interview with Rachelle HERE!


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