June 11, 2010

Dear Diary,

We’ve caught a scent.

This time it’s a familiar one. It’s the scent of one of the Volturi members, though not the three old guys. It’s that one that’s part of their ‘guard’. He hasn’t contacted the Cullens, and we can’t catch him. None of us know why he’s here, but we think he’s here to ‘check up’ on the Cullens.

The other day, I caught sight of him, but couldn’t keep up with him. Thankfully, I’m not running doubles, but every once in a while I’ll patrol around the house, just for Ness’s sake.

Yesterday, I went with Ness to a secluded part of the lake, and enjoyed a nice picnic with her…until it was interrupted.

“This is really good, Jake. I didn’t know you could cook,” Ness said, taking a bite of the chicken pasta I made. I learned the easiest thing to cook is chicken. What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her.

She looked amazing today, no surprise there. She wasn’t even trying either.

“Have you found that Volturi guy yet?” She asked, adjusting her white cotton sundress. I shook my head.

“No…We aren’t patrolling too much though…I mean the guy hasn’t made a move yet, so we’re waiting for an open shot at the moment.” I explained. She nodded.

“Yes, I did a pretty good job of keeping them off our backs at least a few years, didn’t I?” She said, wearing a smug smile. I grinned.

“Of course honey, you do everything perfectly,” I said, kissing her forehead. She rolled her eyes, and looked at the lake.

“Sometimes…I just wish everyone would leave us alone…So we could all be the happy family we’re supposed to be.” She whispered. Don’t I know it.

“I do too…but since when has anything gone completely right for our family?” I asked. She shrugged.

“It did with us.” She said, snuggling into my arm. I chuckled.

With the exception of your father,” I replied, and she giggled.

“My mom told me about when dad left her.” Ness stated after a minute. My eyebrows rose so much they almost came off my head.

“What? She did?” I asked. Ness nodded, looking down.

“Her and dad told me everything, about how they met, when he left her…when you were friends, and the army of newborns…everything.” She said.

“Are you upset?” I asked, worried about what she thought of me ‘loving’ Bella, years ago.

“No…It’s just…promise you’ll never leave me…Even if it’s to protect me. I don’t know how my mom did it…but I can’t be without you.” She said, her eyes turning glassy with tears. I gave her a shocked look.

“Ness, trust me. For once, I’m way smarter than your dad is on that subject. I love you too much to ever even try to leave…And, though your dad did it to ‘protect’ your mother, I don’t suck blood, and I can’t ever get angry with you, so the only way to protect you, is literally. In my opinion, you have to be there to actually protect someone. So, stop being silly.” I told her. She chewed her lip, but nodded, and I smiled.

“Good.” I said. She leaned into me, before molding her lips with mine, and the sweet pomegranate taste of her invaded my thoughts.

I groaned and pulled away when my cell phone started going off.

“Jacob, you need to come to the house.” Edward said, and I frowned.

“What happened?” I asked, and looked at Ness. She looked worried, of course.

“You’ll see once you get home.” He said, I and agreed to be there in a few minutes.

“Ness, we have to go home.” I said, closing my phone.

“Did something happen?” She asked, and I shook my head.

“He wouldn’t tell me,” I said, kissing her forehead and jogging towards the trees. I watched Ness start putting our stuff back in the basket, and I stripped down once in the protection of the trees. I soon felt the familiar surge of heat shake down my spine, until I was in wolf form.

Taking a deep breath, I padded to the edge of the forest, and watched Ness make her way over to me. She picked up my forgotten clothes and placed them over her arm before pulling herself over my back, and grabbed my fur for safety.

Our picnic basket thumped against my shoulder when I started running, but it wasn’t too much of a nuisance because I was so focused on getting to the Cullens’. Even if curiosity killed the cat, I don’t give a damn. I’m always curious, so I guess I can say I was going to explode if I didn’t figure out what was going on son.

Ness climbed off once we arrived, leaving my clothes in a neat pile in the backyard before going inside. I got dressed quickly, and made my way to the door, when I smelled the vampire’s scent. I jolted to a stop, and looked around. I was alone out here, so I nervously followed the scent a few feet, and it lead straight to the door. Once I realized this, I remember rushing inside, wondering what the hell was happening. All the Cullens were seated in the living room, along with the pack sitting in the floor. Ness was standing next to where Bella sat. I smelled the vampire’s scent strongly, and realized he was standing next to the television. I froze, and my eyes widened. I felt heat rush through me, and I started shaking, my hands forming fists.

“It’s okay, Jake. Calm down, and we’ll explain.” Carlisle said. I furrowed my eyebrows, and crossed my arms, waiting for an explanation.

“I think you know I was part of the Volturi guard, right?” The vampire asked. I nodded stiffly, and he continued.

“I’m Demetri, by the way. I guess you want an explanation,” Demetri said, and I raised my eyebrows, welcoming him to speak.

“I didn’t mind killing humans, at all. After all, my wife and child from my human life were long gone; dead of old age, I’m sure. Considering I’m a couple hundred years old, now. When I was changed, Aro did it against my will, and I was forced to leave my family, my new baby. I was only married for a year, so it was depressing to leave, not being able to finish the life I started…but I refused to put my family in danger like that, so I didn’t stay with them. I decided at that point I didn’t care anymore, until… somehow, my great-granddaughter came to the Volturi’s chamber for a ‘tour’. I always had lived in Italy…but I never imagined she would come there.” he said, frowning deeply.

“Of course I didn’t know this information, until it was too late. It was feeding time, and I killed her, without realizing who she was. I threw her with the other bodies we finished feeding on, and glanced at her again before I was going to make my way to my sleeping chamber. It was then when I saw the resemblance she had to me, and my wife.” he said, his breathing coming out like he was choking.

“Of course I stopped walking, and stared at the dead girl. That was when I asked Aro if he knew who she was, because he reads the thoughts of everyone that comes, considering how cruel he is to our… their food.” He cleared his throat, and continued.

“He told me everything about her, seeing he read her thoughts before I fed on her, and learned of her name. He even somehow knew that it was part of my family; part of me, and he still let me kill her. I had never felt so sick in my life, and I then realized how many lives I ruined by killing people just to feed myself, the way I felt then, I had made people feel it every day. I never have despised myself that much before, and I then realized the way I was living had to be immoral. I spent weeks deciding; keeping my thoughts to myself or course, and finally made the decision to come here. I guess I want a second chance. I want to try the Cullens’ way of life. I haven’t fed on a human in two weeks, let alone anything. I tried to catch some animals, but your pack is…very fast.” He said, gesturing to all of us.

“His thoughts are solemn.” Edward stated, and Carlisle nodded in agreement.

“Yes, I believe Demetri truly does want to try our way of life, and I wanted to confirm with everyone if it is alright letting him join us.” Carlisle said. I looked at the pack, and Sam nodded.

“Yeah, it is.” I said, and Demetri smiled, his black eyes flitting between everyone.

“If you don’t mind, can I step out and hunt?” He asked, and Carlisle nodded.

“I’m a bit thirsty too.” Carlisle said, following Demetri out of the glass door.

“Well that was…interesting.” Embry said, standing up. I turned and looked at him. The rest of the pack were getting up too, the scent making their nose burn, most likely.

“Yeah, I know.” Quil agreed. They both patted my back and left, Sam and the rest following.

Demetri seemed like an alright guy. I mean, I don’t trust him completely, not even Carlisle does, considering he went hunting with him, making sure he strictly stayed on their diet. I felt sympathy for him though, you know? He killed his great-granddaughter. That Aro guys is a punk, not telling him he was murdering a part of his family. So, I don’t really mind him joining the Cullens, as long as he sticks to the diet, I’m fine with it.

I’ll talk to you guys later, and I’ll make sure to keep you guys updated.

- Jacob

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