Bye Bye Bella’s House :(

October 20, 2009

Malicious Mandy visited Bella’s House today to see them taking down Bella’s house. Here’s what she had to say:

“Today I went to Bella’s to witness a sad moment….

I have a number of photos and video to share later this week. But wanted to post these two as it was actually quite exciting to see this.

There was a full crew working hard to empty the interior and begin taking down the house. Labeled boards were removed from inside the house (labeled so they are easily re-assembled next flick – where ever and when ever that may be)

The chimney coming down was interesting to see and the trees were all “unplugged” from their holes the metal cylinders in the deep holes that held the trees in place were removed and large cement blocks covered the deep holes.

Drilling, Hammering and loading of things into trucks kept the crew busy.

Yes, it is sad, but I am so happy to have been able to witness the progress of both New Moon & Eclipse…. as for Breaking Dawn… time will tell”

I can’t believe Eclipse is already almost done being filmed…time goes by so fast. These movies are going fast. I never want them to end though :(

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