Release Dates For “Remember Me”

January 21, 2010

Argentina (April 8 )

Australia (March 11)

Begium (March 11)

Brazil (March 12)

Canada (March 12 )

Estonia (March 26)

France (April 7)

Germany (March 25)

Italy (March 12)

Lithuania (April 2 )

Malaysia (March 11)

Mexico (April 2 )

Netherlands (March 11)

New Zealand (March 11 )

Norway (April 9)

Poland (March 19 )

Romania (March 12* )

Russia (March 11)

Slovenia (April 15 )

South Africa (March 19)

Spain (March 19)

Sweden (March 26)

Switzerland Romandie (April 7 )

Switzerland German (March 25)

USA (March 12 )

UK (April 2)

I will be sure to update if anything changes!

source & source

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