New Moon’s Jamie Campbell Bower Interview With Fandango!

July 20, 2009

New Moon’s Caius, played by Jamie Campbell Bower was interviewed by Fandango! In the interview Jamie divulges deets about his role as Caius and his band, The Darling Buds!

“In a bleach blond wig offset with stylish, dark attire, British actor Jamie Campbell Bower stands outside the sound studio on the Vancouver set of New Moon, having a cigarette break and waiting to be called in to shoot. His previous role in Sweeney Todd, and buzz from his upcoming part as Gellert Grindelwald in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows haven’t quite thrust him into the stratosphere of fame yet, but playing Caius, a member of the Volturi, might do the job. We grab him for a moment to ask him about his mysterious character, what it’s like to be a part of the Twilight phenomenon and what plans he has for his musical career”

Q. How come you’re not wearing your vampire red contacts right now?
Campbell Bower: They hurt. They don’t hurt so much as make me feel a bit sick because my peripheral vision is very much impaired when I have them in.

Q. How would you describe Caius’ look?
Campbell Bower:
I had a discussion with (costume designer) Tish (Monaghan), and we figured out that Caius probably doesn’t get to go out that much, so… he just steals his clothes from previous victims. The style is nice and smart and sleek and slim and – yeah, I like it. It’s very Italian, and I like the shoes, particularly.

Q. How much is expanded on in the 18th century flashback scenes?
Campbell Bower:
A little bit – not very much as far as the Volturi go. It’s awesome. It does look really cool and it will be kind of shocking. I don’t want to go too far and ruin it for anyone.

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