Renesmee’s Diary – Promising Hopes

December 3, 2010

I wanted to assemble all the cures and remedies possible and see my love, Jacob, alive again. I wanted to see his light laugh, his charming humor and most of all, his childlike grin. All of these elements were here; they were just buried beneath the shaft of injury and hopelessness. Under Jacob’s pain.

“When will he reach a full recovery?” What I really wanted to ask was ‘is there any arising hope for the future?’ Sure, Jacob had the ability to heal quickly and he had made some improvement. Three days ago he was able to recite everyone’s names. Alice was pleased now that Jake was once again capable of recalling her favorite designers, in alphabetical order.

” . . . and Louis Vuitton,” Jake finished, in awe that he could even pronounce the name correctly. Alice clapped her hands in merriment and began prancing around the room. That’s right, I said prancing.

“What a glorious moment! I’ll have to run all the way over to New York City to reward you with a marvelous Chanel cologne!” Alice  clapped her hands once more and sprinted off to what I assumed was New York.

Even Rosalie seemed a bit…well, glad that Jacob was well again. “Well I guess it’s a good thing you’ve recovered…it’s more fun quarreling with you, anyway.” If anything, Rosalie was completely bored. Nothing amused her like her daily disputes with Jacob. Her favorite was calling Jake a “mutt” and listening to the harmonious laughs from Emmett and Jasper.

Oddly enough, Alice was starting to actually like Jacob. Back when the wolfpack first joined the family here in New Hampshire, she wasn’t very drawn to the idea of being civil her mortal enemies like most of the family. However, over time she eventually assented to living on the same grounds as werewolves. And Alice, of course, volunteered to assist the pack with their clothing issues. She shopped twice a week at Old Navy for shirts and pants for the their clothing baskets. The clothing baskets were stocked with “doable” wear for the pack for when they transformed back into human form. Because Jacob loves me so much, he went through all the hassle to ask Alice for fashion advice for our first few dates, too. Alice was won over by his “beg for help” and soon they were more than enemies. But rather friends.

I can’t help but ponder sometimes if I am the reason werewolves and vampires are in unison. I mean, I am the reason that at least Rosalie is no longer violent towards Jake. When I was only a baby, it was Rosalie and Jacob who set aside their differences for awhile and cared for me.

As for Jasper, well he’s trained the werewolves. My parents told me the whole story – an irrevocable love story that beyond surpasses the grace of Romeo and Juliet – and the entire training process for the battle. The battle was between my family who had to join forces with the werewolves and gather the help of other vampires to defeat Victoria’s lethal newborn army.

Jasper had to teach the werewolves how to conquer the newborns and defeat them despite their dominating advantages. So the werewolves agility and determination to learn began to grow on him. He wasn’t the best of friends with the wolves but he was no longer opposing their company.

On top of that, Jasper did help train the wolves in the battle against the Volturi, all for me. Apart from the odd “reeking stench” comment, Emmett worked like a true sport alongside the werewolves as well. Over time, Emmett found his days more amusing with Jacob to taunt and “beat at fist fights.”

As for Esme and Carlisle, well they never saw the werewolves as anything different. Carlisle treated them with the same respect he granted his own family and battled out the Volturi with them. Esme with her affectionate motherly instincts used the wolves in her favor. “Now I have a crowd to cook for!” She’d cry gleefully, chopping  julienne carrots.

Time for lunch,


Dear Diary,

Today is a day one should be most thankful for. Yes, it is Thanksgiving; a day in which one should be thankful for all that one has and a day where people should be gathering together.

I was carrying Jacob’s breakfast tray to his bedside, when I noticed he wasn’t there. I didn’t panic at this point because I had assumed Carlisle was accommodating him with his daily meds. But it was the clock that issued the alarmed and confused feeling in me. It was nine in the morning. Carlisle didn’t feed Jake with his medication ’till ten. So where was he? I wondered, a sinking feeling in my stomach.

I spun around when I heard footsteps and a flush, stumbling feeble figure stood at the frame of the bedroom door.

“‘Morning, Ness,” Jacob yawned whilst flexing his eight-pack for me.

“Jacob!” I immediately ran to embrace all seven feet of his heavenliness. I buried my frail cheeks in his mighty chest and stayed there for as long as it pleased me.

We kissed a bit, including tongue and tears of joy. I could survive Thanksgiving without turkey, the stuffing and yes, even my guitar and diary – but not without Jacob Black. He was my life now, my one and only source of happiness and reason to believe miracles can happen.

And right here and now, I took comfort not only in knowing that Jacob was healthy again, but that he was my blessing on this very thankful day.

“Jacob,” I whispered, my lips ticking his ear.

“Yes, my love,” he answered, his lips tickling mine, then moving to the hollow of my throat.

“I love you more than anything in the entire world.” I lifted my face so my glossy eyes could focus on his. “I want to be more than just your girlfriend one day. And I want to make a promise that within two years time we will be man and wife.” I analyzed his expression as he nodded his head and dove in for another kiss.

With the ringing of Thanksgiving morning, we kissed, danced, laughed, hugged, and were thankful for all the givens that had been brought on that morning. As for me, I was additionally thankful for the promising hope of matrimony with my soul mate. Not now, but in the horizon of …maybe a year, I’d hopefully be Jacob’s wife. I’d be his everything.

My mother was still a bit distraught because as it turns out, Renée, down with the flu, could not make it. In fact, Renee had been getting quite sick lately. Only a few months ago she had a menacing cough.

Carlisle believes that because Renee and Phil moved to Texas, her body is having a difficult time adjusting to the chilly weather that accompanies the winter months. And since Renee is older, her body is “slowly becoming weaker.” My mother is, of course, disappointed in her own mother’s absence, but what strikes her the most is how common it is that Renee catches another illness. The stress on my mother is beginning to make her realize the reality of aging and how close it is to Renee’s time of….passing. Not necessarily close in human time, but times goes much faster for immortals, and before my mother knows it, Renee will be gone.

I’ve only met Renee once, and it was very casual and impersonal. There was no hug or kiss on the cheek. It would have been fine by me if I had to suffer under pinched cheeks, but that would never be possible. Renee knew me as one of the other Cullens. And when she spotted any similarities between me and Edward or Bella, the Cullens always had a comeback for it.

“She just went to the salon a few weeks ago,” Alice said, trying to cover up the hair-color similarity between my father and I. “I told her she’d look fabulous in bronze.”  If I didn’t already have bronze hair and Auntie Alice had advised me to dye it that color, I’d definitely do so.

Nonetheless, just seeing my grandmother was an exceptional experience. When I was little, it was completely forbidden, but now that I looked older, I could be “one of the Cullen children.” And, because my growing ceased, I would appear the same age every time we met.

I was ecstatic this Thanksgiving, though, because Grandpa Charlie and my soon-to-be father in-law, Billy, would be joining my family and the pack for dinner. It was on this day that we were thankful not just for the unison of the pilgrims and the Native Americans, but for the unison of the werewolves and vampires. It had been several centuries of war and hate that had torn them apart and shown the cross side of each. But this unison – between the werewolves and the vampires – brought peace, harmony, love, and pure serenity back into the “mythical world.”

“So I guess you’ll be joining us for dinner then, Jakie?” I gaped into his beautiful eyes, so glad they were once again staring into mine. That they had life in them.

“Of course, I wouldn’t miss Esme’s turkey for the world!” We both giggled then parted for Thanksgiving dinner prep.


Without surprise, Alice had purchased and decided on our dinner outfits. She chose to go very elegant even though there weren’t any guests who were looking to be entranced by our sophistication of designer apparel.

I flounced in my sequined tulle dress from BCBG, which Alice had customized to a bubblegum pink color for my satisfaction. Alice fitted my mom into a more modest black lace-hem dress also from BCBG. Despite my mom’s refusal, Alice paired the look with Christian Louboutin pumps (which made me gasp when I found out they were $895.00 without tax and shipping).

Because the Thanksgiving guests were only Billy and Charlie, there was nothing of the “mythical” world that had to be hidden. All the vampires would sit at the table, however, participating in all the holiday rituals…except for the actual feasting of course.

“Hello Dad, and Billy,” my mother greeted them with a warm greeting and hug, yet they both seemed to shiver at her touch. She bounced away sharply, still not used to making mortals feel such a way (even though it has been about nine years since she’s been immortal).

“Please do come in, and Happy Thanksgiving,” Esme invited, carrying a tray of exquisite French h’orderves.

The wolfpack already began filing in the Cullen living room, lured in by the smells of the edibles that awaited their tastebuds.

I couldn’t help but smile at Jacob’s dazzled expression when he saw me with his mouth wide open. He immediately controlled his expression before anyone could notice and I watched him bear hug his father to death, keeping his eyes locked on me. I understood why Jake was gloating… Alice would never snatch a dress that revealed too much, but this dress fit me so that it exposed a bit of my chest area. The oddest thing was that I actually didn’t care and in fact, I wanted him to keep gazing at me.

But I eventually turned my back on him, settling for a welcoming hug for my Grandpa Charlie.

Charlie was actually was looking quite spiffy with last year’s Christmas present sent by Alice.

“I like that shirt, Grandpa,” I said, pointing to his button down. His face flooded with a deep rouge. Alice had bought him an exclusive Calvin Klein button down sold only to Klein’s largest customers.

“Charlie! Charlie! Charlie! It’s so nice to see you, again,” Alice leaped across the room directing all her attention to the man who isn’t used to being in the spotlight.

I raced over to Billy, eager to see him once again…this time officially as Jacob’s girlfriend. I hadn’t seen Billy in awhile, since Jake typically flies over to La Push.

So everyone mingled awhile and I even hugged Leah…yes, a true accomplishment. On Thanksgiving we are all friends—we are all one. There were no enemies, only unity. It seemed Leah received the message in my favor. I caught up with Emily and Kim and exchanged gossip. It was wonderful to see Emily again since the incident where I completely abandoned her and the pack to aid Jacob.

“Dinner is ready, please take your seat in the dining room,” Carlisle announced almost as granduer as the decorated dining atmosphere.

Everyone took their seat, admiring the splendid decor of golden silk and creme China plates before them.

There was food of all sorts: Stringbean casserole, biscuits, mashed potatoes, baked potatoes topped with marshmellow and cranberry sauce. If this didn’t get the wolfpack’s mouths watering then the center of the entire feast surely would – the turkey.

And out they came, four succulent turkeys (19 lbs. each), carried by none other than Esme and my mother.

“Before we begin, I believe it is important to remember our reason for being here,” Carlisle stated to the pack’s dismay who were anticipating eating instantly immediately. “We came here to join together as family and as friends on this thankful day. I am thankful for Jacob’s full recovery and for my blessed family and friends. Thank you all for coming,” He paused then searched the entire room for something. Once he found my face he immediately lit up with joy.

“Renesmee, would you do the honors of saying grace?” He asked. I nodded my head, content I was selected to do the honor of  Thanksgiving dinner grace. Everyone clasped their hands with the person next to them and shut their eyes in respect.

“Oh, dear Lord, we thank thee for the abundance of rich food and the celebration we are gathered here together for with our loving family and friends. I too, give thanks for Jacob’s recovery and for the promising hopes of a bright future. Amen.” Everyone – that wasn’t a vampire – freed their hands, unrolled their napkins, and each printed a thankful grin on their face.

Time to eat,

-Renesmee <3


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