Renesmee’s Diary – Similarities

June 25, 2010

Dear Diary,

I felt the sensation of Jacob’s rough hands running up and down the sides of my legs. It was a cold night, summer was about, but it’s always chilly here in New Hampshire. The only space between him and I was a lean fleece blanket that draped over my tiny body.

It was a perfect night. The stars were out, shining radiantly in the dark, obscure night sky. The view of the stars were spectacular from the porch swing on the wrap around porch that the pack owned.

I didn’t know how much closer him and I could get. My father let his wishes be known and Jacob wanted to follow them. I knew Jake and my father had a shaky past, so why did Jake want to follow Edward’s wishes? It didn’t make sense. These wishes were to protect me. To keep me held in the security of my father’s palms.

I knew my father was acting like Grandpa Charlie, now that I think of it. He is very protective of me and highly dislikes Jake. But he must understand, like with Bella and Charlie, that Jake makes me happy. He makes my day, and I love him. This isn’t some sort of Barbie and Ken doll relationship, it’s for real. I truly do find myself sitting next to Jacob in thirteen years as a married couple. I find myself sitting next to him as his soul mate, as I do now.

“Man oh man, what a feast you prepared…” He said pleased, rubbing his belly.

“The feast me and Emily cooked,” I corrected him, making sure master imprintee was credited.

“Ok, the feast you and Emily made, better?” He twirled through my tousled curls. Note to self: when mashing mash potatoes, make sure the beaters don’t beat your hair. Because if those beaters do, that will result in tousled hair.

“Yeah, that’s better. Now can you carry me home? I’m getting a bit sleepy. But first I wan’t to say good-bye to everyone,” He nodded,  untangling his massive biceps from my waist.

Emily was planted on the couch, wrapped around Sam’s arms. I didn’t want to intrude so I just announced a simple “good-bye and thanks.” Of course Emily invited me back, and she even was willing to exchange her cell phone number in front of everyone to me. The other imprintees wanted to keep in touch as well, so I was more than pleased to share numbers.

Of course the only imprintee I didn’t see was Claire. She had to remain back in La Push with her parents. Quil was devastated, but he had to leave her behind until she matured enough. His number one plan was to wait until she was fourteen, then start falling madly in love with her. He assumed she would too, then neither one of them would ever want to be torn a part from one another. So, when she eventually turns sixteen, they’ll try to convince Claire’s parents to let her go to New Hampshire to live with her aunt Emily.

“And what if that plan doesn’t work out?” Asked Jacob at the time when Quil revealed his plan.

“Well I’ll just have to make a plan B, that’s all.” Quil defended himself.

And it was quite ironic too, since Claire is two years older than me, nine and a half now. But she doesn’t having the swift maturing aspect that I inherit. But we both have the most in common of all the imprintees. Along with the other traits imprintees carry, we were both imprinted upon at a very young age. Heck, I’d be in Claire’s shoes right now if I grew like a normal child.

“Ready?” Jacob asked when I was finished with the good-byes. He grabbed my hand and we strolled to my house.

My father was playing the piano, not skipping any notes. Mozart and  Beethoven would have been proud. I knew he was playing for two reasons. One, to make it appear as is he wasn’t listening in on  me and Jake’s conversation. Two, to distract himself from going too deep into our conversation, making him ill. I certainly minded him eavesdropping, but there was nothing I could do about it. He did it for my safety and his too (he wanted to make sure Jacob was regarding his wishes).

Jacob concealed me in his muscle, carrying me up the stairs and plopping me on the bed. He directed a chair beside the bed and held my hand as he had done before.

His warm hand was wonderful against the feel of my cold and sleek hand.

I smiled, blushing ruby red that stuck out on my pale white cheeks. I loathed when I blushed because it stuck out like a sore thumb that bruised my cool, calm ego. And you better bet that when he cups my cheeks it worsens.

But to my luck, he didn’t hold my cheeks. He did something much better.

He leaned in, and led to the perfect kiss. The perfect kiss led to a well…..make out session. I have to admit though, if my father is very infuriated well at least I’m happy, and very blissful.

His warm body, hands, biceps and eight-pack against my skin was surely something to celebrate. I think my heart was preparing for a marathon, with it pumping this hard.

I took full advantage of the opportunity, and traced my hand along his chest and muscles. But leave it to Jake to cease my hands from ever reaching him again.

“Ness, we can’t. I’m sorry, but you know the rules.” I huffed to his rejection, turned my head sideways, embarrassed. I tried not to touch him because I didn’t want him to read my thoughts and know I was embarrassed.

“Can you at least stay with me until twelve?” I mustered up the courage to ask, even with the rejection.

“I don’t know…but I’ll try,” He relaxed his expression to a sympathetic smile.

He was now beside me on the bed, holding me close. I was purely content resting my chin on his chest.

“I love, you.” I fished for his hand, stroking it.

“I love  you too, honey.”

“Now, question time. First, are you patrolling tomorrow? And if so, when?”

“Yes, I am. Eleven AM, to two PM.” He seemed sad about that answer.

“OK, second question.” This time I was the one devastated about the question. “If I may ask, why are you following my father’s wishes so cautiously? I mean, we don’t get to do much together. . . . ” I was itching for this answer. Why did the boy, the man, I loved follow the wishes of a man he “disliked?”

“Because I want to earn his trust for us, Nessie. I want him to break the leash he has on me. . . . I want to be able to lie with you for the whole night like this without his guidance. I want to have more privileges with you. But for now, I have to build a new layer of trust between him and I—we had a rocky past relationship. I don’t necessarily want to be his friend or anything, but I at least have to behave like a gentleman. I need to respect him, so one day he’ll respect me, and our relationship.”

I nodded, completely understanding the respect aspect. I wanted to kiss him more, but I knew he would restrain me, especially after his long speech on respecting my father and his wishes. And for doing so, I totally and one hundred percent respect Jacob.

“Jakie, can I ask you something very personal?”

“Sure.” He cracked his knuckles

“What happened to your mother?”

Sorry guys, but my eyelids are becoming very heavy now. I promise to tell what happens next in the next entry.


-Renesmee <3


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