Kristen Stewart dishes on how Twilight changed her life and Adventureland!

August 20, 2009

Starpulse had the opportunity to interview the Twilight Saga starlet Kristen Stewart and they dug up some details about how her life has changed since Twilight, and her movie Adventureland!

Q: Has that film changed your life?

KS: I don’t have a grand plan. I don’t scope things out. I don’t look at a project and how it relates to others. It’s not like, ‘Oh this is the next step and this is probably smart for me.’ Adventureland, for example, was something that I wanted to do because the characters were easy to invest in. It’s just there to be played. They played like real people – you feel responsible for someone that you feel will die right on the page unless you bring them to life. Whenever you feel that, it is something worthwhile. But with regard to Twilight, it’s made it easier to do things that I really like, things that like an independent movie that nobody would normally see. Now it’s like, ‘Oh let’s go see Bella in this stripper movie; it’ll be crazy!’ [Laughs]

Q: Was there anything fun about shooting on the actual theme park?

KS: Yeah, we weren’t allowed to go on the rides until the end, and then they stuck us on the most dangerous rickety wooden old ride that they had at the park. That was the one ride that we got to ride. And we did it like 15 times. It’s especially funny though to see Jesse (Eisenberg) on a ride because his enthusiasm is very restrained. He’s like, ‘Oh yes, that was very fun’ [laughs].

Check out the rest of the interview at Starpulse!


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