Alice’s Diary — Day 4

September 30, 2010

Dear Diary,

I never thought I’d see the day when I would be glad of the blind spot the wolves give me.

This morning, I helped Bella into her clothes and disguise as usual; since she was just going to hang around Charlie’s house with Renee all day, I allowed her to wear her skinny jeans, but vetoed her sweatshirt idea in favor of a midnight blue Carolina Herrera tie-neck sweater. (Plus, she didn’t know yet that I had gotten rid of her sweats and sweatshirt when I took out the Uggs. She’ll find out eventually, but not today.) A quick argument over footwear ended in victory for me, and rabbit-fur trimmed Manolo boots for Bella. Understated heart-shaped alexandrite stud earrings completed the look.

Edward was meeting them at Charlie’s for dinner, but would have to stay here the rest of the day, so Bella was clinging to him, going on and on about how she would miss him. (During the roughly seven hours they would be apart. I know. It’s sickening.)

Suddenly, Emmett appeared at the top of the stairs, looking confused. “Hey – you going already, Bella?”

Rosalie came out of their room behind him and began to descend the staircase as Edward rolled his eyes and shook his head in apparent disgust. Bella, still snuggled into his side, glanced up and wondered aloud, “Why … ? Yeah, I’m off to Charlie’s …”

I had been sitting on the floor, leaning against Jasper’s knees as he read a book, but now I leapt to my feet and turned to face my siblings, grinning. All of us were surrounding Bella and Edward now, and even Esme quietly slipped into the room to hear what we all wanted to know from Edward …

“You’ve gotta tell us about your mom and Sue first,” Emmett boomed, ruffling Bella’s hair.

“Don’t do that!” I cried, aghast, and hopped over the couch to fix her hair as Emmett laughed stridently at the look on my sister’s face.

“No fair keeping secrets, little sis,” he declared, shaking a finger at her. “I know Edward must’ve told you already, well now we wanna know. What happened? Catfight?” Now it was Rose’s turn to roll her eyes, but she couldn’t conceal the tiny smile of anticipation that curled the corner of her mouth.

“No way!” Bella scoffed, folding her arms across her chest. She glanced down at the sofa to confirm that Renesmee was still asleep, then lowered her voice and continued, “Nothing happened. Unlike you, some people use words to solve their disagreements, not violence.” She stuck her tongue out at Emmett, who simply laughed harder and turned to Edward.

“Wow, that bad, huh? C’mon, you can tell us,” he urged. “Did they at least get in each other’s faces a little?”

“As Bella said, nothing happened,” Edward insisted. We all tsked and threw our hands up in annoyance.

“Come on, guys. We’re not blind,” I argued. “It was pretty obvious that there was some tension between the three of them last night.”

Edward let out a deep sigh and turned a questioning gaze on Bella, who managed to look even more annoyed. “Look, if you guys want to stand here all day gossiping, that’s up to you. I am going to go be with my mother … who is not jealous or possessive!”

The two of them darted outside to say their goodbyes as Bella got into the Vanquish and started the engine. “He’ll tell us in a minute,” I whispered under my breath, and everyone stayed in place until Edward returned.

“All right,” Emmett exclaimed. “So? Spill it!”

“As much as I hate to disappoint you all,” Edward laughed, shaking his head, “truly, nothing happened – at least, nothing like what you’ve all been imagining.” I glanced at Emmett, who was peering curiously at Esme, who was gazing thoughtfully at Jasper. Before we had to ask, Edward clarified, “You’re all wondering the same thing; but no, there was no ‘cat fight.’ Charlie merely introduced Sue to Renee, and, as usual, said as little as possible while doing so.”

“So … what? You mean he didn’t even have the decency to to introduce Sue as his girlfriend?” Rosalie asked, seemingly shocked. Emmett shook his head sadly as Rose added, “That seems awfully rude to me, I wouldn’t put up with that. If Sue respects herself, she -”

“It had nothing to do with disrespect, Rosalie,” Edward interrupted. “In fact, he was attempting to be respectful of Renee by not declaring the obvious, that Sue and he have formed a relationship. He spent the entire evening thinking of how to keep both women from feeling hurt or uncomfortable.”

That shut us all up. After a moment’s pause, Esme ventured to ask, “But does Sue understand that? I’d hate for her to feel slighted in any way …”

“No, Sue was prepared, she didn’t feel at all offended,” Edward assured her in a gentler tone of voice. “Charlie had asked for her opinion, apparently, and they decided together that this was the best way. Renee is so observant … well, he knew she would figure it out, whether he said anything or not.”

“Hmmm,” Emmett sighed, already losing interest. “So much for that, I guess.”

“I’m glad no one was hurt,” Esme said, with her motherly smile.

Edward looked awkwardly away, and then sighed. “Except … you all saw them last night. It was rather uncomfortable for all three of them,” he admitted with regret.

“Oh, no!” Esme cried, just as Emmett said, “Hell, yeah!” Esme tsked reprovingly at him and turned wide, imploring eyes on Edward.

“Sue felt a bit threatened by Renee’s presence,” he explained, “which made Charlie uncomfortable, and Renee irritated … but I believe she handled it fairly well. I could hear her thinking that she couldn’t believe Sue was acting this way, but I didn’t hear any specific comments or insults from any of them, so …”

“Boring,” Emmett decided, turning away again. He tapped his foot on the ground for a moment and then said, “So, Jasper, how bout a little game of catch?”

“Wait,” Edward ordered. Renesmee’s little bronzed head popped up behind him on the couch and she smiled sleepily at us as Edward continued, “There’s something Renesmee would like to do today.”

“She should be sleeping,” Rose objected, gliding over to Ness and stroking her hair softly. Renesmee placed her palm on Rose’s cheek with a mischievous glint in her eye. “Oh …” Rosalie murmured, her face lighting up. She giggled and ran upstairs without looking back.

“Uh, hello? What’s going on?” I demanded, searching and seeing nothing. I had assumed Jacob would be with us all day because it was completely blurred out, but now it seemed as though this was intentional, as Jacob and Seth entered the room wearing their nicest clothes and Edward hefted his piano in one hand and ran outside.

I followed, still confused and complaining. “Guys, hi, remember me? I see the future? At least, I’m supposed to,” I added pointedly, glaring at Jacob (it was hard to glare at Seth).

“Relax, Alice,” Jacob chuckled, bringing out some sort of wood slab from the side of the house. It was made of interlocking … wait.

“That’s the dance floor for Nessie’s party!” I shrieked indignantly. “What …” I stood back to take in the scene: Dance floor, Edward at his piano, Nessie still wearing her Kaiya Eve tutu dress from last night, Rosalie popping out of the house in the slutty ballerina costume she’d worn for Halloween a few years ago … A grin split my face as I squealed, “More dancing??”

“Renesmee enjoyed your party the other day,” Edward informed me, beaming at his little angel, who was standing in the middle of the dance floor. “She wouldn’t sleep until we had found her some ballet videos to watch, and … well, you’ll see,” he finished, turning to the ivory keys.

Jacob and Seth solemnly stood on either side of Nessie, each supporting one of her tiny feet until Edward began to play. As the music flowed, they lifted Ness into the air, and spun in a circle. I could feel my eyes growing huge in my face as the boys very seriously lowered her to the dance floor, bowed, and glided off to the side to join us in the audience.

She was … incredible; there’s no other word to describe what it looked like as she twirled, leaped, and pliéd to the music. It seemed effortless, as though she was improvising the entire dance based on the mood the song was creating …

When the song slowed and grew softer, she looked like a forlorn angel dipping her wings and then rising again as the music sped up and turned more intense. She turned faster and faster, jumping high into the air and performing perfect triple axles to the music, as I gasped in joyful shock. I groped blindly for Jasper’s hand and crushed it against my lips, unable to see anything but Renesmee as she moved so expressively with the song. I was beginning to feel that the song was coming from her, was created by her dance rather than the other way around.

As I stood in a daze, Jacob leaned down to me and closed my mouth with his finger, laughing softly. I swatted his hand away without even looking, and he whispered, “I know … she’s really …” He stopped, at a loss for words.

“I know,” I agreed softly, struck speechless as well.

The song came to an end much too soon, with Renesmee gracefully sinking to the floor and bowing her head as the last note lingered in the air. She immediately looked up at us hopefully, a brilliant smile on her face as she took in our awed expressions.

“That was -” “You’re so -” “It was amazing, Ness,” we all cried, applauding fiercely. She did a little ballerina bow for us, then looked up and giggled.

“Now let’s all dance,” she suggested, holding her hands out to us. She didn’t need to ask twice; even the guys joined in as Edward, smiling hugely like the luckiest man in the world (which he is), began to play a new song.

Rose and I surrounded her, joining our hands and twirling together. I couldn’t anticipate their movements since Jacob and Seth were in the middle of everything, but somehow even that was okay; they were having as much fun as we were. We began to synchronize our movements, each instinctively knowing what the others were going to do, until it felt as though we had been dancing this ballet since the beginning of time.

After a few hours, Ness had to go to bed and Edward had to go to Charlie’s. But Rose and I weren’t done dancing, so we turned on the stereo and set it to play through the outdoor speakers as Jacob and Seth carefully replaced the piano inside and then took Ness to the cottage.

Jasper and Emmett allowed us to lead them through a dozen more waltzes, tangos, and even a bit of salsa before begging to be set free. By then, Carlisle was home, swirling around the dance floor with a happily glowing Esme. Rosalie and I continued to dance together until Bella and Edward returned, and then it was time for Renesmee to perform all over again.

Oops – I forgot to ask how dinner went. I’ll be sure to write about that tomorrow!

XOXO Aiice



This entry was written by Erin MacMahon. She was the former writer of Alice's Diary before Rachel took over. Although Erin is no longer a writer at we wish her nothing but the best and are so very happy to have met such a true talent!
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