May 5, 2010

Dear Diary,

We still can’t find that freaking bloodsucker.

So, Sam has ordered us to run double patrols. Sometimes, I wish I didn’t rejoin the pack after the whole thing with the Volturi. Now that the older guys of the pack moved up to New Hampshire, it doesn’t seem different from it was in La Push. Always being ordered around. But, it is better than being Alpha. It’s good to have them though, protecting the land up here. Collin and Brady’s newly formed pack handle it really well, so the guys being up here is cool. The bloodsuckers don’t love it, but they allow it. I mean, I don’t mind protecting our new land, but I get hungry. It’s annoying running through the woods with your stomach growling louder than you. When I do get any free time, I’ll eat a bite, but then I end up falling asleep. I barely have time to see Ness, and I miss her like crazy. But, if running double means that I can keep her, and our land safe from a leech, then so be it. I went to see her today, Sam gave me a few hours off. So, I slept for an hour, ate a few ham sandwiches, and found Nessie sitting on a blanket in the yard by the time I was in their back yard.

She was typing on a laptop, her hair blowing in the wind. She had a small smile playing on her lips, and the sun made her glow slightly from her half vampire skin. Pretty much, she looked like an angel. She looked up when she heard me, and grinned.

She grinned the whole time I stayed there. Occasionally, she would brush against my arm, and I would feel a jolt of electricity run through me.

That’s a first.

I’ve always felt connected to Ness, but this electricity thing is new. Is it because she’s finally maturing? Did she feel it too?

Too soon, it was time to leave. Patrol was in fifteen minutes, so I got up, hugged Nessie goodbye, and walked home. I had a few hot dogs, and chugged down some rootbeer. By the time I was finished, I had to leave, otherwise I would have to face the wrath of Sam. I knew better than to be late. I really didn’t want to be stuck with triple patrol, so I jogged out of my house, and stripped down once I found my way into the woods.

After phasing, I let my senses lead me to the border.

It was just me, Sam, and Jared at the border tonight, because the others were running doubles yesterday. It was chilly, but I’m a freaking werewolf. So, I never get cold. Bella used to call me her sun. Always there, ready and warm. I hope Ness thinks of me that way. Warm, and supportive. I get so afraid that she won’t love me. I mean, she loves me, but not that way, at least I think. It would be so awesome if she would be mine, but I don’t want to smother her. I love her to much to make her unhappy.

Sam and Jared were running on the opposite sides of me on the border, so I was alone.

Being alone helps me think, even when the guys can hear. Thankfully, they ignore most of my thoughts anyhow.

By the time I was smelling the salty air from the lake, I smelled a disgusting, sweet, scent that I knew too well. The guys must of smelled it too, because they were only a mile or so away by the time I realized it was the leech we’ve been looking for. I was tracking the scent, and the guys were a few yards behind me, eager to find this bloodsucker. When I heard the slight sound of feet hitting the ground, and braced myself for the sight of the vampire.

I saw the shape of a man, running as fast as he could. Well, as fast as a leech could, anyway.

Sam pushed ahead, and grabbed a hold of it’s arm. He about tore it off, until the man told us to “Wait, I can explain!” in it’s words. I growled, and it gave off this garbled, fast story of how the Volturi changed it against it’s will. Sam told us to watch it, while he phased back. Following orders, Jared and I roughly grabbed the mosquito’s arms, and Sam momentarily left. The bloodsucker didn’t even struggle, instead, it waited patiently, relieved from not getting torn apart most likely. Sam came back, and talked briefly with the bloodsucker, agreeing to take him to the Cullen’s, to see their opinion.

I ran behind him, and Sam and Jared ran beside him. It didn’t try to escape, so I was thinking of the possibility that it might not be a bad vampire. I mean, his eyes were golden, so I guess he was a ‘vegetarian’.

We arrived at the Cullen’s house, and I phased back, and grabbed my shorts from the stash of clothes I keep in their back porch. Jared took some sweats from the stash, and we followed Sam, and the leech inside. Edward must have brought the family together, though Ness wasn’t in sight, which was probably for the best. I took a seat on the couch, and Carlisle discussed with the vampire what happened.

Apparently, his gift was to be able to control whether his scent showed up or not. The Volturi saw potential in that when they spotted him visiting Volterra on vacation, and changed him. He apparently didn’t want to be a vampire, and ran away, wanting to find a better way to live. Edward confirmed this, and so this guy was safe.

Carlisle offered him a place to stay, but ‘Louis’ kindly declined. He was going to find his own place to live around here, but was glad that he found some people he could relate to. I was kinda disappointed I couldn’t kill a leech, but I guess this Louis guy is cool enough. He didn’t seem to mind us much, so I guess the pack would be able to deal with another parasite in town. I went back outside, and saw Leah, and Seth talking with Sam.

Leah wasn’t excited about another vampire in town, and Seth didn’t really give a crap, which didn’t surprise me.

Louis had walked outside, and glanced at us talking. Leah looked up at the intruder, and stared at him. He stared back too. I knew the look in their eyes too well, and apparently Seth did too, after hearing his growl. Sam glanced at me, with a happy glint in his eyes, and I’m sure I returned it. At least Leah wouldn’t be all grouchy and pessimistic anymore. Seth and Sam walked towards the woods, and Seth was grimacing. Sam, of course, was elated that Leah wouldn’t look at him with all of that boiling betrayal anymore. I glanced over at Leah and Louis, and they both left wordlessly, hand in hand, grinning like a couple of idiots.

Why can’t imprinting be that easy for me?

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