Eclipse Secrets: Cross-promotion between Wrigley’s Eclipse gum & the December 4 DVD release of “Twilight Saga: Eclipse.”

October 13, 2010

Check it out Twerds. Wrigley’s gum has teamed up with the December 4th release of the Twilight Saga: Eclipse to bring you exclusive video and images that can be accessed through logos on packs of specially marked packages of Eclipse gum. Details below:

There are five different packages to choose from: Villains, Cullens, Love Triangle, Wolf Pack and Bella. Hold a pack of gum up to your Web cam and exclusive pictures and videos will be yours. The site uses advanced image recognition technology to determine that the Eclipse pack logo is legit and not just a logo unrelated to the cross-promotion. Firstborn created the site.

Visit the Eclipse Secrets Site here for more info!

How cool! I’ll be hunting for my Eclipse gum tomorrow!

[Via Twilightish]

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