Edward’s Reaction

May 23, 2010

Dear Diary,

Well, I guess I can say Edward didn’t take it the best. I mean, he didn’t take it the worst either, thankfully.

He might’ve given me a black eye, and a couple of broken ribs, before Bells made him stop. The last time I saw that glint in his eye, it was an hour or so after I kissed Bella for the first time; around the time before we fought all of those newborns.

When he came to my house yesterday, he knocked lightly on the door instead of breaking it down, so I wasn’t too terrified of answering, expecting him to take it calmly, and maturely like you would expect a hundred year old mind reading vampire would. That is until he starting beating the living hell out of me. Thankfully, Bella, my savior, came shortly after, pulling him off of me.

“Stop!” She shrieked, her inhuman voice rising two octaves, and sounding like music. I easily got up, and wiped the blood from my mouth. She then started reprimanding him like a two year old, telling him violence wasn’t the answer. I also can recall the growl that rumbled from him after I thought that. So, I backed away a few steps.

“You will never kiss my daughter again!” He spat through his teeth, ignoring Bella’s intimidating glare.

“She’s my imprint! What else can I do?” I yelled back. Bella was practically the one between us, stopping the fight from progressing.

I couldn’t decide whether to laugh at, or loathe the leech keeping me from my girl. Why must things always suck for me?

I was shaking, but I kept it under control, ‘cause I didn’t need the pack coming over here and starting a commotion once I phased, letting them know I was getting beat up by a leech. I had already felt myself healing after a few seconds, and Edward wasn’t struggling to much to get out of Bella’s grip.

“Why did you tell her, you idiot?” Edward asked, venom lacing his voice, but it was calmer than before.

“I couldn’t just let her go off with another guy, Ed. She’s my imprint. It had to happen sooner or later, anyway.” I said, trying to make my voice seem even. Edward rolled his eyes.

“I know that she is your imprint” –as he gestured to his head– “but couldn’t you wait longer, until she was more mature, emotionally, and mature enough to be kissed?” Edward said, his voice still full of malice. I looked at him in disbelief.

“Says the guy who let her go on a date with a punk, who most likely has only one thing on his filthy mind!” I shot back. Edward glared.

“It is my responsibility to raise my daughter the right way, which means a normal life. If you live a normal life, you date. Simple as that.” I groaned.

“How can somebody live a normal life, in a house full of vampires? Especially vampires that sparkle!” I shouted. Edward rolled his eyes.

“My daughter, my decisions. I decide what’s best for her.” He stated patiently. I wasn’t so patient.

“Well, sorry Eddie. It’s too late for that now.” I said grinning. Edward growled, and crouched like a freaking lion. I tensed, but Bella slapped him on the back of the head.

“Oh, stop Edward. What’s done is done.” Edward mumbled something too low for even my superhuman hearing to hear, but I’m pretty sure it was him apologizing to Bella. She rolled her eyes when he glared at me again.

“We’ll discuss this more tomorrow.” He said, and stalked out of my house. Bella sighed deeply, and shook her head. After staring at the door for a couple more seconds, she turned to me, giving me an apologetic look before examining my wounds lightly.

“I’m glad you told her, truthfully. She’s felt…attracted to you lately, and she didn’t like it. She thought you would blow her off, considering her age. She didn’t understand the feelings she had for you, and it was so hard for me not to tell her. She has felt really insecure these past few months.” She whispered. I nodded.

“I’m glad too. I’m surprised how well Edward took it. I thought he would kill me for sure.” I laughed. Bella grimaced.

“I’m sorry I got here late…I didn’t even know he left the house until a minute after he did, and then I had to follow his scent here, and…” she trailed off, rolling her eyes. I nodded.

“It’s fine. I just…I want him to be okay with this…I really want to be accepted. I remember, that a few months after I imprinted on her, you finally accepted it…and I knew Edward sort of accepted it, but he’s being all protective dad now, probably not wanting his little girl to grow up, and all. I…I just want to be with her as comfortably as possible, with everyone accepting it.” I said, and looked at Bella. She was nodding.

“I understand, Jake, I do. I remember how bad I wanted you to accept my relationship with Edward…you were stubborn about that of course. I’ll talk to him, and he’ll come around. You don’t know how proud I am of you, and how amazing it is to know my best friend will always be in my life, even if it is as my son-in-law. Therefore, I will do everything in my power to help you with your relationship with my daughter.” She said, her voice sweet and soft. This is why Bella is my best friend. I grinned.

“Bells, you’re sounding all old on me now.” I teased lightly. She slapped my arm, laughing slightly, before wrapping her arms around me softly. I patted her head, and we both said goodbye. She left quietly, and I remember the relief I felt. I was completely healed now, and there was only a slight shadow under my eye, so all I felt was the high from telling Ness, and her returning those feelings.

My stomach felt like mushy Angel Soft toilet paper by the time I realized that I am practically in a relationship with Nessie now. I was finally with her. When I started thinking about it, I felt a scarcely familiar feeling boil up in me. Nervousness.

This feeling is definitely new, considering the only girl I had ever felt a fraction of this for was Bella, and I never had felt too nervous around her. With Ness, I felt comfortable, but I was nervous now, because I didn’t want to mess up. I want to be perfect, the man she deserves. It’s easy to see she’s way out of my league, and I want to make sure I am the best I can possibly be for her.

While I thought through everything thing that happened tonight, my outdated phone rang my text message alert.

J, I forgot to tell you something… I love you, too.

My heart had hammered in my chest, and I blew my hair out of my eyes, and sighed.

She loves me.

I really hope that Bella gets Edward to chill out, and maybe I’ll be able to have an open relationship with Ness.

I’ll talk to you later, hopefully this all works out.

- Jacob

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