New 100 Monkeys Interview By 100 Monkeys Army!

January 11, 2011

The fan site 100 Monkeys Army had the chance to interview 100 Monkeys recently! Here’s an excerpt:

How did you come up with the title for “Liquid Zoo”?

Jackson Rathbone: Liquid zoo has a couple of meanings actually. Its a commentary on the album to a certain degree. Its pulling and forming a structure and its the flowing of one instrument to another, it has the quality a zoo has. Its fun and you get to see all these different animals and different genres of music that we get to play. Also we recorded most of the album in a studio in California and the local bar there that we go ti is called the Liquid Zoo. So its kind of a neat thing, we would go there to kinda refreash ourselves after the night, grab a quick beer and they had these jam band nights and we would go up and jam on stage like our original days just jamming and kinda making stuff up, just playing with good people, so it seemed kind of appropriate.

Do you have a release date set for “Liquid Zoo”?

Jerad: We don’t officially have a release date yet, we have a window.
Ben G: We’re gonna be organizing it around our next tour dates, so once we bring all that together, we want to make sure to make to make the announcement to people when we have that locked down. Early spring around spring tour dates.

Do you have any pre-performance rituals?

Ben J: Making a set list. We make the set list about a half hour before we go on. We all sit down and we have to have everyone there, someone might have a good idea so we just kind of throw together ideas that we wanna try. We also think about the switches and about how we want the show to kind of flow. So that’s definitely what we always do.

Do you have any plans to release the soundtrack for “Girlfriend”?

Jerad: Yes we do. We are gonna release a soundtrack with some of the tracks that are in the movie and a couple of inspired by tracks by other artists like Jake Miller (The Kissing Club) and Tin Tin Can from our crew. We are planning on getting it put together in the next few months.
As some know, you’re involved in the Spencer Bell Legacy Concerts. How do you feel being involved in that has impacted research for Adrenal Cancer?
Jackson: Its definitely done some amazing things. They’ve actually come out with a new drug recently within the last year or so. Dr. Gary Hammer has been taking charge and really taken up the cause for the Spencer Bell Legacy Foundation. I think its really about two things: Its about raising awareness, which is what the 100 Monkey Effect can hopefully be helping with and its also about keeping the music of Spencer alive. Its one of those things when you put your heart and soul into music, its hard to believe its eternal, it will last forever. Its immortality. To have people all over the world listening to Spencer’s music is amazing, that’s just righteous.

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