Alice’s Diary — Bittersweet

August 21, 2010

Dear Diary,

I’ve got good news, and bad news.

The good news is, we finally know more about that vision of Police Chief Swan I had a few days ago. The bad news? Well, I’d rather tell you about my date with Jasper first, it’s much more fun to think about.

So Rose and I had gone shopping, like I said, and while we were out I found the most amazing leather skirt. It’s a pencil skirt – a leather pencil skirt, can you believe it? – with a ruffle made of the thinnest lambskin that falls right where the back slit would normally be. And it’s the most rich shade of charcoal gray, it’s just perfect! So of course I bought it. I mean, an opportunity like that only comes around once every decade or so, and it was just too easy to find a pearl gray silk tank top to go with it.

I thought about wearing my favorite black cashmere coat on top, but then I spotted this gorgeous display of Burberry’s new line of coats. Normally I find their plaids dull, but these two coats were so stunning – a trenchoat with a fur collar, and a baggy double-breasted tweed coat with sweater sleeves from the elbow down – well, obviously I had to at least go in and try them on. It was hard to decide between the two, so I didn’t! I bought them both and I just love them!

I mean, I know I can only wear one at a time, but I figured that if I wore one and kept the other in the car for later I’d get to wear them both in the same outfit! I know … sometimes I even amaze myself.

So anyway, I got myself all ready for our date, slipping on a pair of vintage Valentino pumps at the last minute since I had forgotten all about shoes in my haste to get those coats – the heels were maybe a bit too high for such a tight skirt, but whatever. It’s not like anyone in Forks was qualified to judge my outfits anyway. I drove to the diner in the boring Volvo, passing the speed limit only twice, and snagged one of the two free stools at the counter.

While waiting for Jasper to arrive, I let my thoughts drift. There had been an outrageous pair of Louboutin boots on the Saks Fifth Avenue website the other day, and I was still thinking about them … they were thigh-high suede, which was not very practical for Forks, but maybe for a vacation in Italy … ?

Gradually the sound of Jasper’s footsteps drew closer, and I spun to face the door, unable to stop the huge smile from taking over my entire face. You know, he talks about how miserable and confused he was before he met me, but nobody ever wonders how I had felt. There I was, a newborn vampire, with no idea who I was, how I had become what I was, where I had come from – the only things I knew were the things that were going to happen, which was not as helpful as it might sound, at least not at first.

Only two things kept me from a black depression: the clothes, which were much higher quality than the majority of the stuff I see these days, and the visions I kept getting of a tall, golden-haired, godlike man, who I knew I loved long before he finally showed up.

Speaking of which, Jazz had arrived, and it was about time because I’m sure I looked completely bonkers sitting there grinning at the door! As he walked in, I hopped down from the counter stool, and walked over to him. “You’ve kept me waiting a long time,” I reminded him, smiling hugely.

As he absorbed my emotions, his eyes grew even softer, and he ducked his head and replied, “I’m sorry, ma’am.” Then he took my hand, and we spent the next several hours wallowing in our own blissful memories of the day we had first met.

Well, so much for the fun part. The bad news … I have to postpone Nessie’s party.

Jazz and I were still in our post-date haze of emotions and memories, which usually lasts several weeks after one of our diner-meeting recreations, so I wasn’t exactly keeping a strict eye on anyone’s future. But still, the vision found me. It was Chief Swan again. This time, I saw that he was on the phone as he frowned in concern, and he was glaring at his scribbled notes. They were mostly gibberish and doodles – he is so much like Bella, or maybe it’s the other way around – but the words “Renee, flight, surprise” jumped out at me right away.

So it looks as though Bella’s mother wants to surprise her with a trip to Jacksonville, or maybe she wants to come here to visit Bella. Either way would be difficult, if not downright dangerous, so it’s no wonder Charlie’s face was so full of worry in those visions. And until I know the details, I can’t finalize any of the party plans, and I have to keep it a secret for a while longer.

We’re about to have a meeting to discuss this – Bella and Edward just got back from their meadow and I’m sure Edward will have a lot to say about it, so I’d better go. I’ll write more once we’ve all agreed on how to deal with the situation.

XOXO Aiice



This entry was written by Erin MacMahon. She was the former writer of Alice's Diary before Rachel took over. Although Erin is no longer a writer at we wish her nothing but the best and are so very happy to have met such a true talent!
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