Renesmee’s Diary – A New Friend, a New Respect

June 18, 2010

Dear Diary,

As the new “wolf girl” I found myself sliding the fourth and final pot roast alongside Emily.

“Do they really eat this much? I mean these roasts look, huge!” Emily chuckled as if seeing a lost tourist for the first time. I didn’t know the pack ate this much…I know they eat as much as the Statue of Liberty would…but this was more like the amount of food that you would see if you molded four Christmas dinners together.

“Yes, we’re having an even larger crowd since the other imprints are coming. That’s why you saw me with all those grocery bags.”

“Oh, I see. Is there anything I can help you else with?” I questioned, in awe of how such a young woman could pull off such a culinary feat.

Emily shook her head no, eying the teapot. “Can I make you some tea, Nessie? That’s what you prefer to be named . . . right?”

“Mhm, it’s the name I’ve been called since I’ve been born. Jacob came up with it and I love it. And, no thanks, but thanks for the offer.”

I truly admired Emily’s smirk…She’s more than pretty, a true beauty, tres belle. Even with scars, she was too belle to be considered not. It wasn’t just on the outside, but on the inside. The qualities she possesses, graciousness, kindness, are without a doubt characteristics one holds that shine internally and externally. She is very hospitable, too. I never noticed that actually. But for whatever reason, Emily made me look past her scars. She made me look right into her warm, and loving heart. I could now see what Sam raved about.

“Please sit, Nessie. The pot roast will take a few hours.” She motioned me to sit on the titanic sized couch. It was soft, and cushy, but felt as though it was worn out. Probably was beat from the pack’s mass while they were playing the Xbox.

“So, if you don’t mind me asking, Emily, when’s the day?” She knew what I was mentioning, her wedding day.

She swiftly glared at the diamond ring and did that smirk of hers again. She reminded me of the “wolf girl” version of Esme, with her motherly like personality and actions. After all, she was the oldest imprintee and must know all the tricks of the trade to mothering and feeding the pack. Leah was a female, but a shewolf. Leah ate what Emily cooked and served.

“Well we, Sam and I, I mean,  were considering sometime around October, but we always end up holding the wedding off,” This time her smirk faded into a disappointed sigh.

“Why?” I slipped out of my mouth without at first a doubt. I didn’t mean to be rude and intrusive on her privacy, but I was curious. Since Jacob and I have been together I’ve always pondered about Emily Young and her history. She was always here, smothered in the background. But somehow, I never had the chance to hear about her life.

“I apologize. That was a rude question to ask, and you are in no way obligated to answer, sorry again.” I attempted to excuse my inappropriate question courteously.

“It’s quite alright. I have no one to talk to anyway, friend wise I mean. Our wedding plans are always suppressed due to lack of free time. Sam is always patrolling with the pack and now that he’s Alpha, he’s always occupied into something. I miss him all the time, I want my husband, not my fiancee.” For this reason I understood. If I thought Jacob was always busy and gone, well look at Sam. He is the leader of the pack, and must always be on top of everything. Sam must also monitor the pack to make sure brawls don’t begin or anything like that. He has the most responsibility of all the wolves. If Jacob hadn’t handed the Alpha rank onto Sam, I would be just as miserable as Emily.

And emily deserved one day completely of her own with Sam. That much anyone who understood  Emily and Sam’s schedule and respect knew. Because you just had to respect the leaders who were always worrying about the followers.  Emily was my leader, and I wanted to follow her as a follower, a student. I wanted her to teach me everything there was to know about loving and living with a wolf.

“I completely understand how you feel about being away from Sam all the time. It is surely painful to be separated from someone you love, someone you want to love and spend the rest of your time with. You want to be alone with him, your soul mate. I get it. Maybe you should try talking to him more about it. And if you need a wedding planner, organizer, or any assistance at all, don’t hesitate to ask me.” And with my offer, I saluted the mother Alpha.

She chuckled.

“Nessie you should come here more often. I enjoy your company, and help.”

I was touched by her invitation. I mean I’m pretty certain she felt what I felt, a new friend that got you. Someone that comprehended the reck you were living. We both were both imprintees. And I would soon become her apprentice “wolf girl.”

Because after all, I did want to know how to properly feed a pack and do all the extensive laundry work. I wanted to be disciplined into learning how to not shirk my duties as a “wolf girl,” even when times were rough and I was frustrated. These were lessons I was eager to learn now. I wanted Jacob to come home one day and appreciate me as a housewife. I wanted him to be proud. And only could these lessons and responsibilities be taught than none other than Emily herself.

We chatted up a storm of discussion, when the oven alarm buzzed.

“The pot roast!” We simultaneously announced, abandoning the couch for the succulent aroma of the kitchen.

But Emily reached for my shoulder. “Actually, Ness could you get the roast? I have to run to the bathroom.” All it took was a quick nod and she sprinted down the hall.

And just as I was pulling the final roast out of the oven, the pack and imprintees came in to be surprised that it wasn’t Emily in the kitchen.

Jacob’s jaw dropped, in utter awe, admiration and pride.

“Nessie?” Jacob breathed.

I’ll tell you guys what happens next in next Friday’s entry.


-Nessie <3


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