Steven McKellar Of The Band ‘Civil Twilight’ Talks Being a Rob Look-A-Like!

January 20, 2011

Steven McKellar of the band ‘Civil Twilight’ is asked about looking like Robert Pattinson during a recent interview and here is what he had to say (P.S. It’s prob’ obvious, but he’s in the middle in the pic below):

So this is a totally random question that has nothing to do with your music or South Africa or anything, but Steven. Do you ever have people tell you you look like Robert Pattinson from the Twilight films?

Steven McKellar: [laughs and smirks] Every. Night. Every night, man. I’m trying to grow my hair long, and I’m trying to grow a beard to, you know, try and disguise myself so people will stop making that connection. And the fact that we’re named Civil Twilight doesn’t help at all. It is very irritating, sometimes. I’m serious; a lot of people will come up to us and think we named the band after the series and ask us questions about it. But what’s worse, think of all the people that don’t come up and ask us that and just assume that we named the band for the series. [laughs]

Once more pic (He’s int he middle again)

He does remind me of Rob, but more-so from his ‘How To Be’ days. Does that make sense? I think Rob’s looks have since matured; he’s more manly with that jaw of his… oh that jaw… ;)

consequenceofsound via Gossip_Dance

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