New Jackson Rathbone Interview: ‘Jackson Rathbone propels 100 Monkeys’

April 10, 2010

The Morning Call has a new interview with 100 Monkeys band member, and of course, Twilight Saga star Jackson Rathbone. Jackson’s band mate Ben Graupner was also in on the interview and weighed in on the rumors that 100 Monkeys might appear on the Eclipse soundtrack:

♥ On Music coming before girlfriends or love interests:

Rathbone says his music is as important to him as his film career, which, admittedly has a much higher profile.

”It’s definitely something that I’m putting a lot of my time and my energy in … It’s a very important part of my life that takes precedence from any girlfriend or any love interest. Music and art — that’s my love. That’s going to be my life,” he says with a laugh.

♥ On 100 Monkeys getting attention because of the Twilight Films:

He also says he doesn’t mind that 100 Monkeys is getting lots of attention because of his blockbuster movies.

”Whenever people come to one of our shows, they’re going to get a show,” he says. ”They’re going to have a great time, regardless why they walked in the door. We don’t care. What we care about is putting on an amazing show for the audience.”

He says he tries to keep acting and his music ”separate but equal. At the same time, I like to integrate it. Like with ‘Girlfriend,’ where I act, produce a movie and then the band does the score for it. I really like the way that kind of goes together. … I’ve always loved film and I’ve always loved music. And I really love being able to keep doing them both at the same time.”

♥ Ben Graupner of 100 Monkeys on having a 100 Monkeys song on the Eclipse Soundtrack:

There has been talk of 100 Monkeys appearing on the ”Eclipse” soundtrack, but Graupner says, ”I think we know just about as much as anyone else who’s out there.”

”Obviously, they know who we are,” he says. ”We played a couple of cast parties and stuff … you wind up meeting those people. They know the music, but there’s been no formal approach from either side concerning that. So I think at this point it’s all just sort of Internet buzz.”

This is really good so read the rest HERE—>

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