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November 5, 2010

Dear Diary,

Wedding plans were happening, wedding presents were coming and I’ve eaten every kind of cake in the world.

Thankfully, I was indecisive when it came to choosing the cake for the wedding. So, every different kind of cake known to man was right there, waiting for me to feast on.

A few days ago, Ness finally decided that she and Alice would design her dress themselves because she hasn’t been able to find the perfect dress. So, they’re holed up in Alice’s studio, and I’m eating cake. And lots of it.

Everything was happening all at once so my stress level had increased a bit. Not as bad as it was the night I proposed, though. I don’t think I had ever been that stressed.

Esme sent Rose and Emmett to go make sure the cabin in Aspen was ready for our honeymoon, which is nice because even though Rose and I have sorta made up, it’s really awkward around her regardless.

Yesterday I was eating red velvet cake, with white chocolate chips right in the cake. It was smothered in cream cheese icing and came all the way from Italy. Mmmm.

Anyway, Alice was running around and waiting for the delivery of the flowers. She ordered the flower arrangements with real cream colored flowers, which wouldn’t come until the wedding day – so they wouldn’t wilt – but she ordered special flowers to mix in with the cream colored ones. They were roses dipped in gold and metallic black paint …or something. She would stick them in with the cream colored ones so they’d dot the arrangement, bringing the colors together in a perfect pattern.

Obviously I’m not paying for this wedding, considering that the whole wedding will end up costing more than Hugh Hefner’s mansion is worth. I don’t necessarily want a humongo-jumbo wedding, but it’s what Ness wants, so I’m perfectly happy with it.

“Jake?” I heard Bella call me. I looked over, and she was walking in the kitchen. I shoved another bite of cake down my throat, and took a large gulp of milk.

“Yeah, Bells?” I said, and she sat down on the bar stool next to me, propping her arms up on the island.

“Listen, I know this is awkward, but, obviously I have to address this,” she said, giving me a sheepish look.

“Ummm…?” I looked at her and she took in a deep breath and didn’t exhale.

“This is really awkward… and I know how my dad felt now. Anyway, I know that once you guys get married that you’ll be going on your honeymoon, and that you’re going to engage in–”

I cut her off. “Whoa, whoa! Bella!” I exclaimed, my face heating up.

“I know, I know! I’m sorry! But I have to make sure, you know…it’ll be her first time, and I just want you to be really careful.” She rushed the words out, and I rolled my eyes. Typical.

“Oh yeah, Bells. I’m going to completely rush it, and hurt her. Of course, that’s what I’ll do!” I said sarcastically, chewing another bite of cake.

“I’m sorry! I just…she’s my baby girl, and I know what both of you are going through with your hormones, trust me. But, it will be painful, and I just want to do my best to protect her,” Bella half-whispered, pleading at me with her eyes.

“I get it. I want it, but at the same time I’d hate to hurt her,” I told Bella, mentally wincing at the thought. Bella sighed.

“On the bright side, Carlisle said that with her half-vampire genes, it won’t be nearly as painful as it is for humans, so it won’t be as bad as you think it’ll be. I know you’ve been waiting for this, and it’s been hard to restrain completely. Anyway, thanks for hearing me out, Jake. You’re still my best friend, and always will be,” she said, tilting her head to the side, smiling at me. I leaned over and hugged her rock-like body.

“You’ll always be my best friend, too. Thanks for being so understanding about this situation.” I picked up another chink of cake and Bella put her finger in the icing and licked it off, making a disgusted face.

“You wouldn’t believe how awful such amazing food tastes to me now,” she said, standing up. I laughed, and she left after giving me a wink.

I felt a lot better after; I had really been worried about Ness’ and my honeymoon. Considering this would be our first time, and Nessie’s still a virgin, it’s only common sense that for her it could hurt like hell. But apparently she’ll experience a lot less pain than a ‘normal’ human, so I won’t hurt my angel too much. That thought comforted me. I’m sure Nessie and I will make love on our honeymoon, like any couple would, but I’m just hoping that she’s ready. She acts like it, but what if she’s not?

Regardless, I can’t back out. So if she’s not ready, hell, we’ll have a honeymoon playing Pictionary. If that’s what she wants, then I’ll be perfectly fine with it.

I’ve already had a talk with Edward, that was similar to the one I had with Bella. Of course, he wants me to just fall off the face of the planet, but he also knows that won’t happen. He just wanted to make sure I knew to take care of his little girl, and I made it clear that I would.

Alice and Ness stayed up there in Alice’s studio until dinner and when they came down, Ness told me she overheard me and Bella talking.

“I’m so embarrassed! Obviously I can make my own decisions and I can take care of myself!” She exclaimed, taking a bite of practically raw steak. I laughed.

“Don’t worry, me and your mom are ‘BFFs’ or whatever they’re called. She just wants to protect you, sweetheart.”

Ness rolled her eyes, and chuckled “Are you trying to text-talk? ‘LOL’! That’s besides the point though. I know she just wants what’s best for me, but it’s still really humiliating,” she groaned, and I couldn’t help but laugh. Technology is obviously moving too fast for me.

“I love you,” I said, and Ness smiled, her crooked, luminous smile.

“I love you, too,” she replied warmly, then sealed it with a kiss that tasted like raw steak.

After I left for the night, Ness went back up with Alice – to put the finishing touches on the wedding dress, I’m sure.

This is probably the last time I write in here, unmarried. I can’t believe that this is all happening, and so fast. Each second I’m getting more and more excited and somehow falling more and more in love.

I slept soundly last night, for the first time in a while. And now, I’m leaving to go patrol. Doubles today, to make up for my honeymoon. Thanks for listening, and I can’t wait to tell you about the wedding.

- Jacob

We’ve made it! The wedding is almost here! AH! At the end of the wedding entry, I’ll have a bajillion links to show the outfits, settings, playlist, etc. Thanks for sticking with Jake and Ness! MUAH! xoxo


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