Renesmee’s Dairy – Escape: Part 2

November 18, 2010

Dear Diary,

“We have to give her a chance. Besides, Edward will be monitoring her thoughts. I’ve trained each and every one of you. Now it’s your turn to help, Nicole.” Of course only my dad was chuckling to Carlsile’s cordial invitation.

Everyone seemed to glare at him puzzled for less than a millisecond, then they receded their attention back to Carlisle. Jasper was calm and collected but there was a hunch to him. I wonder if that had anything to do with my dad?

Of course off all times, I was distracted by my top issue and concern; Jake. The growing debate over Nicole’s acceptance into the family might as well have been settled right away. It was clear she would be welcomed within the hour… Alice would see to that soon.

“Where’s Jacob?” I muttered without skipping a heartbeat. I needed to see him and they all knew that.

Esme with waves of worry, inched her way to my side. My mother immediately crept to my side, too, though stumbling for a bit with the same pitiful reaction. This meant that I, too, would be imitating their expressions when I heard what they were about to reveal, or rather what cards they wouldn’t lay on the table.

“Sweetie, now is not the time to visit, Jacob,” Esme murmured, patting my back as if that would cease all despair.

Maybe there was no shrill cry projecting from my mouth, but there certainly was from my heart. I was yearning for Jacob, my love, my core. He was the reason I felt whole and complete.

With nothing but pure hope, I waged for my last chance. I immediately grasped hold of my mothers cheeks. I wanted to show her how I felt; words would serve no justice to the intensity of angst in my mind right then.

“Honey, you know I want you to see Jake. But he is in critical condition. Carlisle advised everyone to let him rest for now,” my mom replied, keeping her eyes centered on the ongoing debate.

As anxious as I was, I directed my attention to Alice. Her quirkiness was sure to distract my heart-aching mood.

“Those are lovely boots you have there,” Aunt Alice pointed out, surveying every detail of Nicole’s boots.

Nicole’s boots were high heel black suede and lined with military buttons.

“Well thank you… I don’t exactly recall where I found thes–”

“You a natural blonde?” Rosalie interrupted, obviously acting snippy. She didn’t want anything to do with this family debate.

“Yes I am, what about you?” Nicole blushed, a bit nervous but still oblivious to Rosalie’s intentions.

“Yes, I was. So what brings you here?” Rosalie stabbed, keeping her eyes firm on Nicole. Rosalie was being a bit harsh, but deep down inside I’m positive Rosalie just doesn’t wish to invite more drama into our family. If Nicole is lying about her identity and thoughts, my family and the pack would have yet another battle to conquer.

“I was following my twin sister, Kate, to see where she was heading for. When she left Canada I became concerned and decided to just continue my travels with her. Although Kate and I are…were…identical twins, we didn’t share any identical qualities. She was the sinner and I was the angel. I never was fond of the idea of living off of human blood, but when I was transformed by my sister, I had no idea animal blood was even a choice.”

“You were transformed by your own, sister? Emmet retorted before Rose hushed him. Nicole just politely chuckled.

“Yes, she did. She did it so we could both be equal and live forever together. Anyway, we continued on until she tracked down the most tempting blood from any human…” Nicole eyed me for a moment, then continued.

My blood was the most tempting of all? How? Did I happen to carry my mother’s irresistible scent and blood? How would this affect my life?

“What do we need her here for?!?” A raspy voice filtered the room. So the pack has arrived and apparently so has Leah Clearwater, my supposed best friend. Maybe I had been wishing for too much regarding a friendship with Leah. Could Leah have actually ever changed? Or was that a beyond impractical idea?

Sam shortly followed Leah with a mere blow of the fist and bitter scowl.

Carlisle was quick to bounce back to business. He dashed for his office and returned with paper and ballpoint pens in the blink of an eye (human eye, anyway). He evenly distributed the supplies amongst the family and pack, clearly passing over me. It seems my input would not apply to this conversation.

“Alright, if everyone would please write his own opinion on the allotted paper. I’ll count out the . . . ” My attention was slipping away. I was slipping away, lured in by the pang of fret and the reality that my Jacob was hurt. He needed me, I could feel it. But what astounded me the most was that I needed him.

The difficulty was not escaping, but lurking away with the guilt of disobeying my mother and grandmother. But with selfish pleas from within, I scurried on, tip-toeing up the stairs past the cry of the ballot outcome.

If my my family truly understood my desperate need to see my soul mate, they would allow me that opportunity. It wasn’t as if  I was a mischievous child, snatching a cookie from the cookie jar before dinner. The fact of the matter was that I needed to see Jacob, and if no one could see that, then they were blind.

There he was, all bundled up like a mummy, excluding his face. At first feelings of confusion and shock seeped in. Then anguish struck; my Jacob, my love was in pain.

I sprinted to his side, caressing his hair, the only seemingly stable part of him. He was asleep now, resting peacefully beside me.

Sorry but I have to tend to Jake now,


Dear Diary,

It’s a miracle! Jacob is wide awake and he recognizes me.

“I can’t believe it . . . he remembers you and only you. At this stage of the healing process he shouldn’t be able to remember anything,” Carlisle rendered, filing through his medical records.“Well, this is a first,” he added, then recorded Jake’s statistics and glanced at me with an apprehensive grin.

“I believe it has something to do with the imprinting process. Perhaps it’s some sort of survival characteristic — he can never forgot who you are, Renesmee. This truly is remarkable. That has to be the only explanation or possible theory,” Carlisle noted, pleased with his insertion. My parents and Esme seemed to concur as they didn’t respond. They just stood there, wide-eyed.

“Nessie,” Jacob begged, as he tried to extend his casted arm out to me. There wasn’t a moment of hesitance; I was there right by his side, delicately brushing his free fingers.

“I love, you,” he whispered. Sure, there were four other beings in the room, but that didn’t matter at all. Tears sprang from my eyes as he shut his eyes for some rest.

With a sniffle and an “I love you,” I settled for rest, too. The hour was nine and the storming day had my energy drained.

Time to recharge,

-Nessie <3


Renesmee's Diary

This entry was written by Alexandra Puccia. She was the writer of Renesmee's Diary before Sabrina took over. Alexandra is a true talent and we're so happy to have met her and believe she will go on to do amazing things!
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