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September 1, 2010

Dear Diary,

After getting Edward’s permission to propose, the change in my attitude was unbelievable. I felt lighter, and obviously relieved. I guess I didn’t realize how much it was stressing me out until it wasn’t a problem anymore.

Then again, there was always the fear that Ness will say no. I mean, she wants me, and our imprint makes the love between us strong, but there’s a tiny chance that for some reason she wouldn’t say yes.

Just thinking about it hurts.

Yesterday was Leah’s wedding which had me all pent up again, thinking about Ness’s decision and everything. All this wedding stuff isn’t good for my blood pressure and stress level.

I had to set my alarm for eight because I had to go to the Cullens’, get ready, and then help make sure everything looked perfect. Alice has rubbed off on Leah a lot…Leah now loves shopping, and sparkles, and now she’s a bit OCD. So now if something went wrong there would be two women freaking out all over the place – which wouldn’t be good, therefore, every damn person at the wedding has to pitch in before the ceremony, even though they’ve spent two weeks setting it up. I cannot understand chicks.

Anyways, I took my daily shower, and pulled on my tux in a hurry. I wanted to get there for some breakfast. I had enough time to finish afterwards. I shoved my feet in my fancy-pants leather shoes, and ducked under my door. The sky was clear, and had a few puffy clouds dotting the sky. Alice foresaw the weather of course, and that’s how they set the date.

The wedding is going to be beautiful, I know it will. I saw it yesterday, when they were still setting up. There was a small layer of snow dusting the ground; the sun had melted all of it off the trees. The flowers they chose would make it look almost unrealistically pretty.

Of course it won’t be the scenery I’ll be watching.

I swiftly walked the short distance up the road to the Cullens’ place, and softly opened the door.

Esme greeted me, and ushered me into the kitchen to make a plate. The rest of the pack were there, shoving their faces full of hash browns, and eggs. I piled my plate with the same, and got a glass of milk to drink. I ate fast, so that I could go help, and then get ready.

I was eager to see Ness, even though I saw her last night. The more I see her, the harder it is to not see her. And since I can’t see her until the wedding when she’s ready, I have to wait.

I slung my white jacket over a knob on the coat rack, and walked outside to the pond. Leah decided she wanted to go simple, though it only looked simple. The cost sure wasn’t simple, which is why it’s a good thing that her and Alice became good friends, because there is no way Leah would’ve afforded this otherwise.

There was a wrought iron arch at the place where the vows would be taken, with small white and turquoise flowers dotting the vines that intricately wrapped around it. There was a white aisle, and wrought iron chairs. The tips of grass, and a few wild flowers dotted the snow, and the sun gleamed against the glass pond, making a romantic and tranquil feel. There was a temporary bridge built across the pond that led to the reception area where there was a big white tent with sheer turquoise drapes framing it. The inside was extravagant, with ice sculptures, and a dance floor, and their huge and pricey wedding cake. It was stunning.

“Well, what do ya need help with?” I asked Louis, who was straightening the chairs for the guests in a flash.

“Um, you can go on and get ready. Honestly, I think Leah was overwhelmed thinking she would need help after all this planning,” he said smiling softly. I chuckled.

“Yeah, I agree. But, are you sure?” I asked, picking up a caterpillar off the white aisle. Louis laughed.

“Certainly. I’ll see you at the ceremony, Jacob,” he replied, then clapped me on the back. I smiled, and walked back up the hill and through the sliding back door of the Cullens’ house.

Sue and Charlie had arrived and I greeted them before grabbing my toiletries. Yeah, Charlie and Sue are together now. Everyone saw it coming, but it’s nice to know that they finally started dating. Charlie needed someone, and so did Sue. They’re great together.

Climbing up the stairs, I went down the hallway to the bathroom. I would go to Edward’s room or something, but I didn’t know when a girl would pop out of one of the rooms and freak out because she wasn’t ready. So, I was using the bathroom on the opposite hall. Of course it worked; this bathroom was as big as my bedroom from when I lived in La Push! I sat my stuff down, and I grabbed my hair gel.

I don’t normally use gel, but it’s a wedding so I decided why not give it a try? I put a little glob on my fingertips and ran my hands through my hair quickly, sculpting it to a neat, but messy look. Ness likes my hair when its been styled. I keep it short nowadays, because I don’t really need Bella to care about the length of my hair, like I did before.

Ness’s opinion matters the most, and she likes it short. I pushed it a tad to the side, and inspected it. When I was satisfied, I pulled on the turquoise vest, and tucked the turquoise tie in it. Hey, at least it’s not pink. Leah decided on ties instead of bow ties (thank god), though I still don’t exactly like the white tux look. I pulled on my jacket, and looked over myself in the mirror.

I looked good.

Grinning, I brushed of my jacket, buttoned it, and gave myself a thumbs up. I don’t give a shit if it looked cheesy. Anyone this hot can be as cheesy as they want, dammit.

Ness is right, I can be conceited.

I walked out of the bathroom, and down the stairs to the living room. Esme was fixing Carlisle’s tie affectionately, though I’m sure he could have done it himself, it’s the thought that counts. Edward was playing some preppy little song on the piano, but smirked at me once he heard my thoughts. All the other guests were already seated outside and I went on out, considering the ceremony was in ten minutes.

I went through the back door and saw every seat filled and most of the groomsmen stood in a group talking until the wedding started. There was no flower girl, everyone was too old, but they did have white flower petals lining the aisle. Good enough.

I went over and talked to Embry for a few minutes and then the girls started coming outside. Leah was still inside but once I saw Ness, I didn’t seem to remember that I was at a wedding. She was in a turquoise silk dress with a halter top and a sweetheart neckline. It was tailored so that it hugged every single curve of her body and below the hips it fell, as if it were a waterfall. It was cut open at the leg so I could see the top of her right thigh. Her shoes were tall and pointy, but sexy as hell and made her legs look delicious.

Don’t think of me as a perv’, but her boobs looked amazing in that dress, and not to mention how her skin glowed lightly, the sunlight intensifying it. Her long hair fell in tight ringlets framing her face, and it was parted on the side with a white and turquoise flower barrette stuck in the side.

I had to close my mouth before I started drooling and Ness giggled softly before coming over and looping her arm with mine.

“You look so handsome,” she whispered, her breath tickling my ear. I shook my head, trying to think of something half way coherent to say.

“You look am-amazing,” I stuttered, running my hand down her bare back. Did I mention that in the back, the dress fell in a big V to the bottom of her lower back? Guess not. Well, it does. Gosh, I feel like a horny teenager, but I can’t help it! If you would have seen that dress, you would’ve done the same thing!

She rolled her eyes, but grinned, her long black lashes framing her light chocolate brown eyes. I clenched my jaw, trying to not think about how appealing Ness looked. I knew Edward could hear my thoughts, too, so I had to keep it cool.

I took a deep breath and wrapped my arm around her tightly. She leaned in and after a few seconds, the bridal march song thing started.

“Guess this is our cue,” Ness said. She looped her arm through mine again, and we got in line behind the rest of the couples. We were third to go, and there were seven couples to walk down the aisle. Seth and Emily went first, then Kim and Jared, then me and Ness. We walked down the aisle – left right, left right – and I separated from her reluctantly to go to my designated spot. The rest of the bridesmaids and groomsmen divided, and I saw Leah standing at the end of the aisle.

The look on her face was pure, glowing bliss. Her grin was a mild wide and she slowly walked down the aisle. Louis’ breath caught as he took her in. Her dress was very unlike her. It looked like a mermaid. It hugged her silhouette and right above the knee it fanned out to the floor. It was very pretty and so was a white ribbon in her short hair, with a turquoise flower in it.

When she made it to the end, their grins were so wide you would think they had just won the lottery. But, in the sense of imprinting, they really had. They held each others’ hands and said their vows, Leah choking back tears and Sue sobbing on Charlie’s shoulder. Once they kissed, everyone cheered and before I knew it we were crossing the bridge to get to the reception tent. Ness was leaning into my side, and Alice was skipping ahead to make sure everything was perfect before letting us in.

When we got in, there was techno music blaring and multicolored lights laminating the dance floor. I felt like I was in one of those night clubs of Jersey Shore. I swear, if a Guido popped out and started fist pumping, I wouldn’t have been surprised.

Ness tugged me on to the dance floor, swaying with the music and everyone was laughing and having a blast. Thankfully, nothing catastrophic happened and Leah had the best possible wedding she could have.

When it was over, Leah and Louis left to the airport; they were going to Spain where Louis is from. They were going to have a great honeymoon and I was glad that Leah would have some time off. Everyone scattered when the reception was over and I kissed Ness goodnight before going home. I was beat. I took a nice hot shower, got all of that sticky gel out of my hair and I climbed into bed. Now, I have to patrol. All these damn weddings making me have double patrols is starting to suck.

- Jacob

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