InStyle: New Moon: Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Secrets!

October 22, 2009

The Star-Crossed Lovers’ Style

1. EDWARD’S AMAZING HAIR: “They were a great group to work with, and they all had pretty good hair—but I have to say, Robert’s was probably the best,” says New Moon hairstylist Thom McIntyre. “I trimmed his hair probably every week to ten days, just to keep the cut really fresh and chopped into. When we were shooting, I restyled it once or twice a day—the look is meant to be very tousled, and I wanted to be sure it didn’t lay flat.”

2. BELLA’S RING: Our heroine’s moonstone ring “is a carryover from the first film,” says wardrobe stylist Tish Monaghan. “The props department had it copied—there were three of them.”
3. STYLISH SHEETS: Bella’s comforter set is from Target’s Modern Home collection. While the exact pattern is sold out—though one enterprising eBay auctioneer has it up for bids—a similar style is available at Target stores.

Vampire Beauty: To Wig or Not to Wig?

1. HAIR: “In Twilight, Nikki Reed [who plays Rosalie Cullen] bleached out the front of her own hair, which caused some major damage, so for New Moon she wore a long, beautiful wig,” says McIntyre. While Reed choose to fake it for the sake of keeping her hair healthy, “Elizabeth Reaser [who plays Esme Cullen] had her real hair dyed to match the wig she wore in the first Twilight installment,” McIntyre reveals.

2. BEAUTY: To give Esme a sultry smile, Hill-Patton traced Reaser’s lips with MAC’s Cremestick Liner in Rose and swiped on a coat of Bobbi Brown lipstick in Wine. Both colors have since been discontinued, but MAC Liner in Portside and Bobbi Brown’s Hot Cocoa Lipstick will work too.

Bella’s Must-Haves

1. FASHION: Monaghan kept Bella [Kristen Stewart] in “practical” pieces from Band of Outsiders, J Brand and tons of sneakers from Nike, Keds and Converse, a brand that Stewart often wears in real life.

2. BEAUTY: McIntyre maintained Stewart’s rich brown hair color with Kerastase Bain MiroirKerastase Nutri-Sculpt Mousse Shampoo and Conditioner for Color-Treated Hair. “She goes through different stages in the movie—a breakup, her depression and then new motivation in her life,” says McIntyre. “I used when she was more carefree because it worked with the natural waves in her hair and gave it movement.”

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