Kiowa Gordon (Embry Call) talks to MTV about Taylor, filming New Moon and more!

September 3, 2009

New Moon’s Embry Call, played by Kiowa Gordon spoke to MTV about New Moon! Here’s what he had to say about looking up to Taylor Lautner:

MTV: You and the other wolves are new to the “Twilight” series. Did you look to Taylor for inspiration, since he’d already been through a movie?

Kiowa Gordon: Yeah. And he’s really buff, so we look to that too. [Laughs.]

MTV: You looked to his buffness for inspiration? We’ve seen you guys without your shirts on, so obviously it helped.

Gordon: Yeah, well, when we showed up, they were like, “We got you a personal trainer. You guys are gonna train hard!” And so we were like, “Sweet, we get to work out!” And it was really fun.

MTV: Now that filming is done, how do you think “New Moon” is going to turn out, particularly your scenes?

Gordon: Well, our scenes were the most fun, I think, out of the whole movie, probably. I’m looking forward to seeing it in completion, because it looks great from what I’ve seen — all the photos, everything looks awesome.

Read the entire interview over at MTV and check out the video, if you can. It’s ‘not available’ in my area. *vampire style hiss*

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