Renesmee’s Diary: Escape (Part 1)

October 31, 2010

Dear Diary,

“Pssst, Nessie wake up!” Emily rushed to my side, involuntarily intruding my sleep. I knew this would be news my ears wouldn’t wish to hear.

“C’mon the pack is here,” she whispered loudly. It only took me a few moments to remember that today was Halloween.

Halloween was typically a very enjoyable holiday in my family. We loved the idea of seeing humans dressed as “mythical creatures.” But today, I wasn’t positive that our usual Halloween cheer would exist. Worst of all, Alice is probably “sobbing” because of her interrupted plans to decorate the entire property. She literally spent an average couple’s income on decor and exotic candy from all around the world.

“Finding the candy is not the problem,” Alice had mentioned while constructing a state-of-the-art security system on her closet. “The problem is keeping that mutt away from all the candy.” Alice obviously ignored my disappointed sigh and began discussing Halloween costumes with me.

“How about Little Red Riding Hood? Ooooh or Rapunzel?” Alice piped, bubbling with excessive enthusiasm.

“Alice, I’m picking my own costume whether you like it or not!” I gritted my teeth. I was going to let Alice at least do my hair and makeup, but her ‘mutt’ contribution indefinitely altered my considerations to her pleas.

Right now, though, Jacob’s safety was my top concern. When an eerie silence washed over the entire room and Jake’s absence was obvious, I just knew. I knew this was something I wanted to escape from and never return to. But this wasn’t some overrated teen girl novel, this was my life.

“Where’s Jacob?” I eyed Sam who bowed his head, almost as a symbol of respect.

Sam arose from his seat and trembled making his way to me. In fact, none of the pack had returned unscathed.

“He…he’s with Carlisle.” And with those last words, I immediately dashed for my house. I didn’t even bother to dress myself or slip into shoes in the crisp autumn cold because none of that mattered.

That’s when I saw her. She lay hidden beneath the bush, watching the withering of my determination and hopeful spirit. But the odd thing was was that she looked nothing like an evil empress of Lucifer, like in my visions. There was no devilicious smirk. There was no feeling of danger.

Maybe I should introduce myself? There would only be a matter of a few milliseconds before the pack came barging in and protecting me.

Then it occurred to me that maybe this vampire was playing tricks on me. She may have seemed friendly from this point, but how could I deny all the visions I’ve been having lately? And, how did she manage to escape my family’s attack? How could she harm and defy my mother’s shield?

The creature I recognized from my blurry visions now stumbled her step and plummented into the rocky earth. Now I was seeing things; first visions, then an incredibly beautiful immortal fall. Ha! The only immortal that remains clumsy is my own mother and even she hasn’t had a downfall in over a month. Was my mind playing tricks on me?

“Wait, please just a second,” she hissed then picked herself up in lightening speed that my feeble eyes couldn’t make out. I couldn’t help but notice how gorgeous she was. Her stature was of a Greek Goddess and her skin was as flawless as her blonde curls.

So she finally smiled. But it wasn’t a trick, or anything evil. It was a genuine, friendly smile. My instincts weren’t ordering me to run which meant that this wasn’t a dangerous idea.

“Salutations! Please forgive me, I’m such a clutz sometimes.” She pleated her jeans while I was frozen like a statue gaping at her apology.

“The name is Nicole. My sister was passing through here. I believe she was looking for you…you are a vampire, are you not?” Nicole questioned, peering over my shoulder awkwardly searching for something.

“Yes, and we’ve found her,” a loud voice boomed. It was my dad who ascended to my side. So, maybe Nicole wasn’t the nomad, but her sister.

“I assume you destroyed her…” Nicole inserted, dumbly playing with the buttons on her coat.

“Yes, it was highly necessary. I am very sorry, but she had cruel intentions. My family and I tried our very best to negotiate with her, however she would not cooperate or come to an agreement.” Nicole just shook her head in acceptance of my fathers words, rather than anguish.

“I’ve heard of vampires like you. You feed on the blood of an animal rather than human blood. How do you do it? All the deer in the world don’t satisfy my craving for that rich taste.” Her eyes were filled with crimson color, yet they also contained sincerity, serenity, honesty, and friendliness. My dad was a bit more relaxed when he first arrived – meaning Nicole’s thoughts were probably pure and hopefully her soul, too.

“Yes, it is quite difficult and it always will be. It gets easier as you adjust to the mild taste. My entire family consists of  vegetarians, making the lifestyle more tolerable. Are you passing through like your sister?” My father asked calmly. Nicole was not yet aware of my father’s mind reading ability. It was a strategy he kept for all potential threats so that nothing would remain a secret from him.

“Well I was. But it seems that your family lives a lifestyle I would like to pursue myself. Are you willing to teach me?”

“Of course, I’d love to have you as an addition to my family. However, this is something I’d need to discuss with the head of the house, my father, Carlisle Cullen.”

That’s when I found myself in an open debate over whether Nicole should join the family. As much as I wish I could participate, I found this meeting to be of a distraction to where my heart and soul needed to be.

My mind had drifted back to Jacob. Where was he? Was he okay? What did Nicole’s sister do to him? Can Nicole be trusted? Or is she like her sister? Why is she so familiar, yet so peculiar?

I’ll write more later,

-Nessie <3


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