New Vampire Fragrance Review!

May 11, 2010

Hey Twerds! I love to let you all know about all things Twilight/Vampire related, so when the people over at Vampire Fantasies contacted me to see if I would like to review their new Body Fantasies: Vampire Fragrance, I knew you would all be interested to know more about this fragrance, and of course said yes!

This product isn’t in stores just yet, but starting May 19th you will be able to purchase it at the Vampire Fantasies website here. Then on June 1st the fragrance will be available to purchase at retailers (such as CVS & Wal-Mart).

Packaging: “Everything about me invites you in.”

I got the perfume in the mail today and almost didn’t want to open the box because it looks so pretty. The packaging is pictured (above right) and as you can see the bottle is a deep crimson color! (Vampire blood anyone?) The word ‘Vampire’ is embossed on the front of the bottle as well. When I slid the cover aside to open the box there was a quote: “Forbidden Love. Dangerous. Addictive. Impossible to Resist.” There is a neat quote on the back, too, but I’ll leave some things a surprise!

Scent: “But it’s your scent. It’s like a drug to me.

So I spritzed the Vampire Fragrance on my neck and wrists over an hour ago. The first thing that came to mind was ‘alluring.’ Second thing that came to mind was ‘mysterious.’ This is the type of perfume you would smell on that mysterious, flirty, alluring type of girl. It smells sweet, but not like candy. More like a sweet flower with a faint hint of a juicy citrus and very dark cocoa.

The fragrance notes in this are listed as:


Plum Flower



Chocolate Cosmos


Sultry Musk


Gianduja Accord.

This is a fragrance I would wear on a date, rather than when I’m running errands. Unless you want to feel really sexy whilst running your errands, of course. (Hey, sometimes I do).You only need a tiny spritz, too. The scent is robust so you have to be careful not to overdo it. I, however, am very picky with fragrances and prone to get headaches around people who bathe in their perfumes, lol. This has not caused any headache for me, or skin flare ups. (I have sensitive skin, and have used perfumes that caused red blotches on my neck).

Duribility: “I’ve had the scent of you in my head all day…”

It’s been nearly two hours and the scent has not died down one bit on me. I used two ‘half’ spritzes (where I push the nozzle down only half way to reduce the amount of product that comes out) – but will probably wear one next time as I prefer my perfume to be extremely faint.

A Guys Perspective:

Well, I asked a guy what he thought of the fragrance so I could tell you. This was his response. “It’s nice. Very flirty.” Then his eyes shifted to the box and “Whoa, is that a vampire on the box?” Guys are easily entertained sometimes, right? :lol:

♥REMEMBER: starting May 19th you will be able to purchase it at the Vampire Fantasies website here! Head over there now to submit your Vampire Fantasy. If you win, you will have your fantasy put on their packaging!

Hope you liked the review. Feel free to send me any questions you have :)

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