Renesmee’s Diary – Irreplaceable

September 10, 2010

Dear Diary,

This morning was my birthday. I was more than ecstatic to celebrate the occasion at none other than Melody Key itself with the people I love.

It began with a simple, yet precious grin that almost too quickly bartered for a disheartened sigh. So I received the first birthday present from…Mother Nature.

“She’s awake now,” I heard my father’s echo from the corridor.

It was my parents who were to confront me of my…situation. “Nessie, can we come in?”

“Sure,” I squeaked, still shocked at the blood spattered before me, invading the cleanliness of the white crème sheets.

“Nessie, first of all, Happy Birthday, honey. Second, we’re going to have to discuss that…” My father kissed my forehead but swiftly jumped back away from the horror scene in front of him.

“We’ll just have to get you cleaned up, that’s all,” my mom offered, trying not to make things too awkward considering that there was a pool of blood seeping out from in between my legs. My mom remembers the most from being human – with female issues like a menstrual cycle – especially her first one, right?

“Hmmmph I guess Uncle Jasper won’t be able to see me for a couple of days. I’ve finally written a song….a marvelous one and Jazz won’t be around to hear it.” Alright, I know I’m mature, but I felt I had a right to pout. I was restricted from seeing my own uncle when I had written a song…something I’d been waiting to present to him for a long time. It was my birthday for Pete’s sake, and Mother Nature had to spoil my day.

The only Cullen that could abstain from killing me was of course Carlisle, but I needed a female for this “incident.” So, my mom was the brightest choice. As sharp as possible she helped me clean up and provided me with a stash of “feminine products.” Her face however, wasn’t so sharp. She was hiding something from me, and it wasn’t a birthday surprise….it was a frustrated and depressed expression. What did this mean? Should I be concerned?

“Alright go on into the kitchen for breakfast,” my mom concluded the drama that infested – what was supposed to be my day, my special day.  But in a way it was also my mom’s day, too. After all, she did give birth to me and she had to suffer a lot of pain. I know exactly what happened, too. I bit my way out of her. I wish I could blame myself, and I have at times, like my father does sometimes. I took the blame because it actually was my fault, although my parents don’t agree. Nor does anyone else for that matter. My mom just reminds me that what I did only led to her being what she’s always dreamed of being…immortal. It’s something she’d wanted for Edward, my father.

I knew how she felt. Wanting something for someone else, to be with someone else. Although she did want immortality for herself of course, but the point is I know what her intentions were in changing herself. It was for her and my dad’s irreplaceable love. So they would never have to be apart.

Sometimes I pushed myself hard to be the woman that would cater to every single of Jake’s needs. I cooked and cleaned for him. In fact, I even buy him new shirts every week because I know he’ll need them. When you love and care for someone deeply, you want to serve them. You want to make them happy.

“Happy Thirteenth Birthday, Nessie!” Everyone hollered as I entered the lofty kitchen filled with smiles. Unfortunately, Uncle Jasper couldn’t make the event as I expected.

The counter was piled with platters of junk food galore varying from Doritos to gummy worms. But my favorite treat of all time was laying in the center… ice cream. It wasn’t a container of ice cream, it was soft serve ice cream machine that was pink. How did Alice manage to eye a pink soft serve machine that provided three different flavors? Lined in front of the machine were crystal glass bowls of popular ice cream toppings that included: pink sprinkles… and pink sprinkles only. I’m pretty sure Jacob wouldn’t appreciate that, and neither would any other male.

“Happy Birthday, babe,” Jacob greeted, joining me for a intimate bear hug and a slight peck on the lips.

“Happy Birthday, Nessie.” Emily cut in with a warm hug. I actually have been trying to spend more time with the pack and the humans to avoid the problems my hickey causes. Over the past week it is merely the size of a bitty paper cut as it was never huge to begin with. I don’t even need foundation to cover it up anymore.

“Yes, I hope you have a wonderful birthday.” Kim and I too shared a hug. I wish I could get “Birthday Hugs” everyday. I wouldn’t mind.

“Nice socks,” Leah commented glaring at my striped knee high socks.

“Um, thanks.” I was searching for a compliment to say back to Leah, but she was wearing her usual tomboy gear with her hair cut short with the texture of straw.

“Helllooooo you think that’s the only present you get? Ha! The food doesn’t even count as a present! Open these,” the familiar high pitched fairy sang.

“Thanks, Alice….I love boxes with nothing in them,” I said taking note that Alice left me empty-handed, which didn’t sound like her.

“You’re already wearing it, silly,” Alice chimed, pointing to the assortment of bracelets wrapped around my wrist. Alice must have snuck them on while I was distracted.

There were three leather bracelets each embroidered with delicate rhinestones.

“Thank you, Alice!” I hugged her, embracing her sweet scent.

“That’s Auntie to you,” she corrected, dancing off somewhere.

And all of my presents were fantastic, I honestly couldn’t have asked for more. Grandma Esme and Grandpa Carlisle granted me what is known to be “the most expensive guitar picks in the world.” They were custom designed and made of meteorite, yes meteorite. I will surely put them to use soon.

Uncle Emmett and Aunt Rose presented me with a new Mac computer and some ridiculously expensive digital camera. I did like, however, how both gifts were in pink – my favorite color.

Next, my dad just had to buy me a car. A Volvo convertible in an icy blue shade that I adored. One might think this is my father’s gesture to encourage me to begin driving, but believe me it’s not. The last thing my father wants me to do is drive, although now that I think about it……..

My mom’s gift was something more cherishable. It was a vintage pearl necklace that she used of her own money to purchase for me. I have to say that I’m quite proud of my mom. She spent money on my gift, and she doesn’t agree with spending money on presents. This was by far the number one birthday of all birthdays I’ve had because my mom bought me a gift we both couldn’t argue with. It was vintage and flawless, a true beauty. Putting Rosalie and Jacob in mind though, having my mom here was enough of a birthday present.

Emily and Jacob were the only ones to remember to buy me a gift. I wasn’t furious at the pack or Kim for no presents, of course, because just having them here with me was enough.

Emily brought homemade earrings she’s prepared with some of Kim’s help. The earrings each carried a turquoise rock, making them beyond gorgeous. If you ask me though, I’d just let Emily keep them because they would look stunning on her.

Jacob displayed his fine craftsmanship with his carving. I was already expecting one of his beautiful carvings, but this one blew my mind. The carving illustrated a werewolf, Jacob, lying amongst the ground with me leaning my back onto him. We were gazing at the glorious moon. The moon was made of a silver ball that reflected off the carved figures. I loved it so much tears cascaded from my eyes as I mouthed “Thanks, I love you” to him. It had felt, and maybe appeared, like such a private moment despite the crowd’s direct attention upon us.

“Wait wait, you forgot Jazz’s present!” Alice darted for me, dropping another box.  As odd as it may sound I was “gift pooped out,” and ready to celebrate my birthday. But if this was all I could get of Jasper and honor him, I’d just have to open the box.

I didn’t pay much to the wrapping and tore it off bitter with curiosity.

It only took one chuckle to show how much I treasured this one. They were brown cowgirl boots laced with pink. It seems just yesterday I stuffed my petite feet into the cowboy boots that Uncle Jazz buries somewhere in his closet. I enjoyed flaunting them around acting like a cowgirl, or something, which always placed a sly grin on Jasper’s face. It was rare that you saw Uncle Jasper smile or laugh, so when I put on my “cowgirl act,” Alice made sure Jazz was there to see it.

Now I had my own cowgirl boots to put on a show. But no Jasper……But I could put on an actual show with my guitar and new picks. Even Alice’s bracelets fit the southern belle theme, so I didn’t remove them. Just to ensure that the boots fit well, I jogged around the house (probably working off the energy the candy gave).

When I was ready to go, I performed one of my own songs. I was surely disappointed by Uncle Jasper’s absence, but did not let that interfere with my performance. I sang as I’ve always done. “Gracefully,” as Jake describes.

When the herd of party goers hooted, clapped, and cheered I knew my musical dreams might come true. There was no replacing this birthday, not for the world.

Sorry but I have to go celebrate some more,



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