Charlie Bewley Interview with Twilighters Anonymous!

October 2, 2009

TA recently had the chance to interview Charlie Bewley (Who plays Demetri in New Moon) before the cast went back to filming Eclipse in Canada. Below is the audio of the interview, and here is an excerpt:

TA: Was it nerve-wracking having Stephenie Meyer, the creator of the whole Twilight universe, on set while you were filming? Did you feel additional pressure having her there?

Charlie: I would say it was great having her there actually. I don’t think there was any pressure; I mean there was enough pressure when you’re standing around the people you’ve got on set. You’ve got some pretty fine actors from great talent behind the camera, you’ve got Chris Weitz, the Volturi lair, it’s an awe-inspiring place. The fact that Stephenie was there was great because it’s almost like she was supporting the whole thing as opposed to having her project taken out of her hands and someone just ran with it. But obviously Stephenie seemed very integral to the whole process of switching it from novel to screenplay, and I spoke with her a number of times and she’s just a regular cool chick who’s just come up with this absolute anomaly of a novel series which is a phenomenon. I think she’s quite taken about by that as well when you look at her it’s like yeah I can’t quite believe this either.

TA: You filmed scenes with several of the actors in New Moon. What was it like working with such a big cast and did everyone hit it off right away?

Charlie: I guess when you have a series of films like this; people who come in the second installment are obviously going to be like add-ons to the whole thing if you like. I mean in any kind of social contact you can’t just walk into a bunch of people and you know, just instantly be friends with them it just doesn’t work like that. Especially on a film set with a lot of, a lot of trust a lot of friendships get built over a period of time as opposed to like straight off the bat. Remember we’re actors; we’re very, you know insecure and untrustworthy. I mean I felt very accommodated on set, I mean first point of entry is hair and makeup and they’re the most wonderful people. And you make very good friends with them, and they’re just so interested in who you are, and it’s like five in the morning but no one cares and everyone looks like shit but they try and keep you upbeat. And then when you walk on set it’s very sort of professional off the bat. Like first time I kind of saw Rob and Kristen doing a scene it was a very surreal experience the first time you meet someone who you only know through films and through magazines and stuff. The first time you actually meet them you’re actually alongside them in a character context in a film and off the bat we were going like a house on fire.

Read the entire thing over at TwilightersAnonymous! Listen to the audio below! XO

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