Dear Diary (A Granted Wish)

June 5, 2010

Stay calm. Zůstaňte v klidu. Dr. Joseph Cole. He knows about us. What we are. He knows we’re dangerous, different.

We planned to confront him. Carlisle wanted to be as moral as possible about this. The Cullens have all been around for a long time. They have experience with keeping what they are a secret. They have had no choice. I, on the other hand, was worried… no, I was scared to death. What would it mean for my family if humans discovered what we are? What would it mean for the humans? It’s a battle I didn’t want to think about. I forced the thought from my mind, which left me with nothing but the painful awareness of my almost debilitating thirst.

At first, all I could think of was protecting my family. Edward. Renesmee. Charlie. Jake… all of them. Even Rosalie. My entire body felt like dry, scorching hot coals. My throat was a blazing, out of control fire, becoming wilder with each passing moment. A wildfire.

My thoughts drifted, painfully, to the memory of the burning version of myself that laid ablaze, scorching… silently. The memory of the day I was turned. Immortalized. I was bewildered by pain. The venom, Edward’s venom, and the morphine left me paralyzed while I was charred alive.

I had not hunted since meeting Dr. Joseph Cole and knew that in order to protect my family, I needed to hunt, and fast. I needed to be strong, but careful at the same time. In that very moment there wasn’t much holding me back from finding Dr. Joseph Cole and completely removing his knowledge of our kind, along with his life. The scorching in my dry throat had become impossibly painful. I lost a little more compassion with each passing, bloodless second.

“I’m going to spend some time with Dr. Joseph Cole during my night shift. Ask him a few questions.” Carlisle’s eyebrows knitted together, his face concerned.

He planned to play with Dr. Coles mind a little bit. Vampire as old as the Cullens can read people, very well. Even though Carlisle isn’t able to read minds, he is smart enough to get the information he needs through good old fashioned manipulation.

Before leaving for his night shift at the hospital, Carlisle promised he would call if he needed our help, or if anything went wrong. I could tell Esme was worried about Carlisle. At first she hesitated when he went in for a goodbye kiss, then her walls came down. Esme grabbed his head strongly, with her perfectly elegant porcelain hands, held him firmly in place and kissed him with more passion than I have ever witnessed in my life. She was inhaling him, breathing him in, and pressing her body into his as if wanted to disappear inside of him, become one with him.

“Ex… excuse us. There is a young one present you know.” Alice put her arm around Renesmee to remind Carlisle and Esme to cool off. Edward grinned, that impossibly perfect crooked grin, and I noticed his eyes were almost black. We needed to hunt.

As soon as Carlisle left, Edward and I went hunting. I wanted to bring Renesmee, she wanted to come, but until I knew what Dr. Cole’s intentions were, I really didn’t want her to leave the house.

I caught the scent of humans and my thoughts became malicious, untamed. My imagination went places I never wanted it to go. Just one drop of the sweet, aromatic human blood. My throat burned like a roaring fire, as the fragrant scent of  human blood danced through my nostrils, teasing me. Challenging me. I knew that in just a few inhumanly quick seconds I could find the weak, mouthwatering humans and put out the dry, scorching flames in my throat. The innocent humans…

I lost all trust in myself for the first time. I didn’t know what I was capable of. My instincts were telling me to get it over with, to satisfy my thirst. My instincts were drowning out my compassion, my logic. There were many deers that I could have had already. I wasn’t craving their blood, though. In that moment, I felt weak, like I needed the strength that vampires get from human blood, not animal blood.

I could hear the humans laughing. It was a couple, a young couple. They probably went into the woods to get away, to have some alone time, like normal teenagers. They sounded so happy, so alive. For a half second I wondered what they looked like. I just wanted to see what they looked…

“Bella! No!” Edward’s roar sounded like thunder, especially to my heightened sense of sound. I was fast, but something stopped me from going as fast as I knew I could. I wanted Edward to stop me. I needed him to.

I felt a hand jerk me back and I smashed half into the ground and half into Edward’s granite body, which caused another thunderous sound. I felt raindrops now. They started off slowly, and I could hear them crashing into the leaves on the tress surrounding us. The rain sounds even more beautiful now that I have the ability to hear things so much more clearly, and from much farther away. Within seconds the rain was barreling down on us.

Edward did not release his hold on me. We didn’t talk for a good five minutes. We just laid there, in the dark forest, with the rain washing over us, soaking our clothing. Somehow, the rain began to tame my violent thirst, washing away my bloodlust. I felt too ashamed to look at Edward, and apologized without looking at him, still laying on my back with him under me.

“Edward, I… I don’t know exactly what happened. I caught the scent of those humans and my mind, it… no matter how hard I tried to shake the thought, I couldn’t. I’m so sorry Edward.” My voice was a whisper, too low for human ears to catch.

Edward pulled himself up off the now muddy ground, pulling me up with him, then rested his cheek against mine. “This will make Jasper feel a little bit better…” He grinned and it just touched his eyes. I could tell that he wasn’t mad. Edward, if anyone, understands the strength it takes for a vampire to fight their instincts, to control their thirst.

In one swift movement, Edward pulled me around so I was facing him now, my legs straddled over his, my arms around his neck. The rain got heavier and pounded into our granite-like bodies as our lips met, first softly, so softly. Then, as the guilt I was feeling began to wash away, I kissed Edward harder, pulling his face up and pressing his torso into mine. Consuming him. Breathing him in. I let him into my mind so that he knew what I wanted from him. He met the thought with his perfect smile and laid back down into the mud, pulling me down with him…

The rain let up after about an hour. We both hunted more than enough to extinguish the blaze that almost led me to do something I would forever regret. After I hunted, and was satisfied, it became painfully clear what had almost happened. I almost killed innocent people. It is going to take a long time for me to forgive myself, if I ever do.

Shortly after the sun had risen, Carlisle pulled up into the driveway. Edward read his mind as soon as he could hear his thoughts then his golden eyes widened while his face somehow remained expressionless, a look that confused me.

Before I had a chance to ask Edward what he heard, Carlisle was in the door, meeting all of our curious faces with a smile. “He knows we’re different.” Carlisle didn’t waste any time getting to his point. “Dr. Joseph Cole is a very wise, kindhearted man. His only mission in this world is to help people. He is also very ill.” Carlsile’s mouth pulled down into a frown and he looked at the ground before continuing. “He hasn’t told anyone of his illness yet because he doesn’t want to have to stop working at the hospital, helping people.”

Rosalie interrupted, her patience wearing thin.”What does all this have to do with him knowing what we are, and what about our safety?”

“After much consideration, and hearing Dr. Cole’s pleas, I have agreed to change him, so he can continue doing what he loves to do. He’s a smart man and has been studying our kind for years. He knows the consequences of immortality. He knows the discipline required to feed only off animals. He knows about the pain, the burning.” Carlisle’s eyes shot in my direction, then Charlie’s. The memory of charring alive is still very clear for Charlie & I, the newborns.

“What about his family? Carlisle, you can’t just give out immortality like it’s Christmas and you’re the immortality Santa.” Emmett had a point, although he could have worded it better.

“This isn’t something I take lightly and I hope you all understand and respect my decision. He doesn’t have a family. He has chosen to devote his life to his work, instead. I cannot deny someone who could do so much for the world. Who is so intelligent and wants to help find cures for human illnesses.”

Carlisle took in a deep, but unnecessary breath, as if to brace himself for what he was about to say next. “The change will start tomorrow night, in our basement. It’s the only sound proof location I can think of. It is likely that the pain, the burning, will cause him to scream.”

For the longest moment, no one said anything. We all stood there, frozen like statues, trying to understand. But Carlisle made up his mind, and without another word, he took off up the stairs in a blur, Esme following behind.

The truth is, I get Dr. Joseph Cole more than anyone. I understand their doubts, but I don’t doubt that Dr. Cole knows what he wants. He may not being doing it for love, like me, but he’s doing it for passion. For his passion to continue saving lives. Who are we to deny him of that.

I, however, feel bad bout the pain he is about to feel…


June 4th, 2010:

I love the rain. Will write more when I have time…


June 5th, 2010:

I loved Phoenix. I loved the sun and the blistering heat. I loved the vigorous, sprawling city.”

-Bella Swan, Twilight.

I love when it rains. I love overcast days, like today. I love the algid, biting winter, too. The cold. Not only for the reasons you’d think. Not because I have more freedom on overcast days, although that is an undeniable bonus. Not because I can’t actually feel the cold, which is admittedly a nice advantage to being what we are.

The best way for me to describe it is, you know that feeling that washes over you when you smell something that reminds you of a happy time from your childhood, or maybe it reminds you of someone you love? That’s what the cold and the rain does to me. If Forks wasn’t cold and rainy, then the Cullens would have never moved there – and I would have never found my perfect, beautiful Edward.

I owe the rain everything, my existence, for bringing my life to me. My Edward.

Dr. Joseph Cole is currently charring alive in our basement. Poor guy. I’ll write all about that in my next entry!



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