Renesmee’s Diary – Hooked

July 27, 2010

Dear Diary,

I don’t how to put it into words. Carlisle unwrapped the mysterious box and medical instruments appeared. They were all metal and looked very vintage, something he probably used when he performed surgery half a century ago.

For some reason he didn’t want others to take such note of it, which made me even more curious. Why was this? Carlisle wasn’t one to really hide his profession and interests. He knew I was lying against the fridge, tracking his every move, so why now is he being conspicuous of his display?

“These are intruments I used a long time ago. An old friend of mine wanted me to have these . . . you can imagine how advanced the medical field has become just from comparing this”—he held up a tool, somewhat like a huge tweezer—”to this.” He now held a similar object, only tinier. Who knew learning about medical tools could be so fascinating?

But something else was on my mind. It was the obscure and elusive dream I had last night. What did it mean? Who could I talk to about it?

My mom was sitting there, right on the porch as if she were waiting for me. She was gazing into the deep forest, clearly unamused.

“Mom, I had a dream last ni—”

“Yes, I know. Your father told me,” she cut me off. Mom was quite fidgety today, I wonder why?

“So then what does it mean?”

“It means absolutely nothing.” She brushed her shoulders. I knew she was lying…my mom was the worst liar.

“Who were those women? Why was I in those places?” I asked, ignoring her lies, desperate for an answer.

“They weren’t anyone.” She sighed and sprang for the living room. Mom seemed frustrated and upset about something. What was bothering her?

I wanted to follow her, but I could not. My mom was relishing in my father’s comfort with his arms wrapped around her and a kiss on the forehead. Normally I would have been a bit disturbed by this sight of my parent’s romance, but I have more important and urgent issues and thoughts to attend to. What could possibly be wrong? Was it about me?

I would have to figure it out by myself, but first I needed to relax. The cool and collectiveness of the winter air could not lift my spirits, not now.

There was no problem finding Alice, the issue was how to not get lost in her closet. One of Alice’s favorite parts of living in New Hampshire again is that this home contains a closet that could stock clothing for all of America. The only difference, to Alice’s pleasure, is that these clothes were mostly Versace . . . and only worn once. New dresses and pumps could resuscitate my morale for a while, but it wouldn’t last.

“Oooh, would you like to try this?! It’s perfect!! You look . . . FABULOUS!” Alice did hercexuberant dance around me as she checked every angle. To top off the look, she rounded up a pearl necklace and a Juicy Couture bracelet.

“And now you need the smoky eye!” She heavily spotted a dark (but sparkly)shade of fuschia. Normally I would have protested beginning from the accessories, but today I was sucked of what joyful energy I had. I needed Alice’s liveliness to drag me into light and laughs. And she had, but with clothes. It was ok for me to splurge because nothing had really gone right today.

Besides, the makeover did help me win Jacob’s attention. Of course he loved me for who I was, but the apparel and the “smoky eyes” did add that glamour effect.

“Hey, beautiful,” he greeted and his lips met mine. We hadn’t seen each other yesterday and I missed Jacob. One of the problems being in an imprint relationship is that we find ourselves missing each other more than regular couples.

“So what do you want to do today?” Jacob had patrolled earlier today and he had the rest of the day and tomorrow off to my satisfaction.

“Well I’ve always wanted to go to the movies, like on a date. The movie Crosshairs III sounds good. . . . ” I peered at his sick expression before he transitioned it to a grin. I wonder what was the source of his sour expression—what was up with everybody today?

“All right, let’s go.” And we drove in his rabbit, hand in hand. It was quite magical, actually. For once I felt alone with him, even though there were millions of cars swarming by.

It was different and new, yet lovely to have him escort me into the theater with our hands intertwined. I felt like an actual couple just doing this, and I was glowing with delight.

I felt relief because most of the movie-goers occupied the front seats, so Jacob and I had most of the back to ourselves. I wasn’t much for PDA, especially in the theater, so I had to literally fight my highest desire and urge to kiss Jake in that dark cinema.

I wasn’t frightened by action packed/horror type of films, but I wanted to be closer to Jake. So, I feigned that I was horrified and buried my face on his shoulder. Of course he was surprised at my terror, but shielded and comforted me from my “fear.”

After the “horror film,” we settled down in his car. It was quiet and a little past nine. The moon posed as a perfect dimmed light to the romantic date.

I joined my lips with his and let my tongue explore. I used his werewolf side to my advantage and attempted to slip his shirt off in the frigid climate, but as expected he ceased my seductive act.

I sighed and slumped back into my seat. I wasn’t getting as much of Jake as I wanted (and needed).

But my hopelessness and despair soon faded when Jake walked me to the door of my home.

He dug in his pocket for something, a ring. It was a simple silver ring with a heart on it that had the letters “J” and “R” inscribed on it.

“Renesmee, please accept this ring and officially be my girlfriend,” he asked. I blushed.

“Jacob, it’s wonderful—you know I’m already yours. I love it, and I love you.” I felt a happy fever, if that was possible. My heart was pounding because my prince had just given me treasures. He firstly granted me a beautiful ring. Second, he left his handprint on my heart, forever and always.

Our smiles soon reunited and it wasn’t until my father interrupted our make out session that we stopped. I was hooked to him on a perfect night and I didn’t want to let go.

“Ahem, Nessie it’s about time for bed,” my father announced, trying to rush me inside and away from Jake as quickly as possible.

But no interruption could quiet the smile that played on my face. You could tell I had an extra glow and air to me that night. . . . Jacob made me feel like Cinderella. He had made me escape the worries I had suffered earlier.

As I was turning the light out to end my fairytale night, my mom silently crept into my room making her way towards me. Was she going to tuck me in? Was she going to inform me about what had happened this morning?

“Hey.” She kissed my forehead and stroked my hair gently.

“Hi, Mom,” I whispered with a sly grin. She may have been upset this morning and she may not have been able to supply me with the answers, but she was still my mom. And because she was my mom I loved her, and I’d always would be hooked and connected to her.

“I want to apologize for my behavior this morning,” she whispered.

“Mom, please stop right there. I was asking a question about a dumb dream that doesn’t mean much, it’s ok.” I didn’t want to nag my mom about it because now that I was in a fair mood there was no need to rally negativity.

“But it did mean something—and it meant something personally to me,” she replied. I was shocked, how could my mom relate to my dreams?

“Those women are very important. Renesmee, they are your grandmothers. The first women you saw was Grandma Elizabeth . . .and the second woman was my mother, Grandmother Renee. I’m not sure why you saw Grandma Elizabeth in a misty meadow, but you saw Renee at a baseball field because of her husband. His name is Phil Dwyer, my step-father. Phil plays for a minor league baseball team called the Suns.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t want to tell you earlier because your father and I didn’t want to encourage you to beg us to pay a visit to Renee….it would be impossible for me to have a daughter that appears to be fifteen now, so therefore revealing your identity is not safe. It also has to do with the fact that we’re worried you’ll be getting many more strange dreams. When I was a human I woke up in shock, confusion, and sometimes even terror from my dreams and nightmares. We’re just concerned, that’s all. I didn’t want the same thing to happen to you. Not that I can really control it. If you ever need to speak to us about these dreams, we’re here for you.”

It did make sense that Grandma Renee was in ther baseball field because of Phil. And perhaps Grandma Elizabeth was in a meadow because I spent much of my time there, so the familiar setting was kicking in my dreams. Why I had dreamt about them is still a mystery, but I’m glad I did.

My mother’s explanation swept away all confusion and all the energy I had.

She realized this and tucked the warm covers over me and planted an everlasting kiss for the night.

Time to re-energize,

-Renesmee Cullen

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