Translated Rob,Kristen & Taylor interviews from OK! Mexico’s New Moon edition

November 1, 2009

Robert Pattinson

Now that you’re famous, is it harder to go to places?
It was alright for awhile, then everything changed. People started gathering outside my house. It’s weird because anywhere I go to, people’s there, it’s like everybody knew I was in Vancouver. In fact, it’s so hard to leave hotels without being followed. You have to really manage. It’s weird everything you have to go through. So I try to not be in places where there will be people.
I try to go to the most shady places that I can find and where people won’t care if they see me there.

Fame must have its perks though. Parties, gifts…
I never think about that, actually. Then people record what you’re saying you become vulnerable, so you must always watch your back. One good thing about it is that if I mention a band I like, or a singer, everyone writes about it. It’s like I have my own label. That’s what happened to some of my friends whom which I worked with for the Twilight soundtrack. All of a sudden, just because they had a connection with me, they sold out concerts in America and got recording contracts. Those are the positive aspects of the fame.

Do you read what people say about you in the press?
Sometimes. My mother is obsessed and she always sends me that stuff. But it’s funny, because no matter what you do or don’t do, you always end up on the cover.

Is that frustrating?
It’s very weird. It’s like, I leave my hotel room after months, and only to have dinner or to do something not very interesting, and people still talk about it. I have a couple of friends from school that live in Vancouver, and when I went to their home, something very unimportant, all of a sudden it was everywhere. It’s like the more boring you are, the more attention you get. It’s hilarious.

Do you think it will be hard to fall in love now that you’re famous?
No, that’s not an obstacle, I think. It’s easy to deal with fame, unless it affects your career. there’s people who are very unlucky and the media manages to make them look like idiots. And if that happens, you’re never gonna get work because everyone sees you as an idiot! It’s horrible because you don’t know what to do.

Can you tell if girls are interested in you because of you, or because of your fame?
If they’re attractive, I don’t mind if they only care about Robert the actor! (laughs), although I prefer if they liked me for me.

Do you see yourself like an idol?
Not at all. I know people that have thought of it like that, but I don’t. The fact that I never got any other roles of “the good looking guy” should say something, shouldn’t it?

What’s it like to be the fantasy of so many girls?
It’s funny because I know that if the fans came over and sat for 5 minutes to talk to me, they would be disappointed.

Do you think they would be disappointed in you?
Yes! Of course they would be. You can’t be what other people want you to be, because everybody has their own point of view. Even if people don’t really know what they want, they still be looking forward to it with some sort of illusion. The real me is no fantasy, I think.

You’ve talked about how it took you two weeks to get into character for Twilight. What about this time?
I went to Canada a month before the filming of the movie bean, and I learned how relaxing and easy it can be to be back this time around, maybe because I connected more with the second book than I did with the first. I understood the stories and their motivations much better, because I could relate to all of those emotions in my own life. Like when Edward thinks he’s making a bad decision when he’s leaving Bella, but he does it anyway. I think any guy would do the same in their own relationships, it’s like you’re meant to mess it up! And I can relate to that because I always mess things up. That’s how it happens.

Why do you think a story about vampires and werewolves has become such a huge hit?
The story is about commitment, about finding your loved one and not knowing if you’re good enough for them. It’s about being scared and feel like you’re going to ruin it. I feel that’s why people can relate to the movie. And that’s how I see it, I’ve never seen it like a vampire story.

Speaking of which, would you like to live forever?
I don’t think I could. I have a great Aunt, she’s like 97 years old and everytime I talk to her she says: ‘Next time you come and see, bring me some poison’. That’s why I wouldn’t want to live forever, under any circumstance.

Do you believe in astrology or karma?
Sort of. I’m relatively interested in that sort of stuff. What I do believe in, is in karma, because I’ve had my butt kicked many times!

What are you filming soon?
A couple of movies. I’ve been working all year with no days off, but I’m doing things that are very different, and the projects that I feel very close to me, things that I need to do. I’m not doing anything huge. Just things that speak to me. hat’s how I chose what I want to do.

How do you feel about being a gay icon too?
I feel the same way as I do with the girls, I take it as a compliment. But I still don’t understand that kind of adoration. I guess I just have to accept it.

Kristen Stewart

What is Bella’s biggest change in New Moon?
She finally gets to know herself. What I liked about her in the first movie is that she had confidence in herself, without really knowing herself, and she didn’t know why she wanted what she wanted. I have more faith in her this time because she knows what she’s doing. She’s matured more.

In this second movie, Bella gets very depressed because her love for Edward is hard to get over…
Everything goes fine in this movie until she starts feeling she’s not worthy of him. In that sense it’s a weird thing, because she’s a very strong girl.

Do you think her depression has to do with low self-esteem?
Yes, but she really believes she’s not good enough for Edward. She also believes that she should be the only thing that completes him. So she feels really bad for being a burden in his life, and it’s the same feeling he has about her; he doesn’t feel worthy of her. In New Moon she underestimates herself. But in Eclipse she takes control, she becomes a woman.

How hard is it for you to leave the character once you’re done filming?
It’s hard. It’s not like when you stop filming for the day and you’re ready to keep filming. When everything is over all you have to do is go home. ‘Ok, I’m done, goodbye’. It’s horrible, but that’s how it has to be done.

Do you have a special routine to get into the character of Bella?
No, everyday is different. It depends on how nervous I am that day. If it’s a major scene, like it is most of the times, I like to give the best of me and really be on the set, and (she says very loudly) everything is cool! Bring on the death scene! It’s great! But sometimes I can’t do it. I’m like that freak that nobody can talk to, and it’s really embarrassing at the end of the day having to say, ‘I’m sorry, I’ve been acting weird all day’.

How can you explain the fascination that people have with vampires?

I don’t think people are interested in the vampires here. It’s more about who they are and not what they are. The interest here is the fact that Edward is a vampire, but at the same time he’s very human, and that’s new to a story. If you add vampires to all the love story, that’s what makes it even more beautiful.

What do you feel about working with the same cast again?
It’s comforting, definitely. It’s like summer camp, even if it doesn’t sound very convincing, it’s the truth. We literally wake up together. We’ve already done two movies, and then all of a sudden, wow! The third is done, can you believe it? It’s weird.

Was it hard for Dakota to join the cast of New Moon?
It was hard in the beginning, but now she’s one fo my closest friends. I’m very happy that she’s here. I’ve already said it before, it’s going to be a trip seeing her as Jane, and I’ll be prepared as Bella.

What was your reaction when you saw the Bella Barbie doll?
The doll doesn’t really look like me. It looks a lot older (laughs). It’s really crazy. It’s weird to see how something you lived as a very personal thing, it affects more people too. I just see it like a painting that doesn’t look like me, it’s like a cartoon version of a character I played, but that’s not me. That’s not how I see myself.

Taylor Lautner says you’re very good at football. Do you like sports?
Yes, I grew up with my brothers and became very competitive. I don’t like being bad at anything, and if I know I’m not good at something, I prefer not doing it at all.

Did your adolescence influence the way you are right now?

I’m 19, so I’m still a teenager. I think it’s very similar as to how your childhood affects your adolescence and how your adolescence affects your 20’s.

You don’t consider yourself an adult?
I think I became an adult at age 12, when I did The Panic Room. I always had my own way of seeing things, I was never self-indulgent, I wasn’t raised to be that way.

Have you always been responsible of yourself and everything that surrounds you?
I’m the youngest of my family, but I’ve always felt like I have to take care of my brothers. The truth is that I worry a lot, and I’ve never been a girl who doesn’t care about anything. I’ve always worried about things, even when I was in kindergarten.

Are you worried about your future, professionally?
No, in my case I’ve never had to fight to find a new project. Opportunities present themselves to me, normally. And if I feel like I need them, then I get involved in them. But if they don’t come, it’s because I didn’t need them.

I know you love books. What are you reading right now?
I reveal this information because I know people like to know what I consume. My last book was Sexus, by Henry Miller. I’ve been very busy lately, all I’ve read are scripts.

You’re gonna play Joan Jett very soon in The Runways.
Yes, and it was very difficult to do it since I made the decision to join that movie. I’ve stayed with the crew filming until 2 AM.

It’s okay. I saw it coming. But I think it’s great to do something else. I stalked my director asking to see the final results.

Taylor Lautner

Have you changed since you got those muscles and weight for the role?
People always ask me that, but I don’t feel a difference. I feel like I’m the same person. It would be scary if I had changed.

Why did you chose to become an actor?
All my life I practiced sports and when I was 6 I like to do everything, wrestling, karate, football, baseball, basketball. My karate instructor got into showbiz and he convinced me to go to a shooting, and as soon as I did it, I was 10, I become fascinated. I lived in Michigan, my parents told me that if I wanted to keep doing it we had to move to LA, I didn’t want to stop doing it and I packed my bags and moved. It’s a very risky thing to do, but I’m very thankful for the support that my family has given me.

Did your childhood affect who you are right now?
I went to a public school until 8th grade, that’s when I left because I was very busy, but I really enjoyed it, especially the social side of it, not the classrooms I got lucky with Twilight and I’m very excited to be part of it.

Do you feel like you’re matured between Twilight and New Moon?
Yes, the role is very different because in Twilight Jacob is still a kid, he has no worries and that’s how the first part of New Moon starts. But when he becomes a werewolf, he becomes a very different person. It was a challenge to play a kind of double personality in the same movie, and even in the same day. But it was fun.

How long did your make up take?
Before the transformation, I only wore a wig, so it wasn’t that bad. It took like 15 minutes. But post-transformation it takes longer.

Do you feel pressured?
Not really, but I do feel a little pressured because in New Moon there’s a relationship between Bella and Jacob, and I want to do it the right way, just like everyone imagined it.

If you weren’t an actor what would you be?
I love everything that has to do with behind the scenes: writing, directing, producing. I can see myself doing it.

Who is your inspiration?

Ron Howard, because he was an actor and then became a very successful director. I like Robert Rodriguez, who I worked with on Sharkboy. And he does everything: writes, composes music, directs, produces. It’s crazy, he’s such a talented guy. I’d love to be that way.

Do you have a fun anecdote from the set?
I don’t know, Kristen and me playing football. I always carry a football around and I like to toss it at the boys. One day Kristen said she wanted to try and I told her to throw the ball, and since then she’s my football buddy. Amazingly enough, she’s really good at it.

What is love to you?
There goes the tendentious question. Jacob and Bella, that’s love to me.

Thank you Twilight Poison!

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