(Jacob’s Diary) The Honeymoon Part I

December 4, 2010

Dear Diary,

This honeymoon has been nothing short of amazing. In fact, it’s a bajillion times the definition of ‘amazing.’ The flight there wasn’t too long, but Ness slept the whole way there, so I had a lot of time to think. I’m so anxious. It must’ve sounded nerdy for ‘Big and Bad’ Jake to be a virgin, but I waited for her, and now…well, the wait’s over.

The whole flight I was fidgeting, my mind crossing off everything that was going on.

1. I’m married.

2. I’m married to Renesmee.

3. I’m going on my honeymoon.

I know I sound like a horny teenager, but I had waited for that one thing since the day she grew out of childhood. I just didn’t want it to be awkward. That would’ve just ruined everything. But, you know, it went perfect.

The flight landed, and we bustled out of the terminal to get our luggage; both of us knew without saying a word that we were anxious to get to the cabin. Alice helped Ness pack her bags, so I was surprised that there were only two, not including her carry-on bag. I put them on a rolly-cart thing – and put mine on there to – before we walked out of the airport.

Alice said she had a rental car in the parking lot and gave us the parking deck’s number and the number of it’s space. Ness pulled the paper with the info out of her carry-on and we rushed to get to the parking deck, which was out of the snow.

I wrapped my arm around Renesmee’s shoulders and we went up to the second floor of the deck. It was the third car in the first rows of cars and we rolled the cart-thingy over to it. It was a white Nissan 350z. Not that recent, but really bad ass. I piled our bags in the trunk with ease and went to open the door for Ness. Once she got in, I ran the cart over to the little spot they’re supposed to go in, and once I was back in the car, I started the engine in one swift turn of the key. Even though I hadn’t had to drive the Rabbit in years, it’s still kinda weird not having to rev the engine multiple times and hearing a hum – instead of a loud rumble – was strange, but in a good way.

I pulled out of the space and then out of the parking deck. Thankfully Alice programmed the directions to the cabin in the GPS, so I just followed the little robotic voice for twenty-five minutes until it lead me to a small, winding road surrounded by snow and evergreen trees. A lot like the roads for every house the Cullens’ ever had owned. Private and difficult to get to… for a human with dull senses, of course.

The road led to a extravagant (duh) cabin, that had a perfect view of the mountains. There was at least a foot of snow and it was still snowing, dropping down in bucket-loads. The cabin started at the top floor and the back of it was off the side of the mountain on stilts, so there was a bottom floor too. It was all alone and the cabin was intricately built, but cozy at the same time.

I grabbed all of our bags form the trunk and we made our way towards the front door, both of our heads down trying to keep the snow out of our eyes. We got under the sheltered part where the front door was and I got the key out of the little hiding place under the welcome mat. (Real obvious for such clever people). Though, I didn’t expect anybody really finding the place that easily anyway.

I unlocked the door easily and Ness walked in first as I followed close behind. She went and turned on all the lights and I took our bags to the master bedroom. The living room was amazing, it had multiple modern looking grey couches with orange throw pillows. There was a huge window and fashionable light fixtures. The walls were really indescribable, so many shapes at once, with all the archways and the fireplace changing the walls from flat into an architect’s dream. The kitchen was awesome, too. It had stone walls and old-timey looking cabinets. It even had one of those floating microwaves… the ones that are in between the cabinets and pretty much just sit in the air because there’s nothing below it.

I walked through the wooden-wall hallway, and towards the master bedroom.

When I walked in, I took in the huge king-sized bed, dome indented wall, and the intricate mural on the wall. It was amazing. Perfect.

I sat our bags down then walked back through the hallway and into the living room. Ness wasn’t there, so I went into the kitchen and saw the laundry room door open. She was in there, turning the knob for the main water shut off, which was a good idea considering I’d have to flush the toilet at some point. There was a Jacuzzi tub in the bathroom, too…

Nessie saw me, finished twisting the knob and walked over, rubbing her hands on her pink dress and smiling.

“I’m going to go change, okay?” she said, trying to sound calm. I kissed her before she left, feeling a bit nervous myself.

“Okay,” I said, and she went down the hallway. I took a shaky breath. The time had finally come. Breathe in, breathe out, I told myself.

I went to the kitchen, gulped down a glass of water and walked down the hallway towards the bedroom. The bathroom light was on, but the door was closed. One of Ness’s suitcases was in the bathroom with her and I heard faint noises of rustling clothes. I sighed and stripped down to my boxers before I got in the bed under the fresh sheets. I put my arms behind my head and I waited for Ness to come out of the bathroom, staring at the ceiling but not actually seeing it.

I focused on breathing and two minutes later…she walked out in lingerie. Some white lacy thing that accented her chest. Her boobs. It went down to the top of her thighs and it was see-through enough for me to see lacy white panties underneath. Her fair skin glowed and she had a sweet smile on her face as she walked towards the bed. My jaw was slack as she glided on the bed and soon, she was grinning at me on her hands and knees.

Before I realized it, I was attacking her mouth and pulling her on top of me. I rubbed my hands up and down around her waist, our mouths attached the entire time. The little bow on her outfit was teasing me, so I pulled both of the straps down slowly, pulling away from our kiss to see if it was okay. She nodded, her face flushed and her pupils dilated. I slowly pulled them down, caressing her arms with the back of my hands. She closed her eyes and I took in the sight in front of me. The glorious sight of my wife, Ness’.

I held a growl back and mashed her mouth to mine again, relishing in the feeling of our collided tongues. We moaned simultaneously and I grabbed her breasts softly, playing with them, defining their curves with my hands.

“Renesmee,” I whispered in her mouth, and she breathed a sigh.

She pulled away to completely take off the nightie and pulled the covers off of me.

“Your turn,” she breathed, her voice very seductive. I took off my boxers, not embarrassed at all. She looked for a minute and turned back to me, kissing me again. She took her hands from my shoulders for a second so she could pull off her underwear and before I knew it, we were connected.

The feeling of euphoria clouded my vision and she moaned, her fingers rubbing my shoulders then my stomach. I grappled her, and making her move, to get friction.

“Does it-t hurt?” I asked, and she shook her head no and somehow even that simple gesture looked seductive.

“No, it feels amazing, now can we start moving?!” she asked, and I acted as soon as the words left her pouty, pink, supple lips.

My hands were around her hips and she was moving on me, causing the foreign feeling to intensify. She was moaning and I was groaning, numerous interesting sounds leaving our mouths. My hands moved up towards her chest and I got so overpowered with the feeling, I flipped us over so I was on top of her. I pushed again and we both exhaled in gasps. I got a feeling in the pit of my stomach, an intense feeling.

Our movements became frantic, like we were trying to touch every inch of each others’ bodies as fast as we possibly could and I gasped then clenched my jaw. Stars flooded in my eyes and I yelled out in ecstasy. I heard her high pitched moan in response.

When we came down from the high, we laid there intertwined, deeply breathing. When I finally caught my breath, I heard her breathe a sigh.

“Wow,” she said, her voice light and airy, her skin glowing.

“Yeah,” I said, caressing her cheek with the back of my hand. We laid there for a long time, just staring at each other, kissing, and loving every moment of our bare skin touching. It felt so natural, so right.

It went better than I could ever have imagined and from what I could remember, she didn’t even feel pain the entire time. Just bliss.

I’m married to Renesmee. She is now Renesmee Black. She’s mine, and we’ve been tied in every way possible.

“I love you so much,” I told her, kissing the corner of her mouth, then trickling my lips over her entire body.

“I love you, too,” she said, snuggling closer to me as I kissed every inch of her glowy skin.

We fell asleep like that and I’d never slept sounder in my life.

When I woke up, I decided to document it in my diary like always, and now I have to sign off for now so I can make my wife some breakfast in bed.

- Jacob


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