New Interview with Kristen Stewart & Dakota Fanning by “Coming Soon”

March 17, 2010

ComingSoon.Net had the chance to chat with Kristen Stewart & Dakota Fanning in Los Angeles recently about their new movie ‘The Runaways.’

Q: What did you guys think of the wardrobe and hair and makeup, all of it?

Dakota Fanning: I loved it. I was really excited that I got to keep it.

Q: You did?

Fanning: Yeah. I got keep pretty much everything and everything became like really important to me and I was really protective of my clothes. I was real excited that I got to have them forever.

Q: Including the lingerie?

Fanning: Oh, yeah, that’s what I loved the most.

Q: Joan talked about the hair and you told her that you were going to really cut your hair which showed a certain level of commitment on your part.

Kristen Stewart: I love how that’s her thing. She really holds on to the hair thing.

Q: You’ve always had signature hair so did you find cutting it daunting?

Stewart: Did you just say that I had signature hair?

Q: Kind of. You’ve had a certain look over the years.

Stewart: Yeah. I mean I had short hair when I was little but that’s just sort of something that…
Fanning: It’s this thing that’s the signature part? (touches her wave of bangs)
Stewart: Yeah. Anyway, I needed to feel sweat dripping down my face. I would’ve felt like a fraud if I’d had a wig on. I’ve worn wigs in the past. They can look great. A lot of actresses won’t work without them. Dakota’s wig looks amazing. She literally would be like, I don’t know, you worked really well in it. Sometimes they’re serious problems. But there you go.

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