100 Monkeys St. Elmo’s Coffee Pub plus DC Shows!

April 8, 2010

One of our readers, (and now even bigger 100 Monkeys fan) Vivien, was able to attend the 100 Monkeys signing & acoustic jam session at ST Elmo’s Coffee Pub, VA & 100 Monkeys Show in DC, and was very generous to share some pics with us! The first 3 pics (below) are from the coffee pub, and the last 3 are from the DC show. Vivien was able to give the guys beaded Monkey bracelets on Monday, which Jackson still had on Wednesday! What a sweetheart!

UNCLE! I was captivated by Uncle when I saw the band in Toronto. He’s lively!

LOL, this is the cutest thing…

Jackson still sporting the brown & white bracelet Vivien gave him! She said he was extremely down to earth and sweet. (I think her crush on him might be much bigger now, hehe).

Thank you Vivien – you’re always so generous and I love your enthusiam for this very talented band!

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