Twilight fans TRYING to get tickets in Forks, Washington.

September 14, 2009

Twilight fans in Forks Washington

How big is the Twilight Saga exactly? With the release of New Moon nearing, this saga has grown tremendously – even to the point where Twi-Fans are purposely trying to get tickets (these tickets are a couple of hundred bucks) just so they can have a piece of memorabilia from Forks Washington. Ummm, can’t you pick up a rock or something and take it home with you? Or buy a nice cheap novelty t-shirt that says ‘Forks’ on it? Here is what RadarOnline had to say:

“Police in the little town are noticing that fans are cruising for a wallet bruising during their visits by purposefully trying to get a ticket!

“The last 16 tickets I gave out were to Twilight fans,” says Field Deputy Bill Cortani of the county sheriff’s office. “And they were actually loving the experience. Normally people are not happy about the experience. But some Twilight fans feel this is all part of the Twilight experience.”

Indeed, the last fan asked the officer to pose for a group picture after writing a ticket.

“It felt awkward, but I did it,” says Cortani.

Officer Michael Shannon of the Forks police department has seen that being a police officer from Twilight-town can make you a bit of a celebrity. He spent the past weekend’s celebration of author Stephanie Meyer posing with fans who wanted his autograph and a picture taken with him.

“It’s strange, but I do have people wanting to get speeding tickets from the Forks police department,” he says. Some have gone to even greater lengths for that small piece of paper: “I’ve had people flash me to get an indecent exposure ticket.” So far, “it’s only been women.”

Those certainly are some Twi-hards!

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