100 Monkeys Silent Auction For a Good Cause!

October 6, 2010

The boys from 100 Monkeys are holding a silent auction for a 10 year old little girl named Meagan who desperately needs our prayers right now. Thursday (August 26, 2010) Megan accidentally got shot with a BB-gun in the eye. The bullet went in through the tear duct and through the middle part of her brain and lodged in the back next to the brain stem.

Little Meagan is a fan of 100 Monkeys, and the guys – such sweethearts – are helping with medical bills by auctioning off a bunch of stuff (including meet n’ greet passes, autographed drum-head and more). Here’s all the info I was sent to pass to you from the 100Monkeys team. Please pass this along:

“Along with friends and family we are hosting a Silent Auction for an amazing little girl, Megan Neal. The Silent Auction will happen November 13, 2010 from 12:00PM until 4:00PM and hosted at the Orchard Church 763 Battlefield Parkway Fort Oglethorpe, GA 30742.  Megan has had three open heart surgeries before she was 3 years old and on August 26,2010 she was in a terrible accident. Megan was shot in the eye, accidentally, with a BBgun. The BB pierced her brain stem and has caused brain damage. She is making slow progress each day with rehab but unfortunately is still unable to talk or move much on the left side of her body. We are holding the event the help with the growing medical expenses that have incurred since Megan has been in the hospital.

Along with the autographed drum-head from 100 Monkeys with a pair of 100 Monkeys drumsticks, 2 tickets to the Atlanta show with meet ‘n greet passes we have: signed autographed footballs from UT head coach Derek Dooley and UGA head coach Mark Richt, autograph ticket from future hall of fame manager Bobby Cox, autograph items from cast of Smallville, and much much more. We are very appreciative and grateful for the growing support for Megan during this hard time in her life. To find out more about the auction or Megan contact supportmegan@hotmail or visit her facebook page at!/group.php?gid=123349937714377

Please help in anyway you can! Getting the info out to as many people as you can helps, too. Bloggers, please re-blog (no link back to us required – just get this info out!)

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