Please Welcome Erin As The New Writer For Alice’s Diary!!

August 21, 2010

Hello lovely Twilighters! I’m just making this brief post to introduce and welcome our new Diary writer, Erin, who will  be bringing you entries from Alice Cullen. She has the same wit, charm and charisma as Alice and I think you’re going to love her interpretation of Alice Cullen.

Please give Erin a warm, friendly welcome on Twitter HERE and to leave comments, questions, welcome messages etc on Alice’s (Erin’s) Facebook fan page – just click HERE and hit ‘LIKE’ to show your support for Erin/Alice! She’s REALLY nice and you’ll see what I mean when I say she’s like a living Alice :) CHECK OUT HER FIRST 5 ENTRIES! she’s right under ‘Edward’s Diary’ ——>

About Erin:

Erin is about to turn 24 on Tuesday (she’s a Virgo like Bella! HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY ERIN!) She is also in business school, has a small jewelry business right now, and she fell in love with Twilight after the first movie was released on DVD:

“Actually I had a dream about RPattz, realized I had a crush on him, and rented Twilight. Then ordered the book set, read the whole series in 24 hours, and began re-reading it immediately after finishing Breaking Dawn. I think, like so many other
fans, I just can’t stand for the story to end,”
Erin confesses! (She’s right, it’s hard to think our favorite characters are being put to rest).

Erin also confessed that the idea for Alice’s Diary came about after she saw that we were looking for new Diary writers, and she didn’t even know Alice was her favorite character until she started writing, and couldn’t stop!

“Now all I have to do is put on some Twilight music, start daydreaming, and little scenes and phrases come into my mind, so I write them down. Maybe I am a bit like Alice, Erin explains, detailing how she gets her inspiration to write. (After speaking with Erin a few times, I can say she definitely seems like a living Alice! She has the same charm, which you will see come through in her entries).

*Entries, of course, are fan fiction written solely based on each writers own imagination and interpretation of what ‘could’ happen with the Twilight Saga characters following/during or before Breaking Dawn.

At this time we are not looking for new writers. Thank you to everyone who sent in submissions – like I said, you’re all very talented. To those of you who already have diaries/diary sites started, I think what you have is amazing and you already have a following of fans that you gathered based solely on your talent and awesome people skills. For this project  we were not looking for someone who already had a large following because it would cause your loyal readers confusion (to switch sites) and somewhat dilute what you spent so much time/energy to create. Please don’t take not being picked as even the slightest form of rejection in any way, shape or form – because if I could have ALL of you write here, I’d snatch you all up and make you part of the team, lol.

Also, to clear up any confusion – I didn’t pick AT ALL based on characters. It was solely on writing skills and understanding of whatever character the writer chose. If someone sent in ‘Charlie’s Diary’ and it was so incredibly engaging, then we’d have a Charlie’s Diary. In fact, I never, ever wanted an Edward’s Diary – until I saw Sarah’s take on him. So whatever character you sent in did not hinder anyone’s chances at all.

Thanks soooo much to everyone for being the best supporters a girl with a site could have! I hope to do some contest/giveaways soon to really thank you all. XO

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