Renesmee’s Diary – A Father’s Day surprise

June 20, 2010

Dear Diary,

I wasn’t anticipating on recording this precious and private celebration in my diary, but I decided why not? I already let you guys into my personal life anyway.

As you know today is Father’s Day and my father’s birthday, a combo of celebrations. I didn’t write in my previous entries about my preparation for this day in fear that my readers would somehow reveal my plans to my father. I mean, I shouldn’t even count my plans as a “surprise” because he’ll just read my mind before the day of. But I thought about it in my head anyway because I needed to make my plans extra special.

It started out as a good morning kiss and hug, then expanded to a song. I wasn’t planning on singing so much as to just giving my home-made card, but it seemed the audience wouldn’t let up. The entire Cullen family and pack were in the living room watching me perform. I was singing the song I wrote for my father, hopefully a memorabilia for me and my father.

I was too nervous and flustered to care what anybody thought of the song or how spectacular I was singing. I mean, I didn’t even consider that everyone would be watching, I always pictured just my dad, or both my parents at tops. But something made me comfortable. Made me want to continue performing for the content crowd. It was my father’s crooked smile that kept me going. Was it? I’m still not sure even writing about it after it happened.

Wasn’t it easier for family and close friends to critize your acts than complete strangers? So, why wasn’t I ever embarrassed? I was proud of myself, like an actual achiever.

And if that wasn’t enough, my father wanted me to read aloud the Father’s Day and Birthday card I composed for him.

“Dear Father,

Why does one fully appreciate their father only on Father’s Day and their Birthday? Why not everyday?

Think about how many smiles can be smiled if one honored their father everyday. Well, I hope I’m doing just that, honoring you and mother every single day. Because a smile can go a long way.

And Happy Birthday, age doesn’t matter so much as wisdom does.

Love your daughter,


Everyone applauded and cheered showing an abundance of approval. I was thrilled that I didn’t even spend a dime on my gift, given that that was the Cullen family’s specialty.

The only Cullen that crept away was Rosalie, of course. I wasn’t trying to tease her. I knew she would give up almost everything to see her child presenting a gift for Emmett. Emmett did miss half of my performace on account of Rosalie. I did feel a bit sympathy for her, but there was nothing that could be done about it.

I made sure Rosalie especially didn’t see the part where I hugged my dad after my display and whispered my love for him in his ear.

“Nessie, you could totally be a singer! I mean, I don’t think anyone could top that. You are superb at that. Bravo!” Alice hugged after the compliment.

And I was to receive many more compliments and hugs. Jacob was last, leaving all the hugs to me and everyone else first.

“So, now you’re going to be a singer?” Jacob questioned with an edge of approval.

“Naw, that was just for my dad’s gift.” He chuckled, this time with disapproval.

“You’re right. I’m the one with the better chances of getting into the opera.” I giggled at that one.

Well I have to go, it’s time to feed the pack.

Yours truly,

-Renesmee Cullen

Thanks for reading, and I promise to continue last Friday’s entry next Friday. I just felt it was important to assemble a quick diary entry devoted to Edward on his birthday and Father’s Day.

-Alexandra <3

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