Renesmee’s Diary – Introductions

July 2, 2010

Dear Diary,

I loved being kept in Jacob’s presence. And as night dawned, he told me of his mother, Sarah Black. I wasn’t trying to intrude on his private life, and it didn’t seem so as he was open about her with me.

“What happened to your mother?” I had asked.

He took a long, sorrowful sigh. I was afraid I had upset him, and perhaps he would be angry with me.

“She was a wonderful person who got unlucky. A drunk driver rammed his car into my mother’s.” He spat beneath his teeth, infuriated remembering the occasion.

“I-I’m so sorry, Jacob.” I shielded my jaw-dropped mouth.

“Sh-she didn’t survive the crash. . . . I was only ten years old when this happened. I didn’t know if I should have cried or stayed strong. I only cried once and then tried to forget.” I smoothed out his frown with my fingers.

I don’t think I ever felt this empty before. I guess it’s because I’ve never lost anybody in my entire life. I wasn’t accustomed to the feeling of grief or sorrow. And as I sit here pitying the man I love, I too felt like the one to be pitied upon. I never knew Mrs. Black, but I had to thank and repay her. She brought life to the man that blossomed life to me. She brought my heart, soul, and joy into the world. As cliche as that sounds, it’s the honest and the uttermost truth. After all, Sarah Black was my soon-to-be mother-in-law right?

I could see the pain of her absence drown Jake in pure agony. My expression soon imitated his. I couldn’t believe it, but I shed a few tears. I didn’t even know what the woman looked like, or what she was like. But it didn’t matter. The fact was…I lost somebody that I loved.

“Are you crying, Renesmee?” he asked in a surprise tone.

“Mhmm,” I added with a nod.

He held me even tighter than before, attempting to console me I guess. He stroked my cheeks a little bit, vanishing the tears and the depression.

“My turn to question you,” He offered, bringing up something positive.

“Are you busy next weekend?” I wondered why he was asking. If he wanted to venture out on a date with me, I would have already agreed.

“I’m free, why?”

“Next weekend the pack and their mates are going on a camping trip. Want to join us?”

A camping trip? That sounds like so much fun. I’d never gone camping before. In many of the novels in my library I’ve read of events such as telling frightening stories by the camp fire. And my curiosity on camping had since constructed there from reading about it. I also pondered the experience of sleeping in a tent. I hadn’t done so since I was a tiny thing.

“I’d be honored. I just have to ask my parents. Does the pack camp all the time?” He chuckled.

“Once in a while we do. We used to do it all the time back in La Push. It’s really fun, and I think Emily and Kim will be thrilled to tug you along.” This time I was the one to chuckle.

Exhaustion crept back into my system and I peacefully fell asleep wrapped in Jake’s arms.

The next morning I was eager to ask my parent’s permission for the camping trip. I was more worried for what my father would say rather than my mom. But mother went hunting today with Alice and Rosalie.

With courage I drenched in my father’s cologne and began. All I had to do was show him how joyful I was camping with the pack and their mates, that’s all it took.

So, as simple as one, two, three, I placed my hands on his cheeks, showing him my camping fantasy. He had been listening to Jake’s invitation, so there was no need for an explanation.

“No,” was the flat out answer.

Why?” I questioned in my thoughts. This better had not been about my safety, really. My dad was going over-board with this. I mean, I had the entire freaking pack to protect me on the trip. What was going to happen? Nothing, because Jake wouldn’t allow any sort of danger or harm come near my body.

“Darling, I don’t want you wandering around in the woods, even with the pack’s protection. Besides, you’re busy that day. I have something special that I planned for you on that day.”

Now you tell me! Why not before?” I’m positive my father made this “special plan” up right on the spot to add another reason for me to avoid spending time with Jake, of course.

“I didn’t tell you before because it was supposed to be a surprise, but now that’s clearly ruined.”

Can’t this ‘surprise’ hold off until another day?” Daddy’s face formed a frown.

“No, because I can’t exactly control what day the ‘surprise’ happens.” I nodded, highly disappointed. The surprise might have sounded more exciting if not for the cancellation of my invitation of the camping trip.

“OK then, Dad.” And with that I left to break he news to Jacob.

I tranquilly jogged to the pack’s house down the street.

Something was occurring there, because the whole pack and the imprintees lined around a yellow taxi. And there was a girl who was Native American who stepped out of the cab, smiling cheerfully.

This must have been an old friend or family member. But beyond the distraction of the new face, Emily caught me.

“Nessie, come here!” Emily waved me over. I guess I’d meet this girl.

The entire pack seemed pumped that this girl was here. Was she a shewolf?

“Renesmee, this is an old friend of ours. Her name is Nadia.” Emily introduced me to her.

“And you are . . . ?” Nadia questioned, extending her hand to shake.

“Renesmee Cullen,” I announced politely, exchanging my hand to shake.

“This is my girlfriend, Nessie, as we call her,” Jake declared conveying himself behind me.

“Ness, she doesn’t know about vampires and werewolves so you have to keep that to yourself, okay?” He whispered in my ear.

“Oh.” Nadia developed a sour smile on her face, transitioning from the warm one she’d given when we introduced ourselves. This smile made me worry. There was something right then and there in that smile, that facial expression that alarmed to me there was something off about her. But I didn’t say so of course, and didn’t show it. I figured it was just me.

I mean, Nadia was just an old friend reuniting with some friends. Wasn’t she? I had hoped so, even if she made my internal alarm system spin.

Sorry guys, but I feel it’s rude to tell you what’s happening when a guest is here. I vow that in the next entry I’ll write all about breaking the news to Jake and let you in more on Nadia.

Ciao mi amigos,

-Renesmee Cullen


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