Alice’s Diary — Downtime

August 21, 2010

Dear Diary,

Life as a Cullen is not always filled with danger and drama. Sometimes, things around here are a bit less exciting. Those are the best times.

Yesterday, Jasper found me in our room, scribbling away in my little book, and with his usual Southern manners he waited for me to put it down before he spoke. “Miz Cullen,” he began with his sweet smile, “I would be honored if you’d join me for dinner tonight, at the Forks diner.” He said it with a sparkle in his eye, knowing that I was already prepared for our date.

I’d love to, Mister Hale,” I declared, batting my eyelashes at him in a poor imitation of Scarlett O’Hara. He chuckled, as he always does when I do my “Southern belle” act, and kissed my hand gallantly.

Well then, I will meet you there around … what time will the rain begin?” he teased in a less formal tone. I rolled my eyes at him.

Hardly a concern, Jazz – it’d be harder to pick a time when it’s not raining. I’ll be there, waiting for you, and unless it takes you about 6 and a half days to get there we should be fine!” I finished my little joke with a wink and then, unable to hide my true feelings, I reached up to cup his face in my hands and gaze into his eyes. We stayed like this for several minutes without moving or speaking, until a loud guffaw from downstairs broke into our reverie. Emmett, of course. He seemed to be enjoying Rose’s little chat with Jacob. Speaking of which …

Miz Cullen, I will see you there this evening,” Jasper assured me, feeling my mood shift from overwhelming love to less profound excitement. I grinned at him and with a quick, “Can’t wait!” I dashed down the stairs, intending to grab Rosalie for a quick (or not-so-quick) pre-date shopping spree. I always had fun searching for the perfect outfit to reenact our first day together; not an exact replica, but something loosely inspired by that era, and it had to be gorgeous of course.

I found the rest of my family gathered in the living room, all facing Nessie, as usual. We all found her irresistible, myself included, so I danced over to where Jacob and Rosalie were fighting over her and snatched her away for a brief cuddle. A brief cuddle is all I ever get – I swear, it’s like you have to get in line and wait your turn to hold her, and that’s just when she’s asleep! When she’s awake it’s much worse. Like now, for example … as always, the mutt wanted to cling to Nessie (who didn’t really mind) and Rosalie wanted to – well, basically she just wanted Jacob gone and Nessie all to herself.

Hello, sweet girl,” I cooed to Renesmee, gently stroking her bronze curls. She smiled brightly at me and reached her little hand up to my face. I saw Edward’s face as a beautiful melody filled my mind, then Rose leaning close as she brushed Nessie’s hair, then Bella’s dazzling smile as a million diamonds sparkled on her face, then Jacob – and just then, Jacob grabbed Nessie away from me. I sighed as loudly as I could, frowning at him in disgust. “Thirty seconds is all I get? You know, Jacob, this is our house, and Ness -” I stopped myself just in time as Bella’s eyes narrowed. “Renesmee is my niece, and I think she deserves some personal time with her aunt.” Hmm, not a bad idea actually. “Hey, Bella -”

Edward cut me off. Like always. “No, Alice. Renesmee is staying home today.” I pouted and drew my eyebrows together. This usually works.

But Edward, I want to have a girl’s day out and go shopping with Bella and Rosalie and Renesmee,” I whined as pitifully as possible, trying to appear as though he was ruining my entire life by saying no.

Didn’t work. Of course. Bella rolled her eyes at me and flatly refused to go. What that girl has against fashion, I’ll never know. Today, for example, she had ignored all the fantastic outfits I had pre-coordinated for her in her special closet, and as usual went straight to the boring old T-shirt drawer instead. I almost never saw her in anything other than jeans – I swear, she’d wear pajamas all day if she had any. Luckily I had gotten rid of all but the skimpiest nightgowns and Pjs in her stash.

But Rose was up for a little shopping – anything to get away from the wet dog stench – so we grabbed a couple of handbags and headed to the Volvo. I’d much rather take my precious yellow Porsche any day, but it’s a bit … flashy … for everyday use, and Rosalie had recently tweaked the Volvo’s engine to make it almost as powerful as my baby (but not quite). That’s the best-kept secret in the Cullen family, by the way: Rosalie Hale is not entirely selfish and shallow. Really, you just had to see her with Nessie to understand that, for pete’s sake. But because she’d always used thoughts of her own beauty to keep Edward from listening to her mind, she got a bad rap. Edward had never caught on, and Jacob … well, despite the fact that they both lived for the same little girl, they’d never be best pals.

I’m actually okay with that. I’d miss all the blonde jokes and dog insults otherwise! Sometimes Jacob’s creativity amazes me – but then, he does have the pack feeding him good one-liners from time to time, and Rosalie’s no slouch in the insult department either.

We found some amazing outfits, although Rose insisted on purchasing this silly zip-up denim jumpsuit to wear when working in the garage … I couldn’t talk her out of that one, but I did find lots of other dresses, skirts and blouses to flatter her perfect figure, not to mention a few new items I’d sneak into Bella’s closet later, and a ton of new clothes for Nessie. We even found the most lush, soft cashmere sweater for Esme … and bought it in all 9 colors! Hey, it’s a staple item, especially in a cold town like Forks.

Would you like to hear what I chose for my date with Jasper? I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow, promise.

XOXO Aiice



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