My First Entry

April 25, 2010

Dear…What the hell? I guess…Diary? Jeez, that sounds feminine.

Being carefree became accustomed to the Cullens, and myself. After the big sha-bang with the Volturi, they’ve left us alone.

We now live in New Hampshire. We moved there seven and a half months after we beat the old sags. I live down the road from the Cullens’ mansion, and it’s very convenient for me, allowing me to see Nessie everyday.

Today is Nessie’s sixth birthday. Her aging has slowed a lot, but she looks like a very mature fifteen year old. Over the years, we’ve grown even closer to each other than we were in the first place. I’m glad, because now that she goes to high school, I can sense guys will be all over her.

Edward seems unhappy about her maturing, probably because of me, and is always scowling when he hears my thoughts about Nessie, but he restrains himself half the time. I think it’s finally dawning on him; She’ll be grown up soon. Whether she chooses me or not, she will be matured, and he will have to let her go.

I need to go now, Nessie’s party is in fifteen minutes. I hope she likes the necklace I made her…


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