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October 15, 2010

Dear Diary,

You know when you smile so much, that your cheeks hurt?

Well, that’s a normal thing for me now. Alice had jumped into planning the wedding the day after the deal was sealed.

All the women have just been giggling nonstop; talking about flowers, and fabrics, stuff like that. I see Ness the same amount as I did before, but it’s never alone. Alice is following her around like a puppy, Esme is always running around with her plan book and Bella is always discussing things with the three of them. I don’t mind, I want this wedding to be perfect as much as they do. I just miss our little alone time to cuddle, and do other romantic stuff.

Ness and I chose the color theme yesterday, and a few other things to go along with it.

“What do you want the colors to be?” Alice asked, sitting at the dining room table, professionally writing down details.

Ness looked thoughtful for a minute, then looked at me.

“Whatever you want is great,” I told her, and she nodded.

“How do you think gold a black would work, Ali?” She asked, and Alice grinned.

“It will be adorable,” Alice answered, writing down about three paragraphs in ten seconds.

“Ok, this makes picking the dress easier. This is great! This narrows everything down!” Renesmee exclaimed, jumping up then running up the stairs in a dash.

“Esme! We have some things to go over!” She yelled in the distance, and I rolled my eyes.

Honestly, if this were my choice, we would just have a wedding that would take a day to plan, half a day to set up. But, when you live in a house with Alice  you would be considered Satan’s offspring if you were to commit such a crime.

So, I’m going to take the safe route and go with a bigger wedding.

“I feel so anxious,” Ness said, looking at me. I pushed a strand of hair out of her eyes and smiled.

“It’ll be amazing,” I promised, locking my eyes on hers. She blushed.

“I know. But, what if I trip on my way down the aisle or something?” She asked, her eyes wide. I laughed at that thought.

“Well, it would make the wedding more memorable,” I said, and she grinned then looked down at the ground shyly.

“I love you,” Ness replied, laughin. I kissed her forehead gently.

“Psssht, I love you more,” I teased… which caused her to roll her eyes and suck in a deep breath, letting out a loud sigh.

“Have you been thinking about where the honeymoon will be?” She asked hesitantly, a gleam in her eye. I took a shuddery breath.

“Well…would you want it to be near the beach, or somewhere else?” I asked and she briefly pondered over it.

“Well, I actually want to go to the mountains…”

“Snowy mountains, or rocky mountains?”

“Oooh! I know! Let’s go to Aspen!” She replied, clapping her hands together once.

“Okay then, snowy mountains,” I agreed, grinning. As long as Ness is happy, I’m happy – so it really didn’t matter to me.

“Esme said they have a log cabin there. We could stay there!”

“Sounds perfect. Maybe I’ll finally learn to snowboard,” I said, and more little pieces fell into place, making up the masterpiece that will be our wedding.

“Alice said she has a ton of dresses for me to try on tomorrow,” Ness said, half groaning.

“I thought you liked trying on clothes?” I asked, and Ness nodded hesitantly.

“I do, but when Alice uses the term ‘ton,’ that implies way more than our definition. So, all day I’ll be trying on dresses, and after a while, trying on clothes gets frustrating and tiring.” Ness took a deep breath after her long explanation. I furrowed my eyebrows not really knowing what to say.

“But what if you found the right dress within the first five?” I suggested.

Ness took in a deep breath before answering. “With Alice, no matter how right it is, she’ll suggest to try them all on regardless, just to make sure.”

“Well, when you find the perfect one, it’ll all be worth it,” I reassured her, and she did a crooked smile that was so much like Edward’s.

“You always know the right thing to say,” she said moving closer to me, intertwining our fingers.

I lifted our hands, and kissed the back of her hand, before she mimicked my actions, placing thoughts of our love in my mind. She’s been doing this a lot lately, and it makes me happy to know she thinks the same way about me.

It helps me realize that all this is really happening. It all feels so surreal, and I’m expecting to wake up from this dream. But, I don’t. Because this is all true, and I’m actually marrying Renesmee. Me and Bella were telling her about everything before she was born. The newborn fight and me and Edward’s territorial arguments. Ness couldn’t believe that me and Bella were sorta together. It’s harder for me to remember those times because even though I loved Bella, comparing it to my love for Ness is nothing. She always outshines everything, everyone.

I might not have the powers to show her with my thoughts, but I can spend every day in the future showing her with actions and words.

I remember our first kiss, and how it felt, but even now, the magic I felt then is still in every kiss we share. Before I imprinted on her, I never realized the power of it; the magic in the blessing of imprinting on someone. I used to think it was a curse because I didn’t imprint on Bella, and I thought I really loved her. I never knew true love until I had set eyes on Renesmee.

And now, I’m marrying her. I can call myself her husband in a matter of weeks. I can make breakfast in bed for her, be around her all the time, call her my wife.

My excitement is so hard to keep from overflowing half the time, but I keep it under control, not wanting to risk looking sissy in from of the guys. Especially Emmett; I’d never hear the end of it.

Alice came back with Esme a few minutes later and discussed the reception for the rest of the night. I left at around eleven remembering I had patrol at seven the next morning.

“Bye, sweetheart,” I said to Ness, giving her a lengthy kiss.

“Bye, Fiancée,” she said, kissing me again. I grinned, and waved bye to Alice and Esme on my way out.

I walked home in the cool air of March. The wedding would be in May, so it’ll be nice and warm. It’ll be perfect.

When I got home, I made six corn dogs and while they were in the microwave, I went into my room to change into some pajamas. I kept thinking about how much more relaxed I am now, since proposing and everything’s out of the way. I pulled on my white t-shirt, and some Family Guy pajama bottoms then went to go get my corndogs. When I finished, I called my dad and told him how the planning was going, discussed the dates, and talked about other stuff for a little while. I was glad we talked. I miss my dad, and he’s another reason I’m excited for the wedding, since he’ll be visiting down here again.

Though yesterday wasn’t filled with raging vampires, it was still pretty eventful in my opinion. When I marry Renesmee, everything will be perfect and life couldn’t be better right now. This girly book really has come in handy  because I’ve documented everything from the beginning, to now. It really has been worth writing in here. Thanks for listening, diary. But for now, I have to go and patrol.

- Jacob

Hey Darlings! I know that the wait for this was too long to you, but I honestly have had NO time to write, and it sucks, I know. But thank you to all that have supported, and waited patiently for me, it means so much. ♥

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