10 Best Tidbits on the ‘New Moon’ DVD/Blu-ray

March 19, 2010

FEARnet’s Jen Yamato is at it again with her great lists! This time she’s written ‘The 10 Best Tidbits on the ‘New Moon’ DVD/Blu-ray.’ Here is an excerpt:

1. Rob on Robmania

In part one of the extensive six-part documentary (titled “Life After Twilight“), New Moon‘s cast talk about the craziness that ensued after the first film debuted and how the fervent fandom changed their lives.  Between shots from the Twilight premiere and the infamously raucous Comic-Con panel, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Justin Chon, and more of their co-stars reminisce from the New Moon set on how Twilight changed everything. Best of all, Rob addresses his fans, who have come to worship Edward Cullen so much that they now, as he says, “defend my honor in reality.”

2. The cast roasts Chris Weitz

Part 2 of the documentary focuses on New Moon director Chris Weitz, which is really just an opportunity for his actors to gently tease him about everything from his hairiness to the distinguished way he carries himself on set. We get plenty of behind-the-scenes peeks at Weitz’s directing style, and it’s clear that he’s endeared himself to his cast: Lautner calls him a “goofball,” Jamie Campbell-Bower accuses Weitz of secretly wanting to be British, and Michael Sheen describes his unshaven-yet-elegant look as “a cross between a wolf and a vampire.”

3. Bella runs full-speed into Edward’s arms

The doc offers a wealth of footage of nearly every set and big scene in New Moon, but our favorite is the behind-the-scenes footage of Bella’s run through the Volterra square that bookends the film. In the movie we only see it in slow-motion, but here you can see what it looks like at full speed: Kristen Stewart pushes her way frantically through the crowd, speeds through the fountain, and nearly knocks Robert Pattinson over as she jumps breathlessly into his open arms.

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