Alice’s Diary — Day 5

October 1, 2010

Dear Diary,

I guess the dinner at Charlie’s wasn’t terribly exciting, aside from the possibility of death for him and Renee, who had to eat the hockey puck-like pork chops and soggy couscous Renee had prepared. I would have loved to see the look on Charlie’s face! Anyway, Edward said there was just a lot of reminiscing, and just one passing mention of Sue from Renee.

Today, Bella and Renee planned to hang out here all day watching chick flicks on our giant flat screen TV. This meant that the rest of us had to stay hidden, or go out. Carlisle had arranged his work schedule for this week according to my instructions, so he was at the hospital, but everyone else had opted to stay in; it was an ugly, rainy, gloomy day in Forks, and everyone had hunted fairly recently, so there was no need to go out.

Seth and Leah were both guarding Renesmee at the cottage while Jacob snored away on Bella and Edward’s couch. That made it a little easier for me; I couldn’t see Ness, but I could at least see everyone here, in case anything was going to happen. And so far it looked like nothing would happen (at least nothing bad).

Because of the weather, the plans for the day, and Bella’s gratitude over the dinner party, I had allowed her to wear pajamas today. I had made the decision when she thanked me on Wednesday night, so Edward already knew, and wasn’t shocked the way Bella was when I told her she could schlup around in her PJs all day. The look on her face was PRICELESS! Like she had won the lottery (ridiculous reaction) and yet was concerned about my mental health at the same time. I didn’t make her wear jewelry, or nice shoes, either … so now she owes me big time! I’m not saying that was the real motivation involved, of course; just that it’s a nice advantage to have.

So Bella had cheerfully hummed her way into the kitchen, where Esme was just uncovering the freshly-risen dough to make orange-and-almond-flavored cinnamon rolls. The two of them worked together to assemble them, and when they were done, Esme kindly offered to bring some to the cottage for the wolves to snack on. (These were large cinnamon rolls, but to those Quiluetes, they were practically bite-sized!)

The scent of fresh baked bread mingled with cinnamon was almost like an Esme perfume, since that’s what she smells like already. That was an interesting thought … but it had no practical application. I mean, I could order a custom perfume blend to match Esme’s scent, but who would need it? Carlisle might like to have it for when they are apart, but that’s only for a few hours at a time, usually. Well, maybe I would try it anyway … he could keep it in his office at the hospital, to soothe himself when times were hard.

Anyway, Renee arrived just in time to watch Esme drizzling the glaze over the hot pastries, and we all heard her stomach growl with anticipation. Esme greeted her with delight, and assured her that she’d be “out of the way” in no time.

“No, no,” Renee protested, half in love with Esme and drooling over the cinnamon rolls. “Why don’t you stay? We’re just watching some movies, but I’d like for you to join us, and anyone else who feels like it …”

So that was how we all ended up in the living room, watching movie after movie after movie all day. “The Wedding Singer,” “Never Been Kissed,” and “The Time-Traveler’s Wife” were Renee and Bella’s choices. Between the soothing trickle of rain outside, the dark room, and the cocoon I had made out of Jasper’s lap and arms, it was quite comfortable … and the movies were surprisingly decent too. “The Time-Traveler’s Wife” reminded me of Renesmee and Jacob, especially when Claire Abshire bitterly reminded her husband Henry that she “never had a choice” about falling in love with him, since he had always been a part of her life. Was that how it would be for Renesmee? Would she grow up with Jacob as her idol, and never have a moment where she got to choose how to feel about him?

Possibly trying to escape my thoughts (which I belatedly realized must be unpleasant echoes of his own fears), Edward got up and announced that he was going to make us a movie-watching dinner. I had no idea what that meant, but after a few minutes, I was absorbed by the film once again and forgot to pay attention to Edward in the kitchen.

A while later, the smell of spattering oil wafted into the living room, and I sneezed. Apparently, “movie food” was a synonym for fried food; Edward was frying … let’s see, potatoes, chicken, even green beans, unless my nose deceived me! I heard him whipping or mixing something in an aluminum bowl, then clattering together some more dishes, before he re-entered the movie zone.

“Your feast, miladies,” he grinned, placing a large platter of fried chicken with several dipping sauces (I could smell honey, barbeque sauce, mustard, and something sweet and tangy) on our coffee table, along with paper napkins. “It’s all finger food, so it’ll be easy to eat. Please, help yourselves!”

As he spoke, he added the peppery-smelling potato chips and a plate of fried green beans to the table. Renee exclaimed over how delicious it all looked, and expressed delighted surprise that he had managed to whip everything up so quickly. A few of us (Rose, Jasper, and I) gave our brother a pointed glare when she said that, but Bella only look mildly concerned and Emmett was too busy flicking green beans at Jasper to even notice.

Finally, the movie ended, and I sighed, deep in thought. Renesmee and Jacob were still on my mind … and since Edward and Bella were both uncharacteristically quiet, it seemed like they were thinking the same things. Renee interpreted this silence as a cue to leave, and it was past 10:00PM, so Bella allowed her to go, desperate to see her own daughter who’d be waking up soon.

Tomorrow they’re going out “garage sailing,” as Renee put it, which does not appear to involve sailing at all, just a bunch of junk on people’s lawns. Doesn’t look like that much fun to me. But for now, there are green beans all over the living room that Esme is painstakingly cleaning up, so I think I’ll go help her with the stain remover before Ness and the others get back.

XOXO Aiice



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