The Wedding

July 7, 2010

Dear Diary,

Boy, do I have to tell you what happened at the wedding. It’s a buttload of crap, and you will not believe what happened.

I got back from patrol a bit late, and had to rush getting ready. I wasn’t the best man, but I was a groomsman – or something like that, so I had to be there early. Sam was the best man, and Edward was going to play the ‘Here Comes The Bride’ song. That guy is always perfect at doing everything. Anyways, Kim’s sister was the maid of honor, and behind her was where Emily was going to stand. Ness was a bridesmaid too, but only the guys were out there at the time. The girls were all inside ‘getting ready’. That’s a translation for piling makeup on their faces for hours.

Alice planned the ceremony, but Kim didn’t let her go all out. It was just as pretty as Bella and Edward’s wedding, but it was less extravagant more of Kim and Jared’s style, less Donald Trump. They were holding it in a small Valley, and they chose the perfect time. It was sunny, and it reflected off of the tall grass and wildflowers that surrounded the ceremony. Small puffy clouds dotted the sky, but it wasn’t raining, thankfully. All the guests knew about our little supernatural secret, so the vamps were all able to be sparkling due to the sunlight and not have to worry.

Edward had taken his seat at the piano, and was lowly playing some random melody, and the pack was talking amongst themselves. The seats were filling up slowly, and everyone was gushing over how beautiful the ceremony was, and I agree.

There was an arch where they would say their vows, and it was white, but covered completely in green vines and reddish purple flowers dotted the vines. You could see through and around the arch the small rolling hills in the valley. At the bottom were two huge bouquets of reddish purple flowers and dark green leaves. Kim helped Alice, which was good, because otherwise this place would be covered in hot pink and shoes. There was a reddish purple carpet to make the aisle, and white seats were in rows on each side of it.

Overall, it looked frigging awesome.

While everyone talked quietly amongst themselves, I saw Demetri sitting on the second row, picking at his hands nervously. I rose my eyebrow at that; vampires never fidget.

Before I knew it, everyone got quiet, and we got in our designated places. The bridesmaids hurried down the aisle quickly, because Kim would be following the flower girl soon. I caught sight of a breathless Renesmee, her hair in soft curls framing her face, her brown eyes glowing. Her luminous skin was shining in the sunlight, and the deep magenta colored flowy dress blew in the wind, making it flutter. Hell, you’d think she’s a goddess. The rest of the girls took their places, and they all looked great.

The flower girl, who was Kim’s cousin, stumbled down the aisle, chucking flower petals as she went, before sitting in the front row, and started sucking her thumb. I saw Kim emerge, and she looked really pretty. I don’t ever look at anyone but Ness, but Jared is a lucky guy. She looked lovely, and I heard Jared’s intake of breath at the sight of her. She walked gracefully down the aisle, and everyone watching was either crying or smiling. You could feel the love reverberating through everyone at the wedding. I glanced at Ness, and she turned to me, her eyes glassy. She grinned, and I smiled back. I noticed she gripped her bouquet harder then, trying to hold back the tears. I was busy gazing at her, her full, but lean figure outlined in the form-fitting dress. The top was a strapless sweetheart neckline, and it revealed a bit of the creamy skin of her-

Someone cleared their throat. Kim was already saying vows with Jared, and I realized that Edward had taken a seat next to Bella, and was glaring at me harshly. I held back a snicker, and shrugged. I have hormones too, ya know? I turned back to the ceremony with pursed lips, keeping myself from laughing.

“I do,” Kim said through tears, passion seeping through her words. Jared grinned a million watt smile.

“I do.” He said with finality. They grinned, and Quil’s grandfather gave them permission to kiss. They chose Old Quil to do it because they wanted it to be a true Quileute ceremony, the traditional way of our people. We flew Old Quil over here, and though he was a little uneasy about leaving La Push, he wanted to wed Kim and Jared, as long as he could leave as soon as possible.

Kim and Jared’s faces collided, and I heard a sniffle and a few ‘Aww’ sounds coming from the guests. Alice was bouncing in her seat, and even the blonde ‘Queen of Ice’ was smiling. It was a great moment. Bella’s eyes were filled with tears that wouldn’t fall, and Esme had her hands over her heart. Love was in the air. They broke apart, and Jared lifted their intertwined hands in the air, and looked like he was about to cry. He’s so whipped.

After everyone cheered and threw rice and whatnot, we all made our way down the hill to the tented reception area. The midget set up a humongous white tent in the lower part of the Valley, and it covered at least three hundred yards.

When everyone sat down, Kim and Jared walked on to the floor, and shared their first dance. They chose the song ‘Hero’, by Enrique Iglasias. Ironic, huh? ‘Hero’, being Jared the wolf. I watched him, confused, and he started talking.

After a few slow songs, I saw Demetri walk onto the stage, microphone in hand.

“Hey there, guys. This is such a good love-filled night. I just can’t help but come out and say it…” He took a deep breath.

“Renesmee Carlie Cullen, I love you.” Slipped out of his mouth smoothly. He was looking straight at her nervously. I heard Ness gasp, and I gripped her hand harshly. I was seeing red, and shaking, causing the whole table to shake. Edward was already rushing up to the stage and ushering Demetri off, glaring at him all the while. Everyone was looking around confused, and I was using every bit of my will power to not phase. Ness was running to her mom, and I took my chance to jump up out of my seat, and run outside. The nippy air doing nothing to the heat running up and down my spine. Edward was talking to Demetri about ten feet away.

“What the hell is wrong with you, you leech?” I yelled, walking up to him and shoving him.

“Jacob, calm down, let’s work this out calmly and rationally.” Edward said grimly. I ignored him.

“She is my imprint, you dumbass! Do you not get that she is mine, and nobody else’s?” I said, gritting my teeth against the heat threatening to explode. Edward was running his hands through his hair, and Demetri was looking upset, and held his arms up in surrender.

“I couldn’t hel-” I cut him off.

“Do you think I give a shit? I know your alone, but Ness is mine. Go find some other bloodsucker to woo, and leave my girl alone.” I ground out, watching Demetri turn around, and walk sadly towards the forest. I glared at his retreating form.

“Yeah, you better leave. I can’t believe you were stupid enough to cause such a scene. Jeez, I thought vampires were smart. What an ass.” I called after him, mumbling the last part.

Edward glanced at me, and nodded, before chasing after him. I collapsed on the ground, the stress floating around me, and wearing down on me. I put my head in my hands, and tried to push the mental image of Ness and Demetri together out of my mind.

“Hey,” I heard Ness. I looked up at her, putting all of my feelings, and stress in my eyes. She frowned at me, sat down beside me, and put her hand in mine.

Images shot through my mind. Her kissing me, her laughing with me, her feelings for me. They were all being pushed in my mind. Then she showed me her and Demetri.

She laughed with him, but didn’t look as happy. She smiled, but her mind was on me. She felt friendly towards him, but not romantically.

“Ness, what are we going to do?” I asked miserably. She kissed me.

“We’re not going to do anything. I love you, I want you. I don’t want him. Sure, he’s nice, but Jake, I love you. You’re mine, I’m yours. Nothing will change that.” She murmured, caressing my cheek. I saw Bella standing there, and she was watching Edward come out of the forest.

“I talked to him, and we decided to do what is best for Nessie, and the family.” He said, and I looked at him confused.

“He’s moving to Alaska,” Edward added. Bella looked shocked, and I inwardly smiled.

“He doesn’t want to go back to his old…diet, but he and I both agreed that it would make it easier on him, Ness, and Jacob if he left, so I told him about our friends up in Denali, so, he is getting his stuff now, and should be gone by the time we get home.” Edward explained. Ness frowned.

“I may not have wanted to be more than friends, but still, he could’ve said bye.” She mumbled. I kissed her forehead, and rubbed her shoulder comfortingly. I may hate him, but I know she became good friends with him in a short time, and nobody likes losing friends. Trust me, I went through that with Bella way to many times.

“We better get back, everyone’s probably worried.” I said, getting up and brushing of my slacks. Ness nodded, and I helped her up, kissing the hand that I used to steady her. She giggled, and Edward rolled his eyes. I grinned at him before we all made our way back inside.

The rest of the night went smoothly, and I can say I know Jared and Kim are happily on their way to Scotland. Ness is home, safe, and away from Demetri.

I guess I’ll go to sleep now, I have double patrols still, considering Jared’s not here. So, I’ll talk to you guys later. Goodnight.

- Jacob

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