Renesmee’s Diary – Fairest One of All?

September 2, 2010

Dear Diary,

I one hundred percent detest cutting this diary entry short, but I’m very busy right now. I’m busy hiding from my father and keeping this hickey a secret. You see I’m trying to distract myself so I ignore the thought of the hideous hickey engraved on my neck. To the plain human eye it isn’t so notable, maybe as much as a mosquito bite, but to the sharp vampire eye it is clear.

As planned, I snatched Alice’s designer makeup collection (which was not light by the way….who knew makeup could be so heavy?) and lugged it directly to my desk. Given that there were Alice’s cosmetics, already towed away in the massive makeup set was a majestic mirror awaiting a flawless reflection. The reflection of a pale white “angelic” face flattered with milk chocolate pupils and silky curls. I never saw myself as vain or conceited, but now I denied that. I thought of myself as quite beautiful as I froze my eyes on the reflective glass. All that was needed was for the mirror to announce me as “the fairest one of all.”

But how could I have been the “fairest one of all?” I was the daughter who reprimanded her father’s wishes. I could have dismissed Jacob’s act of um erm . . . biting, but I didn’t. I didn’t because I got pleasure out of the way the bite felt . . . it was so right, so necessary.

Being the fairest one of all didn’t mean you were the “prettiest” or “gorgeous.” Being the fairest maiden meant you presented beauty on the inside and made proper decisions and even sacrifices. No, I’m not modeling myself after Snow White. I’m just saying I should behave more responsibly from now on. No matter how much my insane hormones object to this proposal, I’m sticking with it. Because you only have one life, one chance to make it right.

I suppose I should credit Alice more for the foundation since there are no productions of foundation in the pale white vampire complexion. Unless of course you’re opting to purchase clown or costume makeup, it’s impossible to spot authentic foundation in white. Maybe Alice had it custom made? It didn’t matter because for once Aunt Alice’s weakness for fashion saved my life.

I wasn’t quite accustomed to using makeup as I usually only added a bit of lip gloss, but it all seemed so…enticing. Afer I sponged on the foundation to mask the hickey, I tampered through all the eye shadow selections. The colors were arranged in a certain order; darkest to lightest ranging from a deep plum to a nude color. I never favored makeup much, but that was because I didn’t consider it. In fact, just peeking through all of the Lancôme offerings tempted me to try them all. Since when has makeup ever fascinated me?

A touch of sweet pea shades and some peach lipstick did the trick, or so I thought.

“No, what are you doing?!” Alice stammered, dancing into the room drenched with agitation. Of course she wasn’t furious angry, with her being Alice and all, but she was pretty exasperated.

My senses and whole “Snow White” promise wiggled back. I had forgotten about it, blinded by the luxury of expensive makeup. Even worse, I still used Alice’s makeup without her permission. . . . I’m positive she regrets throwing platinum birthday bashes for me now. I stole from my aunt which was an automatic sin.

“You’d look better with this shade, not that one.” She pointed out to nudes and soft pinks. We both laughed together, but for different reasons. I found humor that Alice wasn’t upset with my what appeared-to-be a forgiven felony. Alice finds my  lack of beauty-product knowledge funny, to say lightly.

“Hmmm I can’t fix this in this state…we’ll have to start from scratch,” she chimed as she examined my face and began scrubbing all over.

“What’s that ugly menacing—” So my aunt had discovered my hickey. I guess the foundation didn’t save my life after all. And now, especially after stealing Alice’s makeup kit, I had no chance but to keep it a secret. Even if Alice had kind intentions, she’d eventually think about the hickey by accident resulting in the end of my love life for my entire life once my dad heard the thought. Lately my dad has been granting me and Jake space, but a hickey was just going too far, maybe.

“Okay, okay, okay. Alice, it’s a hickey, all right!” I didn’t want to include Jake into this for the sake of his own life so I’d sacrifice myself for the blame. “I asked Jacob to give me one because I was curious. Please don’t let this get into my dad’s head. Please,” I begged mercifully like dramatic actresses in films.

“I knew I smelled something off when I walked in. . . . that’s why I came to see you.” Then I realized what my hickey meant. It started as a simple romantic gesture and was now jeopardizing my life, literally. My bruise, my splotch of unsealed blood would hurt the rest of my family. I didn’t even think about it and I’m absolutely sure Jake didn’t either. So I risked getting mauled by eight vampires who just happen to be family.

“Alice please help me,” I continued.

“All right. But only if you promise to let me give you a makeover everyday for the rest of this family vacation the way I want,” she answered, flashing a quirky grin, an Alice grin.

“You have a deal.” What choice did I have? We couldn’t even shake on it because Alice already dashed out of the room probably to collect medical supplies from Carlisle.

After one short breath of relief Alice returned with medical supplies in hand and a mysterious minute box wrapped with some designer label wrapping. I pondered what was in there, but never suspect anything with Alice, she’s full of surprises.

Alice worked her way up to the final touches of makeup, or so she had told me. I wouldn’t have known because she removed the mirror, refusing that  to let me see myself until I was a finished product.

“We just have to cover the eyelashes and we’re perfecto,” she said almost too much more bubbly than usual. I propped myself up ans stayed as still as a vampire while the pixie applied Lancôme mascara.

When she completed her end of the deal for the day, I was overjoyed because although I held new warm feelings for cosmetics, I loathed sitting still for over an hour. I jumped up storming with excitement, until Alice sat me back down.

“No, you’re not done, yet.” How much longer? I don’t think I could handle such agony anymore.

She reached for the mysterious box she had brought earlier. Inside revealed false eyelashes. For me? If she thought I was going to wear phony hair particles, she thought wrong. I did consider protesting, but I knew this deal was a promise. Alice didn’t scorn me for stealing her makeup which added to the guilt, so I suppose this was fair.

“Ok, hold still for one more minute…” She gently released the false lashes onto the originals. Alice made improvements, adjusting the eyelashes by separating each one.

“And now…..we have a beauty queen,” Alice proclaimed wavering the vanity mirror every which way.

This time my reflection was fair on the outside and inside. I allowed Alice to…er..beautify me and my look was truly magnificent. I would have assumed I were a princess looking at myself. I looked slightly like Emilie De Ravin when she flaunted a curly hairdo and most definitely resembled Taylor Swift. I looked like a star, a celebrity. Maybe I was a beauty queen for once. And I liked it.

Sorry but I have to see Jake’s reaction.

With love (always),


P.S. I’ll have to discuss the hickey problem further with Jake and Alice since Jasper might well . . . you know.


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