A Few Site Updates! (Diary Readers, Please Read)

August 12, 2010

Hello Twilighters! I am just posting a few things here because the volume of emails I have received lately has been massive and unfortunately I haven’t been able to find the time to respond to it all. So, I am here to tell you about a few things, and also answer a few questions that have been asked repeatedly.

1. After much thought, and receiving complaints (which I’m not getting into here) we have made the decision to remove Rosalie’s Diary. However, any loyal readers should know where to find Martin (the writer) should they choose to continue following. Please don’t spam me with questions asking where Rosalie’s Diary went. I know there are some loyal readers, but unfortunately, because of differences & continuous complaints, this is what is best. The one thing I’ve learned from all this is that it’s IMPOSSIBLE to please everyone. With that, we wish Martin the best of luck with his endeavors!

2. On the BRIGHT side, this has freed up room for a fresh NEW Diary! Should it be Edward? Carlisle? Jane?

3. We will be searching for a new writer to join the team and take over a new characters diary! However, it needs to be someone who needs little to zero editing done on their entry (preferably someone who has a friend who will edit the entries for them before submitting). At times, I spent over an hour editing Rosalie’s Diary, and right now I don’t have time to do this.

4. Feel free to send in a sample of your work, but please only send if:

You can write an entry at least twice/month (length doesn’t matter really). This is volunteer, so of course if you ever can’t, or choose to stop you would just need to let me know.

You have a decent understanding of structure, have good grammar/writing skills and a deep grasp on your character. (You NEED to know your character). I will not have time to edit entries, so they need to be proofread.

You can tolerate criticism (it happens sometimes when you have a high volume of readers). You need to focus on the good, and the people who like your work, not the negative ones. Write for your fans, for the people who love what you’re doing – and only them! (Wow, I got insightful there).

You just like to write for the sake of writing & have a love for the Twilight Saga!

You can engage readers and gather new readers. I will post your work on our Facebook page, Twitter etc, but it’s up to you to get readers as well. You should be willing to make a Twitter for your character etc.

Last thing: When your email starts like this: hayyy I wud liekkk 2 right edwardz diaries lololzzzzzz <— I stop reading it right away. So if you want me to read it, please use decent, legible grammar.

If you think after reading this that you’d like to join Meagan, Alexandra & myself and start a diary send an sample to:

5. We changed the site layout a while ago and I just wanted to thank you all sooooo much for the feedback and compliments. I am so happy you all like it as much as I do!!

6. After we DO choose a new diary writer, please don’t send in emails asking if there’s room for one more diary because I PROMISE I will announce when there is room for more. This is what I get the most emails about, so I just wanted to clear that up for all of you asking :)

7. A Few of you asked how the Toronto Twilight Convention went (Bella’s Diary had our own panel , YAY!) So I just want to let you know that it went great. I got to meet Alexandra (the writer for Renesmee’s Diary) as well as some Bella’s Diary readers (hello to the lovely people I met from England! You were soooo sweet!) and Charlie Bewley (aka Demetri)! Funny story: Charlie came backstage after his panel and said “Hey!” with enthusiasm. I shifted my eyes from right to left wondering why on earth Charlie Bewley looked so stoked to see complete strangers. He then said: “Oh, I thought you were the wolf pack. You look like Julia, then I saw her (points to Alexandra) and him (points to the Bella’s Diary site developer/coder) and thought you were the wolf actors.” (Insert awkward group laugh here). We then all introduced ourselves and he was very sweet and friendly!

Alright, I know you have places to be, Twilight things to do, Robert Pattinson’s to stalk – so I’m off! Thanks so much for reading and if you have other questions, send ‘em in and I’ll do another site update soon answering them!



♥P.S. I also want to say THANK you to Alexandra (Renesmee’s Diary), Meagan (Jacob’s Diary) and Amy (Daybreak Chronicles writer) for all their hard work and also “Wow,” because these three can write! And they all know the characters so well! They are so generous to take the time and share their talent with fellow Twi-Lovers! You all are amazing & have become my friends! XO

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