November 10, 2009

♥Hey everyone! I just wanted to make a quick post about a couple of things to do with the site.

1. AFFILIATES: I have cleaned up my affiliates list and am now accepting ‘Elite’ and ‘General’ Affiliates! Please keep in mind that we only accept 100×35 buttons. I have so many sites apply that I can’t accept because a) they will send a HUGE button that wont fit in my side bar or b) they don’t link me. Today I went through and removed any affiliates that were no longer linking me (please have the courtesy to tell me when you remove my link) and sites that no longer exist. To apply, click here.

2. NEW SITE: I am in the process of creating a NEW SITE for Robert Pattinson fans! The site is called RobertPattinsonNews.Org and you can preview it here. (keep in mind it’s not finished). The site will basically update fans on everything RPattz so that once the Twilight Saga is finished, you can still follow your favorite heartthROB! :)

3. DIARY ENTRIES: I just want to reiterate that there is no set date in which an entry is released. Please don’t get upset when you don’t see one by Tues’ or Wed’ – it has just been by chance that for the most part they’ve been posted by Tuesdays. With the release of New Moon and all the promotional coverage, the entries might become less frequent. I also don’t want to run out of ideas – quality over quantity type of thing, you know?

4. THANK YOU: I have been so busy over the past while that I haven’t had a chance to simply say ‘thank you’ to everyone who reads the entries, or even just comes to check out the news. I really appreciate all of your support and am SO happy that there are so many people who share an interest in this beautiful story told by Stephenie Meyer! There will be more contests coming up so that I can give something back to at least some of you, the awesome supporters!

5. CONTEST: We have a contest currently, and YOU could win a LIMITED EDITION $100 New Moon gift card of your choice. 5 Runner Ups will receive a $25 limited edition card of their choice! CLICK THE BANNER BELOW TO ENTER!

Good luck to all those who enter!

There is definitely more, but I will have to write a new post sometime soon when I think of it!

Thanks for reading!

P.S. November 20th is SOOO close *jumps up and down*

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