Week 3 of The Vampireology Book Giveaway Details!

April 16, 2010

Welcome to week 3 of the Vampireology Book giveaway! We announced our first weeks winner earlier here, and the second weeks winner here, so that means it’s time to get started on the next giveaway! See below for how to snag your copy of this awesome book before it’s even for sale! A HUGE thanks to Candlewick for sponsoring this giveaway!

This week we are looking for a volunteer FanFic writer for the website: TheBreakingDawnMovie.Org

Ever thought of having your own Bella’s Diary (well, not Bella’s Diary – because we’re already doing that here, lol), but something similar? Maybe Edward’s Diary, Jacob’s Diary or even finishing Midnight Sun from your perspective & having tons of people read your work? Now is your chance! TheBreakingDawnMovie.Org wants to give a writer their own section on the site to submit a FanFic story weekly, monthly (or just whenever you want, it will be YOUR story, so you choose how often you want to write for you fans/readers).

The winner with get their own email so their readers can contact them. I will also help get readers for you by Tweeting your writings from the Bella’s Diary Twitter & Facebook account! It will also be your job to get people in on your story! So, start a Twitter or Facebook fan page if you want so people can follow & fan you!

Of course, the winner also gets their copy of Vampireology before it’s even hit shelves! Ok the fun part:


1. Send your idea for a storyline (ex: ‘Jacob’s life after Breaking Dawn,’ or ‘Midnight Sun: From where Stephenie Left off’ etc)

2. I don’t want you all to waste your time writing up some crazy wild story & then not win – so all I ask is to see a paragraph or two of your writing. (I can tell quite quickly if someone has the writing style we’re seeking). If you want to send more, go ahead – it will not help or hinder your chances, though.

3. Please only enter if you’re passionate about writing and will have some time to devote to keeping your story up (like I have with Bella’s Diary for over a year), chatting with your readers, answering emails about your FanFic etc. You don’t have to write all the time – but an entry per month at the least.

4. Email your submissions to Contact@BellasDiary.Com

5. Winner (one winner) will be announced April 23rd! From there we will get you set up and ready to start your story (and hopefully make some TwiHards happy!)

♥Learn more about this book, or order a copy for friends and family HERE! Learn more about the Ology World of books HERE!

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